Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School, Back to Schedules

I had to set my alarm for this morning. 

After a summer of sleeping in, it's time for school to start back up. #2 has his first day of high school today. It starts at 7:40, and he wanted to be a bit early today, so we left the house at 7:00 (normally, I think we'll try for 7:15 or so). I did manage to get up early enough to get in 20 minutes on the elliptical in before making his lunch and driving him to school.

The middle school and elementary start tomorrow. The carpool will be a bit crazier this year. #1 was in high school last year, but he was driving himself. Now I have to get my new high schooler and the middle schooler to their respective drop offs (rather than just dropping them off together) and arrange for multiple pickups after school. The elementary is starting  a bit later this year. Last year, although I drove both ways every day (due to #4's anxieties) I did have another family for backup when needed. Not this year though. That is the struggle with having my kids at out-of-boundary schools ... no carpools. Just me.

I didn't have my alarm set for 5:30 (like in the picture), mine was set for 6:30. But ... I was up earlier. Well, not UP, but awake. Do you do that? Just lay in bed for a bit, awake? My oldest, now a working man, it up at 5:00 (if not earlier) each morning, and although he isn't noisy, as I'm a light sleeper, I often am awakened by his morning prep. Hubs is up sometime between 5:00-6:00 and I can't sleep through his morning routine. I SHOULD always just get up and get started on the day. During the summer, I'd sometimes slip back to sleep, but with school in session, I need the extra time in the morning.

I really NEED to start my day with a small session on the elliptical. It's my thing. I don't quite feel complete without it. I need to see that green spike on my Fitbit activity graph (the ratio is thrown off without it!) This past weekend, I wasn't great at getting my elliptical in first thing, but I did get in at least ONE 20min session each day ...

Friday ... #2 has his sophomore orientation, so I needed to drop him at the school in the morning. I squeaked in 10 minutes on the elliptical (not enough to earn me a green spike) and then went straight to Zumba. After Zumba ... I went to Zumba. Then I wasn't terribly productive the rest of the day, but I HAD to get in my "elliptical green spike" ... and I did, a bit later in the day.

Saturday ... I was dragging a bit. I'd been up in the night. Thunderstorms, my poor little boy with his weather phobia (Anxiety Issues).  I didn't get in my elliptical session until mid-day (mowing the lawn and some cleaning got me some orange "moderately active minutes").

Sunday ... I slept in, but then got up and hit the elliptical first thing. That's how I like it! You can see the walk to/from church, then some more cleaning ... and a little badminton there around 8:00 (gotta wait until the sun isn't shining in the eyes!)

We had my folks over last night for "Grandparents and Games" night. 
 Hubs handled dinner, a wonderful barbeque; bacon wrapped filet mignon, marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans. So yummy. It's #4's birthday this Thursday (with #3's next Sunday and #1's a week after that. It's birthday week at our house!) so there was cake too. Yes, weight is up this Monday morning.

Grandpa challenged the boys to ping pong, offering them $1 if they could beat him. #2 and #3 earned $1.  #4 couldn't quite beat Grandpa, but he's getting better (he and I have been playing almost every day). We played a little badminton too ... funny how much we are enjoying that!  Grandpa also told the kids that he would pay them $100 if they could beat him in tennis! I don't know how skilled my kids are at tennis (I did enroll them in lessons once several summers ago, but they never seemed very interested). I played my dad a few weeks ago ... I ALMOST beat him but he did prevail there at the end (I wouldn't get the $100 though, just the kidlets *Ü*). 

So ... weekend recap (MIMM) and a little excitement to get back on a school schedule, even with the challenges it brings. I must admit, I don't mind a little "alone" time during the day too! Well, time to wrap up this blog post and add to my one elliptical session I have done already ... up next ... Zumba!

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  1. Sounds like a busy time! It's always so hard to have to set the alarm clocks again!


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