Monday, August 15, 2016

Tan Lines, Tanks and a Duck Update

... in addition to my hour of elliptical and Zumba classes, I've been getting in quite a few walks to the canal near our house. It's where my duckies are now. I go visit them a couple of times a day, bringing them a little food and just checking in.

Four of our six ended up at the canal. We aren't sure where the other two are ... hopefully they are okay! Because some of our ducks are a black mallard mutation, we can pick them out among the other ducks. There have been plenty of other ducks around too (you can see there are more than four in this picture, the others have come to appreciate my food visits as well). 

Originally, our ducks had settled on the South side of the canal, about 1/4 mile down. They stayed in about the same spot for a little over a week, and then I was never quite sure where they would be. Once, they were all the way at the end of the South side (about a half mile down). That would be a long walk. Then they started to hang out right by the bridge. Those were very short walks (wouldn't even register on my ChargeHR).  Then they moved down to the North end and stayed there for well over a week.  I found the North side is not quite a bad with the goat-head stickers in my shoes, that was a plus!

Unfortunately ... our Uno (our egg hatched, traditional mallard) has been missing for a bit. We don't know if he flew off somewhere else, or if something bad happened to him. Not knowing, we'll hope that he is safe and happy somewhere. My other three duckies have continued to hang out and watch for my visits, so I've continued to get my walks in. It's nice if I can get there early in the morning, or later in the evening, when the sun has set and it isn't quite as hot. But, sometimes I'd get it in after Zumba, and before dinner, because that was when I had the time. Those are some hot walks!

I'm not really a tank top girl. Never have been. Part of that may be contributed to being raised LDS and dressing modestly being an important issue for girls in the church. I know tanks are perfectly acceptable, but ... I just never wore them myself. 

A few months ago, I started getting a bad sweat/friction rash under my arms, as my inexpensive cotton t-shirts would get sweat soaked from my workouts. So, I started trying out tanks, at least in the comfort of my own home (still not quite comfortable wearing them to Zumba) and ... I liked it. I found some cheap ($1.69) cotton ones at Walmart and stocked up ... in colors even!

I did wear this tank to Zumba ... with a black t-shirt over it.
So no one got to see my super sweat stain! (See, this is one reason I prefer black!)

I started wearing tanks outside sometimes too ... not trying to "tan" per say, but just to even out my farmer tan (even though I really tried to remember to put on sunscreen). When I'd wear a tank top to mow the lawn, I'd slather sunscreen in my already tan areas, and then hoped that the other parts could catch up a little bit. I even started wearing my tanks on my duck walks at times too (pushes the comfort zone a bit, sometimes I wouldn't see anyone on these walks, but other times, neighbors would also be out and about). 

I really tried to put sunscreen on my arms to avoid the ChargeHR tan line, but you can see I haven't been particularly successful there. Oh well, most of the time, the Charge IS there, so you don't see the tan line!

I'm pretty tan up top ... my legs are another story!

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