Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tracking the Family

OK everyone, give me  your Fitbits! Time for a Fitbit Family Photoshoot! There are seven people in my immediate family (mom, dad, five boys) ... at present, we have SIX Fitbits. #3 has said he doesn't really want one, but I don't want him to feel left out. *Ü*

I didn't really plan on purchasing this gadget for the little boys (ages 8 and 10). I was attempting to get my 18-year old back up and running. After losing a Jawbone Up, deciding he didn't like the Flex, and then losing a Zip ... I wasn't sure how much to invest. I looked to ebay and watched the Zip sales, and then snagged one for $25 (+$3 shipping). 

Silly me ... I bought a blue one. The 18-year old said blue was unacceptable. So I went on ebay again and got a black one this time. My son then expressed his distaste at it being used (he's a germ-a-phobe). 

#1 now has a brand new black Zip ... and I had two extra Zips just sitting around.  I set up accounts with my alternate emails and then figured I'd strap them on the two little boys. Originally, I was just curious as to how much they moved during the day. I didn't really know if it would motivate them to move more ... but it did! On the first day, my youngest got 7,000 steps. He upped it to 10K the next day, then 16,5000 the day after. On Friday, it was 9:30 at night. It was dark and he was still outside kicking the ball. I told him to come in and get ready for bed to which he replied "but I'm at 28,000 steps, I only need 2,000 more to get to 30!"  Crazy kid. I sent one of the older boys out to keep and eye on him and sure enough, he earned his 30K badge.

The 10-year old has also been moving more. He can be one of my more stationary kids, but with the Fitbit on, he was outside inventing new games (frisbee goal), jumping rope, and was more willing to go to Jump N Bounce (sometimes he'd rather just stay home) and walk to/from church with me. All for more steps on the pedometer :)

I've even got the hubs on board a bit! He's adopted #1's old Flex. He doesn't wear the wristband, but just slips the small device itself into his pocket. He's not the best at remembering ... I have rescued it once already from his sweaty shorts in the "to wash" pile. He still forgets it about as much as he remembers ... even with "FITBIT?" written on the bathroom mirror with a dryerase marker. His work has a Friday volleyball event, and I was curious how many steps that earned him ... now we know. He got 20K from a few hours of volleyball. He can see getting a run in the morning is essential to getting steps ... he gets as much in then, as he does the entire rest of the day (dang desk jobs and commute).

So, I don't know how long the interest in the Fitbits will last with the little ones (or the hubs ... or how long #1 can keep track of his!). It's been fun to see the boys tapping their Zips and comparing their steps. They also like checking out the graph to see if they earned a "green spike" (very active minutes ... a certain amount of steps in a set time).

I've posted about our Fitbit Family before. The kids have "friended" Grandma and Grandpa, so now they can compete against them as well.

I read an article a while back, about personal trainers keeping tabs on clients via Fitbits ... peeking in at their daily activity to get an idea of their lifestyle when they aren't right in front of them at the gym. I am a bit of a Mommy Stalker that way too. I like being able to peek at #1's day, and "see" his activity while he's at work framing homes (gets in the steps, but no "green spike" activity, all yellow), or what #2 has been up to all day after I drop him off at the gym.  When he was gone for a week to basketball camp, I could peek at his profile and tell exactly when he'd had games (green spike!) and when he finally went to bed. Sometimes the kids forget to check-in and update their account, I'm often telling the kidlets "Sync Yourself!"

Do you get tired of my Fitbit stories?
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  1. I absolutely love this and I never get tired of your fitbit stories:) Actually, I have told so many people I work with about you and how you guys use your fitbit, it inspired on lady to buy one for herself and her daughter to compete:)
    I am actually competing against my 9 year old niece this summer, and frankly she is kicking my butt, LOL But its all good! My sister just had surgery and when she is back, and I am back to running we are going to have some healthy competitions this fall with our fitbits:)

  2. I think it's great that it's got your kids to move more! Very cool!


  3. How awesome to have your family involved!!! I don't have a fitbit...but I'm thinking I NEED one! XO #wowlinkup

    1. Yes ... you NEED one *Ü* I guess they don't click with everyone, but for others (like myself) they become such a part of my everyday, I feel naked without it!

  4. It is good that you are using yours. Two of my clients cannot tell you where there FitBit is in their homes. It was a waste of money because they used it the first week and then the thing went poof. #wowlinkup

    1. Yes, they can be hard to hang onto for some. I've been pretty impressed with myself, having a Fitbit for four years, never lost it or washed it! My 15-year also managed to hang onto his for a year. I wasn't sure when I bought it for him ...

  5. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I miss my fitbit!!!

  6. I don't get tired of your Fitbit stories but I find it amazing that is yet a creative way to track your children's activity so they do not become too sedentary w/ iPads and the like! LOVE IT! #wowlinkup

  7. LOVE that your whole family Fitbits together. So great! #wowlinkup


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