Friday, August 8, 2014

Five Favorite Family Treats & WWI#55

This is NOT a good topic for a "health/fitness" blog, and yet ... I thought it was interesting to look at our family treat trends. Something new is introduced and it's an instant hit, and for a while there, it's a pretty constant addition. Then we go through phases and certain snacks only make an appearance every once in a while. For the Friday Five, I'm going to highlight five of our family favorites!

  • Skookie: This "skillet cookie" is delicious. We were first introduced to it at a local pizza joint, but then found the pan and made it ourselves at home. We actually have about five pans now. We just use a tube of cookie dough, bake it up, add ice cream and everyone digs in! 
  • Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies: These have been a big part of our family for many years. We rarely make chocolate chip cookies from scratch, as these are so yummy, quick and convenient.  There is actually an Otis warehouse here in Utah, and the hubs has gone straight to the source, buying the big, distributor boxes. Yes ... we'd go through them. Now, he usually just picks up a box or two at Costco. They do seem to have changed a bit in recent years, they don't turn out quite as well.
  • All Edges Brownies: When I first picked up this brownie pan, we made brownies in it almost every night. They would always turn out perfect. Back when school was in session, I'd make brownies and bag them, setting them aside for lunches (and #1 would find them and eat them!) Ironically ... the kids have let me know they actually prefer the gooey middle brownies regular pans create (sometimes I'd make a double batch and had to use a regular pan, well, still a specialty one with the little dividers). Who knew? I still prefer the edges!
  • Chocolate Malt: The Hubs picked up a Blend-Tec, and a new favorite was born. Chocolate Malts. Just ice cream, milk and malt, but blended together until smooth. This is strictly a "daddy" do though ... I must admit I've never used the Blend-Tec myself.
  • Homemade Oreos: For a while there, I was making these every single Sunday. They were the expected traditional treat. Just a Devil's Food cake mix, 3/4 cup shortening and 2 eggs. Roll into balls and bake at 375° for 7-8 minutes. Add cream cheese frosting in between. As Sundays aren't MY best exercise day (and I do like to partake) I've tried to move making them to Mondays, where I'm more active and can combat the calories a bit better.
Mmmmm ... tempting treats! There are a ton of others too, but these five make it in the rotation the most often, and have the most family memories surrounding them. Chocolate does seem to be a theme.  We just had Skookie last night ... not a good idea right before the official weekly weigh-in!

You can see, it didn't turn out too bad, even with the Skookie indulgence. I've really been trending at 152ish for a long time now. It bumped up last Friday, and went up even more before starting back down, but my weight is back down this week to the norm Just wish the norm was under 150. Numbers for the week weren't great though. Only a -550 deficit for the week. Average intake was up at 2464 and average burn was down at 2761 ... it hasn't been that low in a while.

I've been a little low. My mojo is just not present. Some emotional turmoil, talks, letter writing, thoughts, worry ... it drains the energy. Sleep hasn't been great. Some days I've still been able to get some pretty good exercise numbers, but I feel a little like I'm just going through the motions. I guess that's better than just assuming the fetal position. I know things will be all right, it's just hard to shake it off. I'm feeling a bit in limbo here with just a couple more weeks of summer. I think I'm looking forward to the return to the routine, a set schedule, the structure of it all. I've really enjoyed the summer. Sleeping in, taking the kids bowling and jumping. Still have managed to get my workouts and such in. School and sports starting back up bring their own challenges, but I think I do slightly better, even if the schedule is absolutely crazy. Summer can be just a little too laid back at times. 

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  1. What - All edge brownies sound like heaven. I always cut the corners off and hoard them.

  2. Sorry you were a little low this week :(

    Looks like you handled it in a very healthy way though!

    Thanks for linking up friend :)


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