Thursday, August 1, 2013

July - A Look Back

With the kids on year-round school, "summer"  doesn't start until July (the elementary school got out July 2). So while the older boys were out during June, MY official summer schedule didn't kick in until July. The differences between school and summer schedule aren't too great for a SAHM, but there are changes.  I think the main one is sleeping in. When the kids are in school, I'm generally up around 6:30. When the kids are not in school ... it's more like 7:30 or even later.  Not having daily carpool and homework help does free up some time, but then there are many fun summer activities that can take up an entire day. The weather is nicer (although sometimes too hot), but I'm an indoor exerciser, so that actually doesn't make an impact in my personal routine. Luckily my home gym is in the basement where it is always nice and cool. 

The graph above is a great snapshot of July. Now my goals are an average burn of 3000+ and an average intake of 2000 or below ... so you can see I did not quite get there this month, although it isn't too far off. Another goal is to NOT let the lines cross or even touch. Again, unsuccessful. Trouble spots were ...
  • The 4th of July (crossed). That is somewhat understandable, right? Holidays, full day of family fun makes it hard to get in the exercise and good eating.
  • Mid-Month (two touching) was a Saturday/Sunday. Saturday I just wasn't able to get in enough activity to counter-act the eating (donuts!). Sunday I was sick and didn't get in ANY activity, but then did feel well enough to eat by the end of the day.
  • The lines got close there 3/4 of the way through the month. Sunday (RiceKrispieTreatTrouble) and Monday (friends in town & anniversary dinner).
  • Touched again near the end of the month ... another Sunday. Couldn't quite combat the calories even though I did get in quite a bit of exercise (which doesn't always happen on a Sunday).
What I have learned looking back on July ...
1. I need to get up and going earlier, even in the summer.
2. Sundays and holidays are hard.
3. I like donuts.


  1. I feel like such a slacker...I don't have cool graphs on my blog like you do yours! :-)

    All joking aside, looks like you did GREAT in July!!!!

    1. ... I do LOVE graphs! But you know, whatever you are doing is going to change your body whether it is graphed or not *Ü* I just like the visuals myself.


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