Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tracking Trek

If you are familiar with the LDS church at all, it's likely you have heard of the history, where the pioneers pulled handcarts across the plains until they reached Utah. One summer activity many in the church do every few years, is a small reenactment of said trek with the youth. They wear pioneer clothing, pull hand carts and walk and walk and walk.

My 17-year old was participating in our pioneer trek this year (my 15-year old was also eligible, but didn't want to and we didn't force him). #2 grabbed some plain pants and a couple long sleeve shirts at the local thrift store, and donned "the hat" that Daddy and older brother had worn on previous pioneer treks and packed the few things allowed ...

One duffle bag, a bucket (with water, scriptures, gloves, suncreen, etc.) and a sleeping bag.
Silly kitty didn't actually get packed ;)

I made sure his Fitbit was charged and ready ... 

They left Tuesday (July 26) and traveled by bus to Wyoming. This was the Martin's Cove trek. They walked a few miles that night, and then camped (and did some square dancing, which my son said was surprisingly fun!) Wednesday there was quite a bit of walking. Just over 26k in steps. But Thursday ... that was the big day (Fitbit snag pictured above). Just a bit of walking Friday then the bus ride home (and apparently he wasn't too tired, because he went and played basketball with his buddies for a couple of hours that night). 

My Zumba buddy Suzanne also went on trek (a number of leaders go as Ma/Pa/Uncle/Aunt "family" members, plus more to help with food, organization, etc. 

Tuesday morning was when Suzanne usually joins us for Zumba, but that doesn't look like Zumba workout wear!  I am very glad I have boys, they are so much easier to outfit than trying to find appropriate dresses or skirts (and bloomers, bonnets and aprons). That Tuesday morning, the church gym was FILLED with pioneers! They cleared out and we had our Zumba class there a couple hours later.

When my son got back home, I had him sync his Fitbit, and even with that huge day, he hadn't quite caught me in steps (although he was close). I remember watching and waiting for Suzanne to sync ... normally she syncs every day, but they were without internet access for the four days. She had the ChargeHR, and said that her battery lasted (I would have been worried about that, as I put mine on the charger every night. My son has the Zip, which has a replaceable battery that lasts about six months, so he was set). 

Here's a couple more pictures the group historian shared with the parents ...
 Square Dancing (probably no Zumba songs, right?)

On the trail.

I've never been on a pioneer trek myself.  I was 13 when our church did trek back in the day. The age cut-off was 14 years old, and I have to admit, I was relieved I didn't have to go. My two older brothers and older sister went (my future husband was 14-years old, and on this same trek). They said it was a great experience ... that they never wanted to do again! I think most of them HAVE done it again (as ma/pa/leaders), and I think it's a little easier now than back then (they worked the "starvation" experience a little on those older treks, but they don't do that now). Even with my crazy steps ... I'm not sure I'd want to do a trek now. I HATE shoes! This requires hours upon hours of wearing shoes/sneakers/boots (which I NEVER do ... I'll wear them for Zumba, but I elliptical in slippers). When I was discussing trek with Suzanne  the following Tuesday at Zumba, she said that was the first time she had put on sneakers since her return five days earlier!

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