Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 2014

A look back at July. The "summer" most month ... I did get the kids out for some family fun (Jump N Bounce and bowling). There was scout camp and a trip to the lake. An anniversary, we are now officially a Fitbit Family (everyone has one now). I continued to get in my exercise, introducing some soccer and tennis to my regular routine. Here's a look at my workout calendar ...

I got in a little elliptical every day. Zumba most days too. My weights and mile jog were a bit more sporadic, as was my bike. Calories consumed were a little higher this month ... anniversary, some stress eating (scouts/vacations & other stuff). Started the month at 152.9, ended at 152.6. High for the month was 155.3 and the low was 151.7.  I keep track of my daily doings (stats and journal entry), but like to pull them into chronological order for the month for my own records. You're welcome to check out my day to day ... Onto August, a few more weeks of the summer schedule and then school will start back up.
Jen's Journal ... July 2014
  • 0701 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 152.7. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 33634. Total Burn 3655. Exercise Burn 1775/1950 (100minElliptical, 60minZumba, 12min/1mileJog, 30minBike, 60minWeights). Up early to help get the boys off, then I got started on my day. A session on the elliptical, then I walked to/from Zumba. Got in my mile, bike and weights. Did need to chauffeur #2 around a bit (to/from the rec center, to/from a friend's party in the evening). I was up late waiting for the pickup and got some exercise in up until the end. I did have trouble sleeping that night. I don't think it was the exercise, but more my first night alone. 
  • 0702 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 150.9. Calories in 2700. Fitbit Steps 28117. Total Burn 3152. Exercise Burn 1380/1457 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). Slept in a little. Zumba starts later on Wednesdays so I'm not in any rush. Dropped #2 and a friend at the rec center as I headed out. Stopped at Kmart on the way home to spend my Fitstudio points. Got a pair of shorts for #2 and a 12-pack of paper towels (hubs had taken the last roll with him) and didn't pay a penny for either. Completely covered by my fitness points! Took the little ones and a friend to the bowling alley. We got separate lanes, so only two of us playing together. The games goes much faster, less waiting around. If only poor #5 could enjoy it. Being the youngest, playing with the lightest ball, he always comes in last and was quite distraught about it today :(  They played a little in the arcade after (with their own money, I still haven't paid for anything more than shoes). Picked up #2 on the way home. Daddy made a list of chores for him, so he spent much of the afternoon working. I'm feeling a bit sore from my weights workout yesterday. A little twinge in my thigh on the elliptical. I had planned on a final 20min session, but ended up skipping it. Food was high today ... I made french toast for the kids for breakfast (and ate some too) and some fried chicken and rice for dinner. I also had some salt water taffy around ... I just kept snacking on that. Calories add up so quick, even when I'm recording and attempting some control. 
  • 0703 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 151.5. Calories in 3000. Fitbit Steps 30050. Total Burn 3278. Exercise Burn 1650/1579 (120minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). #2 got a ride to the rec center today, which was nice, because my Zumba was in the other direction (at least he's been on my way the other day's I've dropped him off). My usual group is taking July off, so I tried another group. I think I suffered from the usual "first time" syndrome, resulting in some lower readings. But also it seemed to have several warm up songs, and several cool down songs, so that impacted it to. Back at home I got in several sessions on the elliptical and some reading/riding. The kids seemed content to hang around the house today. #2 had friends over in the evening. Usually Daddy and #1 wouldn't put up with that ... they come home and like the house quiet so they can relax. I actually ended up letting #2 have his buddies sleep over - who knows if that will ever happen again! Eating was not good, yesterday at least it was a couple of meals that added up, today it was just snacking. I was candy crazy. 
  • 0704 (Friday) Ok Day. Weight 152.9. Calories in 3000. Fitbit Steps 19629. Total Burn 2808. Exercise Burn 1030/1101 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). I'm aware of a few free Friday Zumba classes, but they were all taking the holiday off, which is understandable of course. I was just going to do some Youtube at home, when one of them announced they would be holding class after all. Off I went. This was the class I went to for the first time last week, and even though some songs were still new, I was able to up my stats. Good way to start the day. Back home to make breakfast for everyone. Then we headed out to my parents to swim at their community pool. It was a little crowded, so I didn't get into my suit, but just sat on the side and chatted with my mom while watching the boys. We went out to eat at Red Robin afterward. It had been a few months since we'd been. Last time we went was also with my folks, and also when Daddy was out of town with two of the boys! We stopped and grabbed some fireworks on the way home, just cheap/simple stuff. The neighbors didn't disappoint though, they always put on quite a show, even before the big ones were legal :) 
  • 0705 (Saturday) Great Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 32200. Total Burn 3579. Exercise Burn 1500/1871 (100minElliptical, 60minZumba, 60minWeights, Lawn Mow). Started the day with Zumba (much to the chagrin of #2, who wanted me to drop him at the rec center, but he didn't let me know beforehand and then there wasn't enough time until after). Went to a new place, just a small home studio. This first visit was free, then it's $2 a time. But that's reasonable. I'm not sure what my price point is ... but I think I baulk at over $5 *Ü* Some "first time syndrome" but I definitely plan on coming back. Nice to have a close Saturday option, and she does some evenings too, which I'd like to try (see if I have any energy later in the day!). Got in some elliptical and did weights. Also mowed the lawn. Got a little sun on my shoulders. Kept calories in check today too! 
  • 0706 (Sunday) Good Day. Weight 151.8. Calories in 2150. Fitbit Steps 23585. Total Burn 2932. Exercise Burn 1100/1282 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Did do my "YouTube" home Zumba today, I set up two hour long playlists, and will be working on a 3rd. Got in some elliptical (morning, afternoon and evening) and got some Fitbit spikes cleaning the house (vacuuming, mopping) trying to get the house clean for hubs coming home. I'd been out of contact with them the entire week, so it was good to have them safe and sound back in the nest. Poor hubby's feet were SO dry. I gave him a foot massage with Cetaphil cream (he's usually the one doing that for me). I asked #1 how his feet were, but he'd taken the cream and said he put it on about every hour! That's something I would have needed to do for sure. Sounds like I made the right decision in staying home though. The extreme heat, no sleep, party boat playing music until all hours of the night, beetles, wind storm ... I think I would have had an emotional break down! I just don't deal well. Hubs said the weather would have been too much for #4 as well (he even had a breakdown at home when a microburst hit the house, it only lasted a couple minutes and he was able to escape to the basement safe zone). Anyway, nice to have the guys home.
  • 0707 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 25578. Total Burn 3187. Exercise Burn 1300/1482 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). Back to work for Hubs and #1. Pretty relaxed day at home for the rest. Dropped #2 at the rec center on my way to Zumba, got in my elliptical throughout the day. Ran some errands (Walgreens/Biglots) and grabbed some LittleCeasars for the kids. Made stroganoff for dinner ... I don't like it, so that helps me not overeat! Although we did have some Skookie for dessert. Kept calories pretty much in check though! 
  • 0708 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 152.1. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 25702. Total Burn 3102. Exercise Burn 1400/1400 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1mileJog, 45minWeights). #2 wanted his usual ride to the rec center. Today's Zumba was right by the house, so no dropping him on the way, had to make a special trip ... and it made me a little late for Zumba. I did walk there and back. Got in elliptical, a jog and weights. Admittedly, I wasn't too into weights today, it was a wimpy workout. When I picked #2 up from the rec center, we stopped at Arctic Circle and got him some chicken tenders and tater tots. I ate some tater tots too ... 
  • 0709 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Calories in 2700. Fitbit Steps 25566. Total Burn 2991. Exercise burn 1250/1281 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). Got in my Zumba and stop at Kmart for Fitstudio point spending. Dropped #2 at the rec center on the way. Took the kidlets to Jump N Bounce for a bit today ... a little more crowded, so we ended up in the upper lounge, and I think I actually like that better. We even considered making a second trip back in that evening, but it didn't pan out. In an effort to get #1 back on the Fitbit bandwagon, I've ended up with TWO extra Zips hanging around (#1 is picky, didn't want blue, didn't want used). I'd set up an account and strapped the blue one on my baby boy the past couple days, and asked the 10 year old if he wanted to wear the used black one and he seemed excited about it ... got him set up to start tomorrow. 
  • 0710 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Calories in 1600. Fitbit Steps 25923. Total Burn 3124. Exercise burn 1600/1364 (60minElliptical, 70minSoccer, 35minZumba, 30minBike, 10minWiiFit). So nervous in the morning, trying soccer for the first time in years! At least I knew right where I was going, having passed the building many times. We weren't sure there were going to be enough people, but ended up with 12. 6X6. It was fun but BOY was I exhausted after just a few minutes! The sprinting and kicking is a completely different workout. I was wearing my HRM and my heart rate was way up! Fitbit wasn't terribly impressed, so I as really glad to have the second opinion from my Polar. I was completely wiped out and so sweaty. Fun though, I'll plan on keeping it up! My legs were feeling it afterward ... I mean I had to literally use my hands to help lift my leg as I attempted to move my foot from gas to break!  I did still do some additional exercise at home. Didn't eat much today ... weigh in tomorrow.  
  • 0711 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 1700. Fitbit Steps 31360. Total Burn 3067. Exercise burn 1350/1362 (30minElliptical, 2x60minZumba). Oh, the legs are feeling it. But it was double Zumba this morning. Went to my 8:30 class, and Marian (my Tuesday teacher) joined me there. It's a pretty laid back class, I've been surprised I still get goal numbers. Went straight to Sandy after for Heather's class, and T and Nina came. Good numbers again. I picked up #2 from the rec center on the way home. His elbow is bugging him, so he bagged basketball for the day. The kids wanted to go to Jump N Bounce, so we did. I went to the upper lounge and walked around ... it actually felt a bit better on my quads than just sitting. The place was overrun with a summer daycare (40 kids) so we left and then went back again later. We did try to hit the free slurpee day at 7-11, but it was so crowded and chaotic I drove the kids across the street to Chevron and bought Frazils for them instead (they like them better ... I don't, but I didn't need the calories anyway). The hubs wore his Fitbit for their weekly Friday volleyball. He got 20,000 steps! The little boys are absolutely addicted too! They have been purposely moving, trying to get more steps. It was after 9:30 and I told the 8-year old to come in and get ready for bed (he was still outside kicking the soccer ball around) but he said "I'm at 28,000 steps, I only need 2000 more to hit 30!). I sent #2 out to keep an eye on him and he did hit 30K (me too!) 
  • 0712 (Saturday) Bad Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 17157. Total Burn 2486. Exercise burn 650/781 (30minElliptical, 60minZumba). I might have skipped Zumba, but this is a small class trying to get off the ground and I want to support it and keep it going. So I went. My legs were really feeling it though. I wasn't able to really do some of the kicks or knee lifts. We did the Cha Cha Swing though, that is a new favorite! Hubs was taking the family up to the lake for waverunning. It's not my favorite thing to do (being in a swimsuit in the HOT, I don't go out on the waverunners) but I was planning on it ... but then #2 wanted to take a friend. We fill up our suburban with our family, so I stayed home (alone ... the little ones did want to too but Daddy forced them to go). So I had a relaxing day at home. I still did get in a little sun ... they all got toasted, even though they did put on sunscreen. Hubs picked up Robocop and we watched that, although I think I fell asleep near the end.  
  • 0713 (Sunday)  Bad Day. Weight 154.5. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 9679. Total Burn 2126. Exercise burn 250/410 (20minElliptical, walk to/from church). Decided to take a total rest day ... I did still do 20minutes to start. I just need that for my Fitbit activity graph to normalize. Walked to and from church as well. Got in a nice nap. Did the usual big breakfast. I wonder if I could ever have the self control to make it, but not partake of it. I do enjoy it, but I'm usually not starving. French Dip for dinner ... packing up stuff for #3 to leave for a week-long camp. He's not happy about it! 
  • 0714 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 155.3. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 29512. Total Burn 3248. Exercise burn 15291528 (80minElliptical, 80minZumba, 30minBike + Lawn Mow). Had to get up early (6am) to get #3 off to scout camp. He doesn't want to go and I hate forcing him, but hubs insisted. I didn't even attempt a picture. Due to the early morning, I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical before Zumba. #4 wasn't feeling well, so I made sure my phone was in view and sure enough I got a text "Come home! Cooper barfed a lot and he missed the bucket"  ... so I bailed. I wasn't sure if I'd get much more exercise in. Not that I can do much for a sick boy. Just help wipe their mouth, put a cool cloth on their head, empty the bucket ... just wait it out. I was hoping it was just one and done, but alas ... not the case. I sure hope no one else gets it. We've had several times when it's gone through everyone!  Did some laundry and was able to squeeze in a couple 10 minute sessions on the elliptical. By afternoon he seemed to be doing better. I went and grabbed #2 from the rec center (I'd dropped him there on the way to Zumba) and told him to come get me if sicky needed me. I got the lawn mowed and then did an hour of Zumba to my Youtube playlist. There was an evening class I'd considered hitting, but as I was able to get my hour in, I did some reading/riding. #1 picked up pizza for dinner. #3 texted, miserable at camp ... I'm miserable right along with him. #4 hadn't thrown up for hours, but he got up to get a drink and then did promptly vomit all over the hallway.  At least it was pretty much just water at that point.  I was surprised I got in as many steps as I did with my sicky. It did keep us home (no Jump or bowling) and the early hours helped. I guess all the laundry added up too. 
  • 0715 (Tuesday) Good Day. Weight 153.3. Calories in 2650. Fitbit Steps 26949. Total Burn 3179. Exercise burn 1280/1470 (90minElliptical, 60minZumba). #2 wanted to be dropped off at the gym before I went to Zumba. Today is my close class, so there is no dropping him on the way. I took him, returned home and then walked to the church. Had a mother/daughter neighbor join in today (I've been trying to spread the word!) Just dragging a bit though, not my usual jumping joy. Rest days ... threw me off my routine! Made me lazy.  Should have done weights today, but ... just couldn't get myself motivated. Got in some elliptical throughout the day. Watched the final episode of "24". Way too many treats today. After picking up #2 in the afternoon, we stopped at Maceys for some groceries. I'd planned on making dinner (black bean and spinach enchiladas) but hubs got home early and had already made himself a sandwich, so I guess I'll make it tomorrow.  
  • 0716 (Wednesday) Good Day. Weight 152.5. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 23964. Total Burn 2954. Exercise burn 1254/1250 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike). Emotional morning. #3 had texted he'd had a miserable night at camp, no sleep and he wanted to come home. #4 and #5 had their day camp which they were both NOT excited about, #4 was in tears. I did get them off, but instead of enjoying some kid free time, I'm super stressed and anxious for them to be home again. Dropped #2 at the rec center. It is actually pretty much on the way to Zumba (when I go to Draper) but the detour does add about 5 minutes ... so I've been consistently late. Often they do start a little late, but I had missed the first song. I was happy when they then went over, so I still got my full hour in. I stopped at Kmart on the way home. I'd signed my oldest up for his own FitStudio/ShopYourWay rewards as he's got his Fitbit now, and he had $10 in rewards. I picked up a pair of basketball shorts for him (didn't pay a cent) and then several things for me with my rewards. Just not feeling the fitness this week. Still didn't do weights. Did get some elliptical in, and forced myself to read on the bike rather than in bed. Kept calories in check today. Did make dinner ... it's one only Hubs and #1 like. Hubs and #2 had a scout scuba night ... at least that kid enjoyed his scouts today. 
  • 0717 (Thursday) OK Day. Weight 151.8. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 12977. Total Burn 2308. Exercise Burn 600/608 (60minElliptical). Was awakened at 3:30 to #5 bursting into the bedroom saying "I'm going to throw up" ... we didn't make it to the bathroom, but at least were in the hallway (hardwood floors). I got him settled on the couch. The stomach flu does often hit multiple family members, but after no one else had gotten sick since Monday I thought maybe we were lucky this time. I wasn't really able to get back to sleep. #4 was very upset that #5 got to miss scout camp. #4 should have timed his barfing better! Again he cried and was very upset but went when his leader came by personally to pick him up. I sent him with a little cash to pick up something at the trading post, and he bought a couple things, one for sick brother. At least camp is over for them. I did finally get another text from #3 which didn't sound quite so miserable. But me? I missed my soccer, as I had to stay home with the sicky. The early morning really tapped my energy ... I was a slug today. No motivation. It was a push to just get in three sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. The munchkin actually didn't throw up again, but he didn't have much energy for anything other than lying on the couch all day and did have a few sessions of stomach pain and crying. 
  • 0718 (Friday) OK Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 22446. Total Burn 2819. Exercise Burn 1168/1114 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba).  I've done double Zumba the past couple weeks, but the 8:30 class has been pushed back 20 or so minutes, which makes it too hard to try and get from one to the other. I just went to my 10:00 class. Dropped #2 off on the way. Fun class, felt "back" into workout mode after this off week. Picked up #2 in the afternoon, then he wanted to go hang with friends. I dropped him off then stopped at the store for groceries. I offered to take the little ones to Jump, with without their brother (still at camp) they didn't seem in the mood. Hubs suggested a movie in the evening. We went and saw "Edge of Tomorrow" which I really liked, more than any other movie I can think of recently. A lot of humor mixed in with the action. But ... ate too much popcorn and treats! Both hubs and I were groaning a bit about our bellies! Stopped and picked up #2 on the way home. 
  • 0719 (Saturday) Bad Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 10343. Total Burn 2176. Exercise burn 150/471 (15minElliptical). So was it too many treats, or did I catch the stomach flu from the kidlets? Around 12:30 I woke up with my heart pounding, sweating and not feeling well. I pulled my hair back and promptly puked. Went back to bed and luckily while I had a very hard time getting back to sleep, it seemed to be a "one and done" as #5 had been on Thursday. My energy was totally lacking though. I had thought to hit Zumba, but didn't even attempt (and not sure if I would have seen the Facebook notice that it changed from 9:00 to 8:00). Tried a little elliptical, but gave out pretty quick. Unfortunately, my appetite wasn't really affected ... I was still temped by the donuts #1 went and picked up. Hubs went househunting with his mom, and I sent #1 to take the four younger boys (#3 made it home from camp, yea!) for much needed haircuts. Mr. Social (#2) wanted to go hang with friends, so I dropped him off (we picked up some pizza on the way, I feel guilty as he spends so much time at other houses, and they often feed him) and stopped at the store again ... I'd forgotten to pick up my prescription yesterday. Grabbed some bananas too, as yesterday they were all past their prime, but they had restocked today. I got my new Fitbit today. I had contacted customer service about mine, as the floors readings were going crazy lately (the last couple weeks I've been registering over 100+ every day). They offered to send out a replacement (even though mine was over a year old). I went ahead and assigned the old one to #3 (he only needs the steps/active minutes to compete with the family, we don't look at the calorie burn on the kids, and of course we won't pay any attention to the floors ... in fact I just took that tile off his Fitbit page and device). I put in the movie "Hitch" ... such a cute show, the kids liked it too. Daddy and the little boys did some bb-gun shooting in the backyard. Toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner, and homemade ice cream for dessert. 
  • 0720 (Sunday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 153.7. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 22223. Total Burn 3068. Exercise Burn 1250/1357 (65minElliptical, 60minZumba, 60minWeights). Hubs was off early for a bike ride with a buddy. I got in a session on the elliptical and then YouTube Zumba. Made the kids breakfast then did weights. There were sudden rain showers off and on. When it was time for church, I wondered if I would make it if I walked. I walked ... and got caught in the rain. Oh well.  
  • 0721 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 33340. Total Burn 3203. Exercise Burn 1200/1495 (70minElliptical, 60minZumba). Dropped #2 off at the rec center on my way to Zumba. There were still chairs set up all over the gym, so we had to clear them out. Back at home, I mowed the front lawn and got some more elliptical in. In the evening, the hubs and I went to the parade preview to see the floats before the Pioneer Day parade on Thursday. It was nice to go without the kids. We grabbed some asphalt pie at Wingers afterward.  
  • 0722 (Tuesday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 153.3. Calories in 3200. Fitbit Steps 22643. Total Burn 2952. Exercise Burn 1100/1243 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). My usual Tuesday Zumba was taking the week off, so I hit the one I sometimes go to on Fridays. I did NOT drop #2 off at the rec center, he wasn't feeling well today and just stayed home and rested.  In the evening, the hubs and I went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was our anniversary and he would have been more than happy to swing for a "nicer" place, but I actually not enjoy them as much. Nice meal, nice company. 22 years. Ate too much, but oh well :) 
  • 0723 (Wednesday)  Good Day. Weight 154.5. Calories in 2500. Fitbit Steps 33151. Total Burn 3328. Exercise Burn 1588/1612 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba, 8000 steps at Jump).  Dropped #2 at the rec center on my way to Zumba. Hit Kmart on the way home for some deals with my Fitstudio points. As the little boys hadn't had much excitement the past few days, I told them we could go bowling. I even sprang for some pizza and punch. I said we could hit Jump too (it was the last day on our month pass) ... we grabbed #2 and a friend and then headed out. #4 actually sat this one out, as #1 was home from work to keep him company at home. I got in 8000 steps while walking around the waiting area upstairs. I did take a quick break to run #2 over to the high school for a basketball practice, which of course required a pickup again in the evening.  Good productive day though. 
  • 0724 (Thursday) Good Day. Weight 153.5. Calories in 2600. Fitbit Steps 25416. Total Burn 3232. Exercise Burn 1159/1522 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). Daddy and the boys were up early, as it's a state holiday here in Utah and the boys had flag duty. Hubs did still go into work though. I wasn't sure I'd even find a Zumba class (as most were taking it off) but there was a local one (the $2 in the basement one) so I hit that.  Hubs and the boys are leaving on their vacation tomorrow, so I was pretty busy prepping. Making sure the laundry was done, packing up the little boys. #2 wanted to go hang with friends, so I dropped him off.  I had the hubs stop and grab a few more "sliders" ... a small firework activated by rubbing your shoe over it. Similar to pop-its. #4 had liked them.  He grabbed some more parachutes too. I like the big fireworks, but I don't like the cost, and it's not worth it to me to fight the crowds and such. A couple neighbors did HUGE ones though, so we got quite the show just from our own front yard. Daddy was working with the three youngest starting a fire with flint and steel with some lint from the dryer. Funny to see them working with the little sparks while big fireworks burst above them. 
  • 0725 (Friday) Good Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2400. Fitbit Steps 27765. Total Burn 3293. Exercise Burn 1350/1588 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). Hubs and #1 did still put in a half day at work. I'd prepped all the packing I was in charge of yesterday so that I could still hit my Zumba this morning. I dropped #2 off at the rec center on the way and then picked him up on the way back. Because this class is a little further away, and it started a bit late and then went over ... he still got in a full two hours of basketball. He's really stressed about not being able to play for over a week while on vacation (I totally get that! He's addicted and doesn't want to lose any "skill" before tryouts). Then it was the last minute scrambling of getting everything packed into the car. Hubs had done quite a bit last night, so the car had been fairly loaded as I went out to Zumba earlier. Tents, bags, all electronics for the ride. And they were off! And I'm alone for a week! I DO actually look forward to my "stay-cation" ... just getting a complete break from all "mom" duties of meals, carpools, laundry. Cleaning the house and having it STAY cleaning. Having my schedule completely open. Ahhhh. Beyond that, the trip would just stress me out completely! My anxiety in the car, for hours on end. Then just the chaos of the extended family crowd. As they have their activities (last year, going to the market, the Space Needle, waverunning) I can enjoy vicariously, whereas I honestly would not enjoy being there. I wouldn't mind popping in for an hour here and there if I could be magically transported. Now that the kids are older, hubs can handle them on his own. Anyway ... as I was debating what to do with myself as they left, about to go down and hit the bike I noticed a bag. A little brown bad with the Ipad mini and all the chargers (for Ipods, PSP, Gameboy). OH NO. My BIL's family hadn't left yet, so I jumped in #1's truck (as they had taken the family suburban) and ran it down to them. They will meet up with my guys tonight.  Not exactly how I had planned on enjoying my first hour alone, but glad it at least worked out.  I stopped at the store and grabbed some milk, bananas and grapes. Hubs had used up the rest of my skim last night. I still had some 2% ... but I don't drink that! I did get a workout in back at home and then I went out and joined my folks at Red Robin. It was actually a huge crew from my side of the family (two brothers and their wives and kids, plus four of my sister's kids staying with the grandparents). It was fun, talked with my youngest brother quite a bit (has a Fitbit, on MFP, actively working on losing some pounds).  TOM time ... just one more reason a trip was not in the cards for me. I hate TOM all the time, but on the road? Even worse! 
  • 0726 (Saturday) Good Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 1950. Fitbit Steps 26393. Total Burn 3161. Exercise Burn 1185/1453 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike, 30minLawnMow). First night alone went fine. I was still sleeping soundly at 6:30 when my alarm went off for 7:00 Zumba. I made it, but was a tiny bit late, they had already started. Good class today, although I don't get quite the burn here as I do some of my others. What to do with my time ... I mowed the front lawn and did a little weeding. I like to clean the house, as it actually stays clean without all the kids around. I got a little sidetracked though. Putting some things away, I ended up pulling a bunch of stuff out of the pantry and organizing it. Then I turned to some of the kitchen drawers. I actually made a much bigger mess before I actually got everything cleaned up. But projects like this I just can't do with the kids around. I should have had Hubs or #1 give me a lesson on the new speaker system Hubs gave me for Mother's Day. Ironically ... I don't know how to use it! Seriously, I had to go pull out the old speaker and set it up. I should have had Hubs/#1 give me a lesson on Sonos (the speaker) and Spotify/Pandora. Unfortunately the speaker in #1's truck doesn't work either. As I'd driven around yesterday/today, I accessed my iphone. I wasn't sure I even had any music on there, but I did. In fact, it was some older playlists that were lost during an itunes update. I've been listening to them in the car and at home and it's been so fun to hear some long forgotten songs. I did listen to music while I did the cleaning, and also put on a show (Warehouse13, one I had started watching downstairs, and it's fine, but one I can watch half-heartedly while doing other things). I rarely ever watch anything when I'm not exercising as the kids generally have that television occupied already.  I also got in some elliptical and bike (been a while since I'd hit the bike). Felt like a good productive day. Hubs checked in ... they stopped at a hotel in Boise last night and got in some swimming both last night and this morning before hitting the road again. Driving ALL day today and then finally hit their destination (his brother's house) in the late evening. He had planned on taking our crew to a hotel (as BIL's house is a little small and Grandma, Aunt Ana and her two boys, Uncle Clay and his wife and three kids were already planning on staying there) but apparently everything was full! So definitely crowded chaos (I feel anxious even though I'm not even there!)  The older three took their Fitbits ... I hope they don't lose them! 
  • 0727 (Sunday) Good Day.  Weight 153.0. Calories in 2000. Fitbit Steps 26566. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 1455/1286 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, TreadmillMile, 60minWeights, 30minBike, 10minHula). The first Sunday in forever when I didn't make the traditional "Sunday Circles" breakfast. Got in some exercise, walked to/from church. Very quiet day at home. Heard from the guys as they hit the Space Needle and other downtown Seattle sites. 
  • 0728 (Monday) Good Day. Weight 151.7. Calories in 1800. Fitbit Steps 27367. Total Burn 3163. Exercise Burn 1600/1463 (90minElliptical, 60minZumba, 30minBike, 10minWiiFit, 10minHula). Off to my Draper Zumba. Stopped at Kmart on the way home for Fitstudio shopping. Got in my elliptical, bike and extras. Got hit with a huge rainstorm in the evening. I could see water dripping from the raingutter into one of the window wells. I was watching, and it was filling up and getting close to the edge. I had to get down and bail it out. It was a bit of a workout! Kept calories in check for intake. Good day! 
  • 0729 (Tuesday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 151.7. Calories in 2700. Fitbit Steps 25994. Total Burn 3071. Exercise burn 1250/1371 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, Tennis). Went ahead and drove to the church as I wasn't sure if the rain would start up again. Got in my Zumba then headed out to my folks. I'd played a little tennis with my dad and nephew (who had been staying with them a couple days) ... in the rain! Then Mom and I went out to eat at Chuck-a-Rama. A little heavy religion conversation, we stayed for a while! We had talked about going on a hike (with my brother too) but with the rain and such that didn't happen (although the rain did stop later). Back at home I overindulged in the coconut goodie cookies I had made the other day (and had been good rationing until today!) 
  • 0730 (Wednesday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 153.2. Calories in 2200. Fitbit Steps 22344. Total Burn 2933. Exercise burn 1300/1228 (80minElliptical, 60minZumba). I was thinking I'd go get my hair done (blond highlights up top) and wanted to hit it early. I figured that while I love my Southziders Zumba, I'd hit the closer/earlier MZL one. I went ... they were having trouble getting the music started, I didn't see any of the main instructors there. I waited for 10-15 minutes then figured I'd just head down to Draper after all. Got a good Zumba in there. Did go get my hair done. It took forever though, SO hard for me to just sit, even though I got my reading in. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's a little more streaky than I would have liked, and she actually darkened the bottom, which I'm not really sure I wanted. 
  • 0731 (Thursday) Pretty Good Day. Weight 152.6. Calories in 2300. Fitbit Steps 22627. Total Burn 2861. Exercise Burn 1500/1182 (100minElliptical, 60minSoccer). My Thursday Zumba had been set to resume today, but then they posted that they would wait another week, as most of the instructors weren't available. I had been thinking I'd hit soccer today anyway, but the nerves were kicking in, and if I'd had the Zumba class to fall back on, I probably would have done it instead. But without it, I made myself go to soccer. It was fun, not sure why I had been so nervous. I didn't get in quite the burn I did before, but still over 600 for the hour. Heart rate elevates immediately and stays up! I get tired so fast and stay on defense most of the time. Hope I could improve my skills, and get more running (and steps) in. Not feeling as sore as last time, but then again it takes 24+hours to really kick in, so I guess we'll see. Finally had some sun today, so I caught a few rays. Did good on food intake for the morning, but then splurged in the evening. Struggling with the motivation!
My "streaks" calendar ... actually got to goal on some Sundays!
Goal is 22,000 steps and a Fitbit burn of 3000.

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