Monday, August 11, 2014

Mojo A Gogo


My motivation has fallen and it can't get up. For the past couple weeks, I've felt a bit like I've just been going through the motions. Luckily, my elliptical sessions are such a habit with me, that they get done pretty much regardless of how I'm feeling. I get up, and hit the elliptical for 20 minutes. I'll get back to it at least twice ... 60 minutes of elliptical per day.

Ok ... I only did 30 minutes on Saturday, but I mowed the lawn and did some grocery shopping too. I still got almost 15,000 steps that day, but that is low for me. I've been dropping down, down on my Fitbit friends list. I have a commitment with Pact for 10,000 steps per day (six out of seven days, I do give myself leeway for one day off, although I rarely need it). 

My Zumba is almost second nature at this point too, but it had some glitches this past weekend. My Thursday group had taken July off, but was now back. While they were on hiatus, I had tried soccer a few times and really enjoyed that. Thursday I was faced with the decision of which to attend. Soccer does take more "oomph" and I'd missed this group of instructors, so I went to Zumba. The key didn't work to get into the building, so we Zumba-ed outside (we'd had to do this once before!)

It was lacking a little oomph. It was cut short (as it started late trying to get up and running). On a more motivated day, I might have bailed on the Zumba and gone out to soccer. But Thursday, I just didn't care enough or have the energy for that. I didn't get in my full hour, didn't get my big burn and steps, but again, just didn't really care. It was still fun.

Friday there was another Zumba glitch! My usual class was cancelled, so I was going to attend a different one. I went there, only to find an empty parking lot. I should have got on my phone and checked the Facebooks (where I would have found out they had moved to a different church the gym here had been redone) but I just gave up instead. No Zumba for me on Friday. No Zumba all weekend. I could have Zumba-ed on Saturday, but the 7:00 class was just too early for my tired morning self. I didn't even have energy for an 8:30 one. I certainly didn't gave the motivation to do it myself in the basement to a YouTube playlist like I would have just a few weeks ago.

Not sure if I'm burned out, or if it's some of this emotional stuff going on, or just that it's summer, sleeping in and other activities impacting the days. My 10-year old beat me in steps yesterday and he was pretty proud of that fact (and I did manage to get 17100 with an hour of elliptical and walk to/from church).

We did introduce a few family activity over the weekend.  I'd bought this "instant up" net set for badminton. Saturday night the conditions were perfect. The sun wasn't in the eyes, it was pleasant and cool ... and the internet was out (so no streaming!). It was fun to see the kids play badminton and volleyball. I even joined in. There was more family fun Sunday night too (with Daddy and #2 joining in as well).

I didn't get my blog post ready on Sunday (so it's late this morning!) ... my motivation has been a little lacking in the blog arena too. Maybe if you all link up YOUR motivational posts, I'll get my mojo back!  Linking up with MIMM and the Motivation Monday Team. 
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  1. Yeah, I've been a little off my game too. Let's pump it back up! We can do this, girlfriend!

  2. But you know what I love about your post is the number of times you said things had become so much of a habit. To me that is the point. The motivation will come and go, but the habits will stay. I'm with you on not feeling overly motivated, but I am also with you on knowing I am going to keep doing what I have been doing. It may not be full speed ahead, but progress is progress. you are awesome!!!

  3. I go through times like that, where I lose the mojo and need to switch things up to get it back!
    You'll keep at it, your an inspiration to many!

  4. I think we all go through phases with's an up and down thing but I'm sure you will get your mojo back. I love that your Zumba class was outside...that sounds like fun! Best of luck and keep up the good stepping work :)


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