Monday, August 29, 2016

Fitbits and Family on Fiesta

Found the Fitbit!

On Friday, Hubs and the three younger boys headed up to Bear Lake for the weekend. The 17-year old couldn't get off work on such late notice, so I was staying home too. As my men were off, I told them "Make sure you don't lose your Fitbits! Take them off before you get in the water!"  The 15-year old promptly took off his FitbitOne and handed it to me.

Should you take your Fitbit (or other activity tracker) on vacation? Often, that's when many people get the most steps! Hubs hit his high (35k) during his European vacation last year. He's never come close to that at home. It's always interesting to see steps for places like Disneyland, or wandering New York City

But the beach or waterpark?

Years ago, #1 son wore his new Jawbone while out on the waverunner (it was water resistant) ... but after a hard wipeout, it was torn off his wrist and sunk to the bottom of the lake.  This summer, on the day trips to the lake,  Hubs and the boys generally left their Fitbits home. While they missed out on tracking some steps, they were in the sand/sun/water so much, it was probably the safer choice (for the Fitbit!). A couple years ago, #2 forgot he had his clipped to his swimsuit and jumped in the lake. Luckily, the Fitbit survived the quick dip.
When Hubs and the boys returned on Sunday, #5 said "I lost my Fitbit". 
Well shoot! My two munchkins are young to have expensive devices, but they'd been SO responsible with them ... I'd had better results with the 10 and 12 year old than the older boys (who have each lost one or more through the years). 
I'll admit, I was awake a bit in the night thinking ... should I get him another one? He's not super obsessed with it (like me, or #4) but does like the feedback. Since #1 son hasn't been writing as regularly, sending steps from Mexico, I haven't been good at updating and comparing the family fitbit results. I hadn't even looked at the munchkin's stats in a bit. I did have an old Flex no one was using ... would he want to try that? I think I have an extra Zip around too, if I replaced the battery would it work? 
Does your brain do this when you are supposed to be sleeping?
I also got to thinking ... what if the Fitbit slipped off in Hub's truck? Or in a sleeping bag or tent? I've posted before about a handy little app BTLExplorer which can pick up the bluetooth signals a Fitbit sends out (Lost and Found, Fitbit Finder Comes Through Again).  #5 brought up this possibility too.
After getting the older boys off to school, I had a bit of time before elementary school carpool (this is usually when I slip down for another session on the elliptical). This morning, I pulled up my BTLExplorer app and ... TWO Fitbit Ones were registering! After making sure #3 hadn't left his laying on his nightstand (after not wearing it over the weekend, that could have easily happened), and putting my One as far away from the garage as possible, #5 and I went to look at the camping stuff.
We spread out the sleeping bags and the tents and did a little "hot and cold" with the app. After locating the one we thought it was in (one of the smaller tents) we took it into the family room, opened it up and ... walla! Found Fitbit! 

#4 did get over 12,000 steps on Saturday. #5 didn't quite hit 7000. Not a lot of steps Sunday, as they spent a little time at the beach, then a few hours in the car on the ride home. Ironically ... #5's Fitbit registered over 7,000 steps during that drive. I guess being in the back, it was bumpier, and the Fitbit logged the movement as steps! Funny Fitbit!

 Daddy and the boys ... #4 has his ChargeHR on!
#5 has his FitbitOne is his pocket. #3 left his home.
Hubs took his Zip, but left it in the truck.

Now he'd better not have his ChargeHR on!
He'll just have to miss out on those sandy steps!

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