Monday, August 4, 2014

If Time Was Not An Issue ...

What if your schedule was completely open for a week?  I know many of you might skip out and go on vacation, but I'm not a vacation gal. In fact, a vacation is what made my "absolutely open" week possible. The hubs took the kids on a road trip & camping.  I stayed home. I just wasn't up for the travel and everything (Anxiety Issues, Can I Take a Vacation From the Vacation) and the prospect of some alone time is  appealing. It's not something I'd want all the time, but for one week in the middle of summer chaos, I'll take it.

This was my second time home alone. Last year the hubs and the kids took off, I did have a really productive week on my own. This year, I started off strong. I got in weekend workouts. I improved me eating ... I broiled me a salmon dinner with green beans (something I don't make with the family home as hubs is allergic to fish and the kids just don't like it). I tackled some jobs in the kitchen that I just can't do when the kids are around (cleaning out the pantry and drawers. I sure made a bigger mess before I got everything cleaned back up). I cleaned up ... and without five boys and their friends around it actually STAYED clean. I did tend to stay up a bit later, and then sleep in. Because I could.

I got in a few things that I wouldn't with the kids around. My boys are older, and very responsible, so I'm fine leaving them for an hour here and there while I hit my morning Zumba class or grocery shopping. But I don't like to leave them for too long, and they do need me around (chauffeur, chef & police officer "mommy" duties). Without any carpool or kid commitments, I went to the salon and got my hair done. I went out to my parents to visit and spend the afternoon. Played some tennis with my dad, went out to lunch with my mom. I was even going to try a hike with my brother, but then it rained.

It rained a LOT ...
One of our rain gutters is clogged, and I watched as the water dripped directly into one of the window wells. I kept an eye on it, and the water got higher and higher and I knew I needed to bail if I didn't want water damage downstairs.

 So ... impromptu arm workout that day! 
I got tired, and drenched!

I do feel a little bad missing out on the family memories being made on vacation, but it's often good to have someone home to keep an eye on things too. Man the mail, pick up the paper, mow the lawn, screen the phone calls, water the plants ... bail the window wells.

About mid-way into my stay-cation ... my motivation took it's own vacation! I was actually spending less time working out than normal. I had a bit of a binge ... with no one to see or judge, I ate ice cream straight out of the container. I made cookies, not a good idea with no one around to help me each them ( I rationed them for a day or two, limiting myself to one or two a day, then ... well, they are gone). I'd find myself thinking "I'll just rest and read, because I can always workout later" rather than my usual  thoughts of "I need to get this in now because who knows when I'll get it in otherwise".

It was an interesting experience, this "alone week" of mine. I've always known I like schedules and routine, but I can see that I can be much more productive, even when I have less free time on my hands. I manage to squeeze in my exercise sessions between the boy's basketball, walking while they play, getting up earlier and making the most of the day. I can make the time if I have the motivation.

So, as I'm writing this ... prepping my post on Sunday, my boys will be back any minute. I have a pot of chicken veggie soup and homemade bread sticks waiting for them. The house is clean (for the moment).  I know it will be chaotic as we unpack, there will be loads of laundry to do. We have a few more weeks to squeeze in any summer fun, as school is right around the corner.

I'd hoped to have SUCH a good food/fitness week while I had no excuses. I secretly thought maybe I could sneak my weight under 150 ... Unfortunately, that didn't happen. My weight is up ... I wonder how this gain would compare to what would have happened had I gone with the family. Oh well. I've had my vacation.  Time to get back at it. Back to kids and cleaning and carpools and fitting in workouts where I can ... which actually works pretty good for me.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful week to me :) Sometimes we just need that. I hope you have a great week this week. You will fall right back into your routine:)



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