Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #158

I have to admit I'm disappointed in the scale readings this week. After the bump into the 170s for my official weekly weigh-in last week, I was motivated. I was going to reverse the direction. And I was SO good. Still working on the quality of calories in, but I was controlling quantity at least. I upped my activity a bit, especially over the weekend ... all my numbers were great (well, except for Thursday's eating, oops, there were donuts and I was a bit discouraged). I realize it's only been one week, but usually I do see something when I cut calories consistently... even just for a few days.

NUMBERS: Weight AGAIN in the 170s, although a titch lower than last week. Average went down .73 to 169.11. Average calories in was 1764. Average daily burn was 3107. This came out to a big deficit for the week (-6170) which sadly did not show on the scale. Average Steps 27,159. 60min on weights, 1015 cardio minutes and 105.65 exercise miles. FOOD: I really tried this week! I'm not sure what clicked, but I was able to control my cravings and calories and keep it low ... still did some indulging, but kept it in check, except for Thursday, donut day. Kept calories under 2000 five days this week (a record for me!) FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical six days, hour of Zumba six days, hit the bike five times, and the weights twice. FAMILY: Animal family ... Kitten is in heat again ... she's so cuddly and funny. With my daily walks to the canal, one of our four ducks is gone. Where's Uno? Pretty laid back week ... school registrations (so nice it's all online), a basketball game
  • Friday (0729): Feeling the need to get things in check, had a good day for both food and fitness. Hit a Zumba class, my hour of elliptical, bike, weights, and a couple walks to the canal.
  • Saturday (0730): Went to a Zumba class at Thryve gym (free today). Got in my hour of elliptical, bike and mowed the lawn.
  • Sunday (0731): Rest day, although I still did 30min elliptical, a walk to the canal to see my duckies (they were all the way at the end) and went through some of the kid's clothes. Dad took the two littles to a movie.
  • Monday (0801): Zumba with Southziders, elliptical, bike, some wii fit and walk to the canal. Surf and turf dinner. #5 and I had to eat and run as he had a basketball game.
  • Tuesday (0802): Zumba at my church (lots of helpers), elliptical and got in a weights session. For my canal walk ... I wasn't sure Uno was there with the other ducks. Should have hit an evening Zumba, but my motivation falters ... 
  • Wednesday (0803): Zumba with MZL, elliptical, bike and a couple canal walks. Some running of #3 around today. Taco dinner.
  • Thursday (0804): Zumba with MountainView, my hour of elliptical, bike and a couple walks to the canal. Did NOT keep calories in control today ... should not have picked up donuts on the way home from Zumba!

***Five Featured Photos *** 

I'd been driving #2's Charger while he was gone on trek ... the garage door has been giving me trouble, and the car bum sticks out over the sidewalk, so I figured I'd just drive it, and park it more in the driveway (behind my car, but if I don't need to get to it) ... don't tell the teenager I was driving his car!
 Debbie had a new Fitbit Flex, which inspired a Fitbit Friends picture.
Denise, Me, Debbie and Cassie! Southziders Zumba!

Bacon wrapped smoked scallops ... my hubby is smoking!

Grabbed a picture of my duckies ... may be the last one with Uno in it.
Later trips this week, he was missing from the flock :(

Still attempting to acclimate to my uber blond-i-fication!

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  1. I sometimes hate the scales!!!!!! Let's throw them out the window!!! Hahaha. Ok I would just go pick it up because I need that accountability!!!


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