Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TV Tuesday - Awake

I keep a list on Netflix of shows that have caught my eye. As I finish one series, I skim my list and try out another. I'd had "Awake" on my list, even though I really didn't know what it was about (just that it had been on mainstream TV). I gave it a try and was immediately hooked. There is only one season ... 13 episodes. The series wrapped up with a conclusion rather than a cliffhanger. It didn't answer everything, but I was happy with it. 

Here's the trailer ...

A portion of this promo ran every episode as the intro. Usually I HATE introductions to series (just give me the title and start the show!) but for some reason this one didn't bother me. I had JUST seen Jason Issacs (who is the lead here) in The OA. He's much more likeable here. It was so interesting how they had the parallel worlds (I'd really enjoyed the movie "Sliding Doors" which has a similar theme, except that those worlds were completely separate, here Britton is consciously experiencing both realities). My oldest son is interesting in crime/police work and psychology, so I've recommended this series as one I think he would enjoy. 

I was impressed with how the producers had the slight red and green tint to the different worlds/realities. Just as Britton wears a red/green rubber band on his wrist to help him keep his realities straight, the tint helps the viewers (although both Britton and I got things confused a bit at times). 

I'm still not absolutely sure what I think of the ending ... the last couple episodes were weird. There have been some online articles discussing it too (Awake Finale Questions Answered). I really don't know where it would have gone, if there had been a season 2. While so many shows never make it into a second season, I'm glad they still make it onto Netflix. I don't catch things as they air ... I prefer to wait until I can stream and entire season. Get absolutely involved in ONE world as I watch one show. Here though ... I guess it was two worlds!

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