Friday, August 15, 2014

FitBit Kid and WWI#56

Here's my munchkin (#4) playing at the park this past week. See there clipped to his pocket? A Fitbit Zip. In attempting to get one on my oldest son, I'd ended up with a couple extra Zips. I set up accounts with my alternate email address, then strapped them on my two youngest, thinking it would just be interesting feedback for me to see how much they moved. 

It has been motivating for them too. After #5 hit a 30,000 day, he's lost a little bit of interest, but #4 just keeps plugging along. He definitely wants to make sure he gets in the 10,000 recommended steps (I'm not sure if that same number applies to kids ... seems to me they should be MORE active, as they don't have a desk job or anything, right?)

His numbers this past week ... Saturday 17,256. Sunday 17,583 (he beat ME that day, he was pretty proud of himself!), Monday 17,889. Tuesday 10,518 (as he noticed the day was coming to a close and he hadn't gotten to 10k yet, I'm pretty sure he ran around the house until he did.). Wednesday 15,839. Thursday 12,544.  He'll hit 10K today too.

My WiiFit hasn't got a lot of use lately. I'll use it there and there, 10 minutes a time. #4 asked me if he could use it and I said sure. Since my Wii memory decided to go out (WiiFit Fail) we had to set him up a new Mii, but we got him up and running. Literally. He did the "jogging around the island" ... that's basically just running in place. He did that for a while! He's been on the Wii quite a bit this past week (in fact once I did have to kick him off, because I needed to get in my elliptical warm-up before I headed out to Zumba, and then he'd have plenty of time to wii when I was gone). 

He's pulled out the jump rope and will often start the day that way. As we pulled out the badminton set this past weekend, he's really been drawn to that game. He and have had gotten little sessions every day this week. I encouraged him to see if the racket skills transferred to ping pong. Not a ton of steps, but I do usually get a little yellow "moderately active" spike when playing pin pong. As we go to Jump or to the park (like in the picture above) he does note how many steps he gets just playing. He got 3000 today as we went miniature golfing.

I can tell he gets a little frustrated by the amount of steps I get (although as mentioned above, he DID beat me on Sunday!)  As I come home from Zumba, having added 7000 steps in that hour so early in the day, he usually hasn't done enough to compete. Not that he needs to. I've told the kids I certainly do not expect them to go jump on the treadmill or elliptical.

Funny how what we expect from kids is different than adults. We wouldn't dream of sticking a kid on a treadmill ... they just run and play because they are kids! My 8-year old hit 30,000 steps in a day, and never once "exercised". I have actually considered bringing #4 to Zumba. I wonder if he'd like it. A couple of the other mom's bring their young daughters ...

Anyway ... as it's Friday Five time, I thought I'd wrap this up with my 10-year old's top recommendations for getting more steps in. 
  1. Jump Rope
  2. Badminton
  3. WiiFit
  4. Just Dance (he likes Just Dance 3)
  5. Go places where you run around (Jump N Bounce, the park, waterpark,miniature golf)
No "exercise" really ... just fun!

As it's Friday, time for the weekly weigh-in and week recap. 

Just an ok week. Still struggling with my motivation. On a good note, I DID actually get in a weight workout this week! Haven't got back to my mile jog or stationary bike though. Still on my elliptical every day, and I hit Zumba Mon-Friday.  Going out with the kids, I've managed to stay active, getting in steps at the park or Jump N Bounce instead of just sitting and waiting. I didn't golf when we went mini-golfing, but still walked the course. Not as much walking as REAL golf ... which #2 did today! He's never been before, but a couple of his buddies are fans. He did get in quite a few steps (about 9,000).  Last night he was a little shy of 10k (as he didn't go to the gym, and only hung out with friends for a few hours). I teased him that he needed to run around the house until he hit it ... and he proceeded to do just that! It was actually quite annoying!

My weekly numbers: Up .6, although the average was down -.92. Only managed to have a total weekly deficit of 1080. Intake was a little high at 2364, burn averaged at 2842 (Fri/Sat/Sun were a little slow).

As I'm generally putting in a couple hours of "exercise" with Zumba and elliptical, I'm more active than I was all those years after I got married and had kids. And if I'm barely keeping my food intake in check now, while recording everything ... I guess I'm a little surprised my weight didn't get more out of control all those years. I never topped 200 except during pregnancy. Sometimes that surprises me as I look back. I never binged, but I've always enjoyed eating ... and eating the wrong things. There were many years (working desk jobs, sewing/crafting for a boutique, scrapbooking) where I was pretty stationary. I guess I was lucky it never got worse than it was (50+ pounds).

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  1. What a great motivation to keep moving and to get your kids moving, too! That FitBit thing sounds really cool. Maybe someday I will hook one to my toddler ;) It seems like those little people never quit moving!

    Great job getting a weights workout in. Strength training/weights are always the hardest for me to fit in because they are my least favorite...


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