Saturday, March 25, 2017

Newspapers and Magazines

While I've completely converted to digital when it comes to books ... I still like physical, paper copies when I'm reading newspapers and magazines.I'll read the occasional article online, but just enjoy sitting at the table and flipping the pages of the paper, reading the news of the day, laughing at the comics and scanning the ads for deals.

But ... it's the end of an era.
I cancelled my subscription to my local newspaper.

I know, in this day and age we are supposed to support our local paper. There were three factors that came into play to cause me to cancel ...
  • I often wasn't reading. Sometimes the rolled up newspaper would sit for a few days just inside the front door, and then go directly into the recycling. Even the papers I did "read" it was usually just a quick skim of some sections.
  • News bias and negativity. Last year's elections have impacted everything. "Fake News" is now an everyday phrase. I don't have any extreme issues with our local paper. There was an obvious anti-Trump bias, but I could see the occasional attempt to show the other side as well. But just overall with ALL news now, I question every story and wonder about the "other side" of the issue. While I want to stay informed, it's exhausting to constantly question everything, and so much of the news is sad and bad and ... (I'd given up on watching TV news ages ago). 
  • Payment problems. Every time I would get a bill, it would frustrate me. Instead of offering a monthly rate, only 12, 26, or 52 week options were available. That just messes up my monthly finances! And there was no way to pay online! I have to write a check, or write down credit card information and find a stamp and mail it? More than the money itself, it's the inconvenience! If my paper had offered an easy online monthly payment, I probably would have continued.
It's just been a week or so without the newspaper. I must admit I miss it a little. I've turned back to magazines when I need something to flip through as I'm sitting in the kitchen.  A while back (2013) I did a blog post called Mucho Magazines where I discussed all the health/fitness ones I subscribed to. While I allowed those subscriptions to lapse long ago ... I still have a backlog! Without my newspaper, maybe I'll get through these magazines. Finally.

We have a few current magazine subscriptions. Nothing I paid out of pocket for, but I received a notice connected to an old credit card where we would convert some unused frequent flyer miles (Hubs DOES like frequent flyer miles but had switched cards/programs) for magazine subscriptions. After consulting with the Mr. that he wouldn't make use of those miles himself, I went ahead and ordered some subscriptions ...

Now I KNOW Time has some of the same issues I mentioned about (obvious bias/sad stories ... still sometimes doesn't get read) but without the payment problems, I figured I'd give it a go. Sports Illustrated for the boys to look through (although I may have confiscated the swimsuit issue) and People Magazine. When I'd be in waiting rooms I'd often flip through it, although I'd never subscribed myself.  When these pre-paid subscriptions run out, I won't be renewing.

Then I'll just have to see if I can switch to online for articles ... or just read my novels!

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  1. I am the same way with for books but hard copy for magazines and newspapers. Our town has a recycling program...recycle and they weigh your can and then you get points that can be traded for items...magazine subscriptions are one of the things!


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