Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Men's Metabolism

I've mentioned I've been struggling with my motivation lately. My mile jog, biking and strength training have taken a hit of late. Because my elliptical (I almost always get in three 20min sessions a day) and Zumba (an hour) are part of my routine, I've still been getting in decent numbers most days though. My personal goals are 22,000 steps, 100 "active minutes" and a 3000 total calorie burn from Fitbit. Now I'm not saying I count any of these numbers as gospel (I "burned 3000 calories, therefore I can eat 2500 calories and still lose!"), they are just some numbers I use to compare my day to day. You can see I barely got to the 3000 burn yesterday.

I was looking at the Fitbit family comparisons, and noticed that my dad had dropped a little. He's nice and active, and usually  quite competitive for my kids. I went onto his Fitbit page to look at his numbers. I noticed even though he had 10,000 steps LESS than I did, his calorie burn was higher! He only had eight "active minutes" and I had 145!  Our weight is almost exactly the same. He's a bit taller, he's older (obviously, as he's my dad) ... so his only real advantage is, he's a MAN.

 My Dad

Again, not saying these Fitbit numbers are gospel truth ... 
but Fitbit is certainly going by industry standards as they attempt their estimates.

 My 18-year old

I looked at my oldest son's numbers. He had over 13500 steps less than I did and still managed to top me in the calorie burn (just barely). He does weigh just a bit more than me. He has YOUTH and the manly metabolism on his side.

 My 15-year old

My second son ... this was a slow day for him. He had 35,000 steps on Monday! Not as many steps as I did yesterday, yet a higher burn. And he weighs less than I do too.

 My 13-year old

Son #3 beat me in active minutes, but not steps ... but look at the calorie burn! He only weighs a little over 100 pounds too. All his green spikes were running and jumping at the local inflatable place. I try to stay active, walking while they play. I often can get in some steps (although I didn't do well yesterday in that regard ... my little yellow spikes, it was too crowded for me to walk around much) the kids always get a bigger burn from Fitbit (not sure if it's somehow factoring in their impact or what).

It just seems like the guys can get a higher calorie burn with a lot less effort. I can and do reach my 3000 goal quite often, but I  feel like I have to work REALLY hard to get there.

Not fair! Not that anything about this life IS fair :)
I enjoy being a girl, but I wouldn't mind a man's metabolism!

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  1. I'm very glad you're not a man

    1. Ah hubs! Always making me laugh! I was going to put YOUR graph up too, but that's when I realized that although you had dutifully carried your Fitbit in your pocket, it wasn't charged to track! My bad :)

  2. The men in my boot camp report 1,000 calories burned in a 1-hour session yet I typically burn between 550 and 575 calories. I'm 5 ft. 2 and they are taller with more muscle as men and I think that is basically the factor. Men tend to have more muscle which burns more calories than fat. Now as for your young son - well he is just a little jumping bean and has a roaring metabolism. LOL. You may want to switch up because if you have been doing the same thing, same pace for a while - your body is used to it and won't burn as much energy helping you complete those activities because it has learned to be efficient. #wowlinkup

    1. Yes, I do get into a routine rut ... and Fitbit does NOT take that into account, so I do think I am getting an overestimate on my Fitbit burn (on my elliptical anyway). I don't know how you tiny women do it, as that can make it even harder!

  3. And every year it is going to get worse LOL. It is something we have to live with. You don't have any daughters? All I see are boys.


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