Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2017

February only has 28 days ... and those days are now over. It was a pretty busy month. #1 son returned home from his Mexico Mission. There was a church meeting and homecoming associated with that. We hosted the team dinner for the basketball team ... Hubs smoked ribs, for 40+ teen boys! Valentines Day and a birthday for #2. Out to eat three times this month. A visit to the doctor and the dentist. Basketball wrapped up (mostly) ... you can see it all in a glance at my Life Cycle.

WEIGHT: Starting weight was 179.9. Ending weight was 180.90. High was 183.6. Low was 179.10. Average weight was 180.64. NUMBERS: Average Intake was 2254. Average Burn was 2471. That equaled an overage for the month of 6205. Total steps came in at 371,169. 13,256 average steps. 171.99 exercise miles. 1760/1670 cardio minutes. 40min weights. FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical 14 days. 10 hours of Zumba. Four sessions on the bike, one on the treadmill, and just once for weights.

 A look at the Day by Day ...
*** JenB'sJournal ***

0201 (Wednesday) 179.9. 11870 steps. Total Burn 2322. Exercise Burn 629/496 (60minElliptical). Calories in 1800. A little bit of a slow start, I only got in 40min elliptical during the school shove off. During the day ... very unproductive. I SHOULD have done weights, I SHOULD have gone through some of the clips and made muvees, I SHOULD have done several things. Alas. I finally got in one more elliptical session to finish up my hour at least.

0202 (Thursday) 179.1. 19441 steps. Total Burn 2877. Exercise Burn 1115/1045 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000.  Well, better day as far as productivity.  Got in my hour of elliptical and went to Zumba. Good stats! 6440 steps, 2.83 miles. 497/475 calories, avHR132, high155, in zone 53 of the 60 min. ... that's a high for avHR. Although it seems my heart rate has been higher in everything of late (elliptical, resting) too. Hmmm. Stopped at the Dr. after Zumba for a repeat urine test ... failed, so more on Monday (ultrasound of kidneys). Got through clips/made muvees of two of Tuesdays games. One more to make before SIX games this weekend. Basketball practices ... my LifeTracker follows my "chauffeur services" (transport/driving time). Almost two hours, which is still much lower than many with long commutes, but I'm a homebody who HATEs being in the car!

0203 (Friday) 179.3. 6117 steps. Total Burn 2008. Exercise Burn 185/195 (30minBike). Calories in 2500. Got a little extra rest in the morning with late start. Even with a new "Grey's Anatomy" waiting for me, I decided to hit the stationary bike for my activity today instead. I've been getting through the audio books like crazy, but my READING reading has been so slow! So 30min reading and riding. First time back on the bike in a bit. Basketball all evening. Sophomore game at 3:30, then I was on snack bar duty during the JV game, then the Varsity game. I'm not sure what was wrong with me, just feeling off, just emotionally, a bit physically. Struggling! Lots of tears close to the surface and spilling over with no provocation really. Seriously, during the sophomore game I started stressing and tears ... luckily it's pretty empty and I was on the opposide side away from everyone. Tried to pull it together for snack bar duty. Another super simple thing that totally stresses me out. I mean ... math! It's hard to imagine I was smart back in school (seriously, got through four years of college on academic scholarship, honors calculous) and subtraction stresses me out. That and talking to people. I've become so anti-social, with my headphones on and homebody nature. I CAN pull out of it and people probably don't realize how hard it is for me. But ... the music between games. So loud and blaring. Headache. I really need that break between games to go check on my littles (who are also homebodies and don't want to come watch) and just get some time away before going back. #5 had his practice, so I had to arrange for a teammate to pick him up and take him as I was stuck at the school. I was relieved when my shift was over. At least it's not too busy ... I've NEVER signed up for a shift during a varsity game. Never even went to a varsity game before this year when I have to to watch my boy play. Need my headphones though! It was a sweep, easy wins for all three teams.

0204 (Saturday) 179.7. 6660 steps. Total Burn 2200. Exercise Burn 0/196 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. Four games today ... three for #5 and the final Junior Jazz game for #4. Unfortunately, his was back to back with the munchkin's game. I arranged a ride for #4 and thought I might make it from #5's game ... but that sure didn't happen. I missed the entire first half. I've I'd have known it would turn out like that, I would have arranged a ride home for #5 and left his game early to get to #4's on time. There is another mom videoing #5's game that I could have grabbed video from (although it was a loss, not a great game, so I might not have bothered) but I felt so bad missing #4's final game. He hadn't been feeling well, but still pushed through and had a good game. #5's earlier two games had been tough ones! The first one went into OT, but we couldn't quite get it. My little guy fouled out, which has never happened before (he's not too fouly, and he's point guard, which just isn't in the position to quite as much as the big guys). He was fighting back tears. I can never quite tell what pushes him over the edge. Sometimes when they lose he's perfectly fine and other times, he just can't quite handle it. Immediately after was another tough game. Our boys started strong and got a good lead, only to lose it in the second half. Tight at the end, but we were ahead, and the other team was fouling to get the ball back. But they were FOULING ... pushing our boys hard! The first time, the ref called it, but just a regular foul ... so they did it again! Again, nothing beyond just a normal foul (I know there is "intentional" and then there is "INTENTIONAL") ... the THIRD time they pushed one of our boys to the floor they finally called it an intentional foul.  Getting those shots and getting possession of the ball back at the end got us the win. But I really don't think I want to play that team again ... unfortunately we might, as this league only has five teams. #3 had been a big help around the house, getting things cleaned up and ready for my men to come home. #2 and his girlfriend had made a big "welcome home" banner last night. Made cookie press cookies, snowflakes.

0205 (Sunday) 179.7. 4145 steps. Total Burn 1785. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Sure didn't move much today! Superbowl Sunday, not that we were celebrating big in any way. #4 is a huge football fan though, so he was anxiously awaiting it all. Hubs and #1 were able to check in from Mexico. #2 was working KFC. Normally we do a big steak/taters meal, but without Hubs here to cook for us ... I WAS going to make my annual sugar football cookies, but I didn't have any of the decorator icing in white (needed for the accents) and just didn't get around to it.  

0206 (Monday) 181.1. 12801 steps. Total Burn 2471. Exercise Burn 445/651 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2200. I finally got to watch the latest "Grey's Anatomy" as I got my elliptical in during the morning school shove off. But alas, didn't get down for 20min more ... so not my full hour. The evening was the return home of my men (and Maga) from Mexico. While of course I'm super excited to see my son and Hubs, I had uber anxiety about the airport. Both the drive there (while it actually a pretty straight shot from our house down Bangerter, Bangerter has become so much more like a freeway and there are some super confusing spots, and speeds, and multiple lanes and merging, etc, aaacckk). #2 said he was okay driving it ... I'm just not okay as a passenger either. He dropped us off and so we all wouldn't have to take the shuttle after parking (apparently he didn't either, there was closer parking) and it was pretty easy to find where to wait. Same spot as Aunt Olivia a while back. Then the waiting, and it wasn't too bad. The plane was on time and customs were quick. We had our "Welcome Home" sign up ... and facing the wrong direction as the Landon crept in from the back! Our car doesn't fit the entire family, so Hubs caught a ride home with Liv and Maga (although it took a while as Olivia couldn't remember where she'd parked her car). Home again ... all my boys home.

0207 (Tuesday) 179.6. 18465 steps. Total Burn 2752, Exercise Burn 814/921 (60minElliptical, 30minZumba). Calories in 1500. #1 hasn't officially been released yet, so needs to have a "companion" at all times. He accompanied me as I did school carpools in the morning. He didn't feel like going to Zumba with me, so I sat it out. Aunt Olivia came and kidnapped him for a temple trip, which turned into an all day outing. They hit temple square, did some shopping and went out to eat. We were a little worried he wouldn't make it home in time for his meeting with the stake president for the release. After picking up middle school carpool (and arranging for #2 to grab #5 from elementary), I headed to West Jordan High to watch the sophomores play. Normally there isn't much of a student section cheering for anything other than varsity ... but they had a loud crowd there, complete with insulting posters and everything. The other team did come out hot and jumped out for the lead, but our boys battled back and got the win. MY boy ... didn't leave the bench. Not uncommon, there are the "favorites" and he's not one of them, but he's never not gone in at all before (although it's been pretty common for a couple of the other un-favored boys). I couldn't help but wonder if he was being punished for leaving practice early yesterday ... to see his brother who he hadn't seen in two years.  Broke my mommy heart a bit, although #3 said he didn't really care. I think he's done. Given up. Going to give it his all (if he's ever given the chance) and finish the season, but he can see the writing on the wall too. These teams can be the best thing for the boys (like my #2 has been a favorite) or it can crush them (and half the kids don't bother even trying out the next year. Last year they had three kids quit mid-season).  I ran home and prepped dinner. Chicken pillows, one of #1's favorites he hasn't had in two years. Then back to the school for the varsity game. I checked and JV had come back from being behind to get the win too. Varsity stayed pretty neck-and-neck for the first half, until our boys pulled away a bit at the end of the half. Then they continued the lead, although it was never totally comfortable ... things can always change pretty quick. In the end, WJ was fouling to get the ball back ... I appreciated the intentional but not injurious fouls ala the 5th grade game on Saturday. As soon as the game ended I booked it out to Murray High School for #5's game. He'd been picked up by a teammate to make sure he'd get there on time (although I did make it okay today, of course the game going on there before was a tight one that went long, at least not OT. Hard when these late 9:00 games start late! On a school night ... but I actually appreciate the 9:00 time slot when they are on the same night as the high school games, so I can catch them all).  

0208 (Wednesday) 180.0. 21534 steps. Total Burn 2965. Exercise Burn 1087/1123 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Got the boys off to school, getting in my full hour of elliptical in during the school shove off. I did NOT make it to Zumba, but did some practice Zumba at home. I'd been asked to come introduce Zumba to the young women at the church in the evening, which I did. Between my morning practice and the presentation, I feel like I got in my hour. 5068 steps. Calories 469. AvHR 118 in the morning, 122 in the evening. High 146. In zone 37 of the 67 minutes. Got in some updates on the missionary blog. Baked a lasagna for dinner.

0209 (Thursday) 179.3. 21191 steps. Total Burn 2895. Exercise Burn 1002/1079 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2700. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the morning school stuff, but did by the end of day. I went to Zumba with MountainView. 5916 steps. 2.55 miles. 382/381 calories, avHR115, high136, in zone 18 of the 59 minutes.  Stopped at the store on the way home to grab some groceries. Made the highlight reel from Tuesday's varsity game. Made sugar cookies ... usually a Superbowl tradition, but as we were all apart that day, and I didn't have the decorative white icing for the accents. The icing was rather runny though, and as I made smaller cookies this year, they really didn't turn out great. Not that anyone cares what they LOOK like, and half the boys prefer them without frosting anyway! 

0210 (Friday) 180.7. 8097 steps. Total Burn 2151. Exercise Burn 100/318 (30minBike). Calories in 2100. Even with a new "Grey's Anatomy" waiting for me, I decided to hit the bike. Switch up the activities a bit, and I could use some reading time. No problem finishing up my audiobooks, but the one on my Kindle has been neglected big time. It was late start and early out, and then basketball games in the afternoon/evening. We were away at Taylorsville, glad to have a carpool for middle-school on Fridays, as I needed to leave before #2 made it home. In the sophomore game, one of our players took an elbow to the head which resulted in a big gash. His mom had to take him to the ER where he got seven staples and has to be rechecked to see if he has a concussion. A little later, there was more blood with another one of our players hit in the head. Not requiring stitches, but he had to sit out the rest of the game (but did play JV once the bleeding was under control). I went ahead and stayed for the JV game, as I didn't want to fight traffic home and back, as it would hit rush hour in both directions. As I was there, I videotaped the game with my old camcorder, while recharging my new one. Love the USB hookup directly into the portable charger. The varsity game was a little closer than anticipated. It had been an easy win the first go-round, and was expected to be again ... but we were tied going into the final quarter.  I was also following the Bingham/WJ game on Twitter, and Bingham was down, which was unexpected ... but would help out our standing, so I was rooting on WJ from afar. Bingham pulled it out though (super close, only by two) and our boys did too (by a little wider margin) ... so CHHS and Bingham are still tied for the top spot in region (only losing to each other once in region play.)

0211 (Saturday) 180.5 steps. Total Burn 1955. Exercise Burn 0/122 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. I'd done some prep (for the homecoming gathering tomorrow) yesterday ... getting out the water dispenser, chocolate fountain stuff, dippers and tried to do some cleaning ... but two days in advance, it will just get cluttered again! Hubs was busy with his stuff, shopping, prepping and smoking the pork, mopping the floor. Two basketball games today for #5. A 1:00 one with his Grizzlies. My munchkin actually didn't score today, quite rare ... but he had a ton of assists and did great. The 5:00 game was also a win. Hubs had smoked some ribs (testing out prep for the basketball team dinner on Monday night) so that was our dinner.  

0212 (Sunday) 181.3. Total Burn 2177. Exercise Burn 0/350 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. No usual breakfast, as we were doing the final prep for the party after church. We got everything up and ready. Chairs all over. Sign on the garage. Church was at 1:00. We had a huge crowd at the house afterward! Some of the old neighbors who had moved away came, as well as family and other friends. Pulled pork, fruit plate, veggie plate, chocolate fountain with dippers. Cousin Matt brought cookies (of which I had a few) and Uncle Clay brought his homemade donuts (of which I had one). It was fun to see everyone, but also a relief to have it over. Now onto the basketball team dinner tomorrow ...

0213 (Monday) 182.6. Total Burn 3117. Exercise Burn 1135/1286 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Got in my hour of elliptical during the morning school shove off. #1 surprised me being up and off early himself. Going back to work on a framing crew. He doesn't have a car, but one of the other fellows came and grabbed him to get him to/from the site. Hubs was NOT off early, taking the day at home to prep the ribs for the team dinner tonight. I actually went out and hit Southziders ... first time in a while for me. Good stats! 7221 steps. 3.27 miles. 494/510 burn. AvHR120, High144, in zone 36 of the 70 minutes. Hubs had done the initial prep on the ribs while I was gone, and they were in the smoker. That smoker was stacked! A little later in the afternoon, I helped him as we pulled the ribs off, cut them into servings (about four ribs each), sauced them and wrapped them in foil. Back in the smoker and oven for a few more hours of cooking. We'd been planning on 5:30, but dinner got pushed to 6:00. We headed over to the school and got into the cafeteria and got set up. The other two moms brought salads, rolls and sugar cookies. The boys seemed to enjoy the ribs, we got rave reviews. Glad to have that over with too! Now ... senior night tomorrow. I worked a little on a video for #2's table, but my Muvee was giving me issues. #5 also sprung the "I want a basketball valentine's box" ... for tomorrow. We looked around for some possibilities (I'd just thrown out a couple small backboard/net combos, but there was an old pinewood derby car that had a little hoop on it) but ... I told him it just wasn't going to happen. We had a leftover box (actually a garbage can set up) that I'd planned on him using.

0214 (Tuesday) 182.1. Total Burn 2645. Exercise Burn 598/800 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. I went down to my gym in the morning when I heard a little scratching sound coming from a box in the corner. It was a mouse! A mouse in the house. I'm not super squeamish about mice, but I also have a bunch of guys around, so I enlisted #1 to grab the box and take it outside. It cut into my exercise time and I only got 10min done. I did another 10min, not quite having enough time for a full session before driving middle school carpool ... except that I forgot, I don't drive carpool Tuesday mornings (I do afternoon pickup). So I COULD have done 20 if I'd remembered that little fact. I thought I'd get a full 20 in before taking #5 to school, but he was looking around for an alternative valentine box because he didn't like the one I'd provided. I ended up taking a saw to the derby car to get the hoop lose. We had an orange box, I found a basketball frisbee for a backdrop, we printed out a few accents and #5 drew some additional ones on and ... basketball valentine box. Unfortunately it wasn't a great mother/son bonding experience. I was feeling super guilty I hadn't read his emotions more last night and stepped up then, and I think he read MY guilt and how frazzled I was with our rush job and he felt guilty. It turned out cute though, and hopefully he's happy. If Zumba wasn't my super close one, I might have wimped out on it, but I really have no excuse when it's right there. I went. 5657 steps. 2.49 miles. 388/384 burn. AvHR116, High146, in zone 27 of the 59 minutes. Back at home I showered and prepped a few more things for my son's table at senior night. I had to pick up middle school carpool and then rush over to the high school with only a few minutes to set up before the sophomore game started. Of course ... it didn't go smoothly. The tablet, Hub's latest gadget, wasn't working for me and I didn't know what to do. I hadn't prepped any physical pictures, they were all on the video slideshow. I was almost in tears, feeling like a complete failure again. Finally it restarted. I missed some of the sophomore game, and wasn't in a very good mindset for my filming. My MIL showed up to catch #3 playing, but he wasn't getting much playing time. Finally he was in, and made a basket there at the end, but we lost. After the game I was on snack bar duty. Generally I rush home and check on the little boys and get a break before heading back. It's hard to stay ... the music blaring between games. My anxiety and anti-social issues are hard to deal with, and then there's MATH. I know it's simple subtraction, but it stresses me out. I was relieved when it was over. Then we parents met and got paraded out with our boys right before the game. Then it was time to play. I had to go to my alternate spot as the parents side was filled on the top row. I have to be on the top row to stand and get a clear shot of the court. Luckily the other side was still free. I should have taken advantage of the cheerleaders being gone to Nationals to film from under the basket (usually not an option with them there). Then ... more stress as I was getting a disk warning on my video camera! I realized I hadn't taken off #5's games from Saturday, and then having filmed the sophomore game .... but it's a 32mg card, it still should have been okay. Hubs ended up grabbing the card from my video display, as most people had visited the senior display tables by that point. But again, super frustrated with myself for not dealing with that and prepping. Hard to enjoy the game, I was just emotionally on edge after everything. The last few days have been stressful. The game was stressful itself, closer than we'd like. The boys did get the win, undefeated at home, co-region champs (a couple games left to possibly shake that up, but probably nothing will change. CHHS and Bingham both only lost once, to each other). Glad to get Sunday over, Monday over, and now Tuesday over ... those were the big three days. They are over.

0215 (Wednesday) 180.9. Total Burn 2592. Exercise Burn 641/746 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2500. I'll admit, the burnout from these last few days has gotten to me. I got in 50min elliptical in the morning, but after elementary drop-off, instead of hitting Zumba, I crawled back in bed for a bit. I did get in my final 10min elliptical to finish my hour later in the day.
0216 (Thursday) 180.2. Total Burn 2948. Exercise Burn 1088/1128 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical in during the morning, but did by the end of the day. I wasn't feeling too in the mood for Zumba, but I was committed, as Marian was leaving town for a funeral. Luckily I had Christa and Suzanne to help me, as I definitely didn't have the energy to do it all on my own. Then ... dentist. I dread the dentist. Both sides of my mouth, but at least that should be my final visit for a while. I made a lemon jello cake, which my big boys consumed before dinner! Hubs and #5 were off doing a derby. #1 asked to borrow the car to go to his institute class, but then ended up taking #2's Charger instead. Good thing, as I'd forgotten I needed to pick up #3 from practice (and needed my car!) #3 then took the car to go hang with his friends, and #2 had his girlfriend come pick him up for their evening (watching "The Bachelor"). Even #4 had plans, which is a big deal for my little homebody. Went to see a movie with friends (luckily friend were able to pick him up as I was without a car). I was home alone!
0217 (Friday) 181.2. Total Burn 2079. Exercise Burn 0/261 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Routine is always off on Fridays with late start and early out. More so today, as middle school was out, and #1 didn't go do his framing job, as he had an interview at 8:00. That timing was a problem, as I need the Durango to get #5 to school. We ended up having #2 and #3 catch a ride to school and #1 taking the Charger. #4 wanted to go play some football with friends, so I dropped him off at a nearby park for a couple hours. When I picked him up ... his face! Black eye, scraped up and completely swollen. He and another kid hit heads hard. They had gone to one of the nearby homes and had an ice pack for him, but it continued to swell until he couldn't even open his eye. The bruising is horrible too. My poor little guy. I picked up #5 from school, and then headed out to basketball games at Jordan High School. Sophomore game was an easy win. No great highlights from my #3 but I'll still probably make a highlight reel. I didn't want to fight traffic home and back, so I stayed, and videoed JV. Easy win for them too. Varsity also went pretty smoothly and with this win, we are in the number one spot in region. Of course, Bingham will be in the same ranking on Tuesday after they beat Jordan (we've both won all but one, losing once to each other). The two teams will flip a coin for standings going into state. But I guess CHHS hasn't been able to get here in 20 years, so everyone was pretty happy. Hubs came out to watch Varsity, and my BIL brought his boys. I'd arranged a ride for #5 to get to/from practice. That might have been my last high school game ...

0218 (Saturday) 179.2. Total Burn 1965. Exercise Burn 0/158 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Got a little sleep in. #1 woke up hungry and wanted Kneader's french toast, so we all went over there. #2 had slept over at friends, as he does every Friday after a game. I sent him a text suggesting he meet us there, and he wrote back saying they'd just recieved word to go as a team (Varsity), that Coach was buying breakfast! Coincidence! We also ran into a friend of #1 there. I took pictures of course. It's all you can eat, so sharing isn't really allowed, but if we don't ask for any extra ... the littles and I still could have shared one plate! #5 had a game over at the high school. A team we'd played twice before, lost one, won one. Close both times. And close again today. We won by one! At least there was no purposeful pushing like last time! So the championship game is next week. A team we've played twice and lost to both times ... but very close both times (OT last time). Back home, and #5 changed clothes and then I dropped him off at a friend's house and dropped #3 at the high school to run clocks. Poor #4, his eye is still so swollen and dark. Hubs had done some shopping and tried brisket in the instant pot and some smoked mac and cheese. He also made his cheesecake and ice cream pie.

0219 (Sunday) 179.6. Total Burn 1940. Exercise Burn 100/118 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Hubs and #1 had an early morning meeting, so no sleep in. We did our big breakfast. The waffle recipe makes six waffles, and with #1 son home ... there are seven of us. #4 didn't really feel like a waffle this morning (which Hubs didn't realize until he'd already made a second batch) so there were leftovers (and we're not a good waffle leftover family). #1 made his buttermilk syrup, which #3 had been making while he was gone, but was more than happy to return the reins. Hubs had picked up some pork and brisket but didn't feel like smoking something today, so I made tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches. #3 has been picky, only liking this gourmet tomato soup (with orange juice in it) ... but I made it. #1 tried it and was like "what is THAT?"  I don't eat tomato soup, this recipe or traditional Cambells canned. We all watched "Inside Out" as #1 hadn't seen it (and my most recent audiobook has some similarities which is what brought it up). 

0220 (Monday) 180.6. Total Burn 2242. Exercise Burn 400/431 (Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. No school today, President's Day. Hubs and #1 son were still up and off early, but I stayed in bed until later. No elliptical, but I hit Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak. I wasn't sure if Southziders was on (they were) ... they used to never take days off, but then they started to for many holidays. Debbie's class was closer and got me back faster. When I arrived though, there were guys playing basketball in the gym. Debbie did kick them out of half anyway ... although it had boy stink to it! She has the church reserved on the schedule if people would bother to check. I stopped at Smiths on the way home, grabbing a few groceries and my prescription. I checked, as the cost was up. It used to be one of those $4 for 30-day, $10 for 90-day ones. Now it's $12.06 for a one month, they won't even allow a 90 day ... not that I don't get into the store, but they also only allow the refill during that last week and it's just hard to time it. I had making a special trip. I'm never sure if this medication does anything for me anyway, although some women sure say differently. #1 had taken #2's Charger, as he needed to be back for an interview with Discover ... which left me needing to drop #2 to/from work at KFC, as he agreed to cover a shift for someone. It is #2's birthday tomorrow (18 years old) so we went out to dinner. Tepanyaki is a favorite of him and the family, but his girlfriend had already said she was taking him out there tomorrow. Olive Garden was his second choice, so that's where we went. It's HIS favorite, but not really for the family. We left the left-overs sitting on the table! Grrr, duh! I'd picked up a Red Velvet cake and we put candles in and sang, even though it's a day early. Red velvet is something that doesn't tempt me. I think I did okay on calories today, even with chicken alfredo!

0221 (Tuesday) 181.3. Steps 23508. Total Burn 3001. Exercise Burn 1314/1172 (90minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900.  #5 woke up crying and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it to school. He took some ibuprofen and then felt better, so he went. I'd gotten in some elliptical in during the morning school shove off, and more later in the day. Extra elliptical! I also went to Zumba with Marian. 5762 steps. 2.49 miles. Burn estimates 351/372. AvHR105, high125, in zone 2 of the 60 min. Not sure if it is feeling a bit sore from weights yesterday, or just draggy, or what. I was on triple pickup duty after school. We did Orange Chicken for dinner. #5 had practice from 6-7:30 and a game at 8:00 (two different teams). It was raining. As we parked and he ran in, I noticed a hissing coming from my tire. So ... puncture NOT fixed! Sure enough on the way home I got a low pressure warning. Hubs was already asleep when we returned (even though it was just after 9:00). Happy birthday to #2 today! 18 years old! His girlfriend took him out to dinner and a movie tonight.

0222 (Wednesday) 179.6. Steps 16564. Total Burn 2583. Exercise Burn 600/766 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2600. My tire was super low in the morning. After dropping #5 at school I drove to Walmart. I had planned on grocery shopping there today anyway. They looked at the tire (again, Hubs had just been in on Sunday) and said there was a screw and they couldn't fix it. They'd have to special order the tire, as they didn't have our size in stock. I had them pump me up and figured I have hubs handle it (if there was a tire purchase involved ...I don't do decisions like that. Wimpy wife.) The high school was out today for PT conferences. Both boys are doing good ... except #3 had been a little disruptive in Spanish of late. #3 had his friends over and they hung out downstairs in the gym for much of the day. #2 had his buddies over too, as they were prepping a prom ask. I made roll dough, turning it into breadsticks and cinnamon rolls. Double duty afternoon carpools. Ziti for dinner. #3 took off to his girlfriend's house (taking #2's car, because he didn't want to drive mine and risk a flat tire) and Hubs was home late. Hubs was up late prepping brisket, which he's smoking for a work buddy's scout evening tomorrow.

0223 (Thursday) 181.1. Steps 18801. Total Burn 2782. Exercise Burn 954/934 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000.  Hubs had given me a quick lesson on how to fill up the tire (as we have an air compressor in the garage) but I still bribed #1 son ... I'd make his lunch (which he's been doing) if he filled up the tire for me. I hoped it would hold until after Zumba. I'd made an appointment at Discount Tire prepared to buy a new tire (as Walmart had indicated it couldn't be fixed) but hoped DT would have one in stock at least. I got in a couple elliptical sessions, drove a couple kid carpools to school and then went to Zumba, although I was running a bit late. I went straight to the tire place after. They said it could be patched (but did say new tires probably should be coming soon, but I'll let Hubs handle that). So I waited there for a bit. The time when quick, as one of #1's high school friends was there and we chatted a while. I stopped at DI afterward to invest in a few "fat pants" ... unfortunatley.  Home for just a bit before after school pickups. Hubs was out late, having taken the smoker to work to prep brisket for a work buddy's Scout banquet. He said it went well, but could have used a third brisket. I got distracted while prepping a simple dinner at home and totally burned it, and ended up just making mac and cheese from a box.

0224 (Friday) 181.7. Steps 5236. Total Burn 1989. Exercise Burn 0/138 (no exercise). Calories in 2200. I didn't even attempt any exercise during the school shove off. Hubs was home in the morning. He had a doctor's appointment and ran some errands in the morning ... including dropping the high schoolers off, as #1 had taken #2's car. We almost have the car situation settled. I dropped #5 at school and #4 had carpool. Feeling a tad under the weather ... again. #5 has been a little off too, especially at nights, but keeps making it to school. Hope he's feeling good for his two challenging games tomorrow. He had early out. I picked him up and we went to Walmart to return the shirts I'd bought him (too big) and I had him try on some (he's a little picky) and came home with three, and some laundry soap (as we were out). #2's girlfriend brought my big boys home, then she and #2 went off to find a tie to match her prom dress. I dropped off #5 at his coach's house to get a ride to practice, and #3 was picked up to go watch the high school girls compete at state basketball (they lost). He and his friends came back to the house after for some hot tub time. Not feeling great. Hubs was ready to turn in early and I was more than ready to too.

0225 (Saturday) 183.6. Steps 8748. Total Burn 2197. Exercise Burn 200/335 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2500. Slept in some. Two basketball games for #5. The first at 1:00 with his Grizzlies. Championship against the undefeated Jets. We'd played them twice before, came close both games ... unfortunately it was a repeat performance again. 28-32. Good game though, we even got the boys to smile for a team picture afterward. #5's little friend came over to the house after to hang out, and went with us to the next game with the Wolves at 5:00. Again, an undefeated team that came out hard. Surprisingly, our boys rallied and were leading at the half. Couldn't quite hang onto it though. Again, the loss was not unexpected at #5 handled it fine (better than the earlier game where there was some emotion). Hubs and I went out to dinner with the extended family (inlaws). A fancy little restaurant in the foothills, The 5Alls. It was good, but pricey! MIL picked up the tab.  

0226 (Sunday) 181.8. Steps 11293. Total Burn 2372. Exercise Burn 600/496 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Hubs was up early getting brisket on the smoker. We did a pancake breakfast ... although some ate cheesecake pie. I often don't exercise on Sundays, but got in three 20min sessions today, although I had to push to finish. Dinner was yummy. Ice cream pie for dessert.  
0227 (Monday) 182.8. Steps 20640. Total Burn 2727. Exercise Burn 968/894 (60minElliptical, 60minBike, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. I've really been struggling with motivation to get to my Monday Zumba class. It's a bit further away (about 20min) and then it regularly starts late. I almost always get a great workout, and I love the gals there, but it's been hard to make a two hour time commitment some mornings. I find myself talking myself out of going. This morning, add snow into the mix, and I didn't make it. I did get my hour of elliptical in early, and then hit the treadmill. Just planned on a walk, but did try to up it to a jog for a short time. Jogging is SO hard for me, but does get the heart rate up easily. I also did a session on the bike, reading and riding. I'd been a bit preoccupied today, as it was the start of State playoffs for 5A boys basketball. #2 and team played at 7:30 up at the University of Utah. I so dislike downtown, the drive, the parking, it was still so cold out (although the snow had melted without me having to shovel). I was trying to find out if it was going to be streamed ... and it was! I could watch from the comfort of home. I actually tuned in to some of the other games earlier in the day. Our region, Region 3, was playing the teams in Region 1, and we swept them! On to quarter finals on Wednesday. I watched the first half of the game on the ipad resting in bed, but then moved down to the bike again, as I was anxious and that helped expend the excess energy (even though our boys had a 20 point lead for almost the entire time). Eating wasn't great today ... I mean, it was delicious, but not nutritious! I can't stop eating Hub's ice cream pie. So yummy! I had a little leftover brisket for dinner.

0228 (Tuesday) 180.9. Steps 21113. Total Burn 2949. Exercise Burn 1105/1107 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1800. The senior and sophomore were out of school, as it was ACT day for the Juniors.   I got up and got elliptical in. Zumba with Marian. Stats ... 5551 steps, 2.39 miles. 376/383 burn estimates. AvHR117, high143, in zone 16 of the 58 minutes. #3 took over my gym for a few hours ... not saying I would have gotten an extra workout in there during that time, but now we'll never know. I was on pickup for middle school, and elementary as always. I made copycat swig cookies and then chicken pillows (plus fried tenders for the littles) and yellow rice for dinner. I think we have enough leftovers that I'm now off the hook for a couple nights.The little fridge wasn't closing ... because someone hadn't closed it and ice built up in the small freezer section. Defrosting the fridge really needs to be done outside, and the weather now was not cooperative. I was able to work on it enough to at least get it to close. True defrosting will have to wait for a warmer day.

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  1. You put me to shame with how much you exercise...move and just do!!!!

    Pretty much a maintain on your weight! That's good!


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