Thursday, August 14, 2014


I've got some bananas going bad ... because that's what bananas do. It seems like they are only good for a day or so! I do like to keep bananas around, as they are one of the few fruits I actually like (and the family likes them too). I wish they lasted longer. I know, you can freeze them. I don't do smoothies, but the boys do. I will sometimes turn the over-ripe ones into banana bread ... but then I eat banana bread, and mine is NOT a low fat/low calorie recipe (but it is good!) While I'm debating whether or not to make bread ... the bananas sit on the counter.

With this last batch of bad bananas, we've had fruit flies. Arrrrggg! I hate them. I know there are little cups of stuff you can set out to trap them, but my boys have had more fun zapping them. I'd purchased a couple of these electric rackets for the boys to take on their camping trip last month. I think they've gotten more use here at home.

I HATE flies! Fruit flies are bad enough, but the bigger house flies ... they drive me crazy! The bug zapper above works on them too, but as I was purchasing it, I happened to look at the other recommendations, similar products ...

Which led me to the Bug-A-Salt.
This looks a lot like a Nerf gun (we have a LOT of those at our house) ... although this is a bit more expensive at $40. Because I dislike flies in the house SO much, I did go ahead and order this, knowing my boys would happily hunt any offending flies down (and any fly IN my house is offensive!). They have LOVED this gun, and even go outdoors to track down additional prey.

The Bug-a-Salt wasn't in immediate stock at Amazon (I ended up buying off e-bay), 
but I saw another, less expensive option to try ...
#3 actually prefers this one, although you have to be close, and it can't get in corners like the Bug-a-Salt can. Poor #3, he had a horrible fly experience some years ago, where a fly flew into his ear. He can be a bit of a hypochondriac, so as he was freaking out a bit, the rest of us didn't really believe him. Then I took a closer look, with a flashlight pulling on his earlobe and ... there was a fly in his ear canal. The hub poured water into the ear and the fly backed out. It was like a scene from "Alien" ... I still shiver when I think about the little legs appearing, followed by the rest of the body. Is it any wonder we hate flies at our house?!

Just thought I'd share some of our gadgets with you, just in case you hate flies as much as we do! Thinking Out Loud this Thursday. The fly must die! 


  1. Oh my word, I saw that first picture and kept reading wondering if that is how you 'mashed' your over ripe bananas....with a tennis racket! ha ha ha

  2. those damned little fruit flies! We don't buy near as much fruit as we used to, so I haven't had them in years. Sorry you guys had to go through that, but awesome the boys enjoyed 'the kill.' LOL


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