Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Fitbit Wishes and WWI#54

It's the end of the month. It's a Friday.  Time for monthly recaps, weekly weigh-ins and the Friday Five. Just a couple days ago I mentioned the changes to the Fitbit dashboard. For today's Friday Five, I thought I'd bring up five things I really WISH Fitbit would change (but alas, I'm still waiting)!

See the graph above? It's my July "intake vs burn" graph. There are two things very wrong with this image. 
  • #1 ... the key colors are blue and pink, but the line colors are two shades of green. What is up with that? It drives me CrAZy! Seriously Fitbit, how hard is it to make the colors match? I don't care if the lines are blue and pink, or if the key colors switch to the green (ok ... I do actually prefer the blue and pink) but it's simply bad form to present the graph this way!
  • #2 ... I am absolutely kicking myself for not snagging this image last night, on July 31. There is no way now for me to get a proper "July2014" intake vs burn" graph because it only shows the last 30-days. I really wish the Fitbit would allow us, the user, to input dates for this graph manually and look at past dates. Is that really too much to ask?
 My next (this would be #3) "wish list" item update request 
is about SEDENTARY time.
Being active is great, and having our active time graphed out is good. And at least on this graph, the key colors and line colors actually match. But there in the key, sedentary time is listed, but NOT shown in the graph! It would be really good to see how the sedentary time compares with the different types of activity. I'd like to know how much time I spend NOT moving!

On the old dashboard ... and I mean the OLD one, that people who have joined in the last year have never even seen, we had this nice pie chart. I thought this was a GREAT graph! Some friends and I would have competitions to make sure we had a "half a pie" or less of sedentary time. This graph simply disappeared with the new tile dashboard.  I can manually switch back to the old dashboard to check out this chart, but I rarely go to the bother. I would LOVE to see this as a tile on the new dashboard! I think the information and presentation is perfect for moving motivation!

 My #4 request, would be updated/better information about the sleep cycle. Now not all the Fitbit devices even track sleep, and even for those that do, not everyone bothers with this feature. I do. I don't know how much I trust the information as correct, but it is interesting nonetheless. 

These graphs have ALWAYS bugged me! Why? Because they are absolutely repetitive! The top one shows the "Time asleep over the past 30 days" ... ok, that is all well and good. The third one down is "TOTAL time asleep over the last 30 days" ... ummm, that is exactly the same thing! The "Times awoken" and "Total times awoken" are the same too! How about a different two different graphs showcasing some of the other information. Show us a line graph of the TIME we went to bed and woke up, show us a graph of our ours in bed vs hours asleep. Show us a graph of the "sleep efficiency" ... I'd really like to have a visualization of these numbers and having this absolute redundancy again ... drives me CrAZy!

My #5 request would regard the "friends" list feature.
You can see Fitbit did make some changes. Circles instead of squares. Bigger focus on the numbers over the names. Having been on Fitbit for over four years now, I've had several people "friend" me. I actually don't know any of these "friends" ... I've perhaps exchanged a text or two here and there with a couple of them.  Now that my entire family is on Fitbit, I'd really love to "see" them, but they aren't quite competitive enough, although occasionally my #2 son has managed to make it into my top7. I wish I had a little control over my friend list, select who I compare myself to, rather than just this "surrounding seven". I have made a family group, but it doesn't present in the same way. I'd like to see my family on my dashboard every time I check in.

So Fitbit peeps ... any chance you might incorporate any of these into your NEXT update? Pretty please? I'm a HUGE Fitbit fan, I'm usually raving about Fitbit, not complaining. Still love you Fitbit ... there is always room for improvement. Nobody is perfect. Linking up with the DC Bloggers ((Courtney, Mar and Cynthia) Friday Five. Friday Favorites at Running4Cupcakes and Five Things Friday at Fitting It All In.

Now time for the weekly weigh-in ...
... after three weeks at exactly the same weight (156.2) I guess I would have preferred that again. That is what I was yesterday! I had a good weekend and was lower on Tuesday morning. I had high hopes for Friday, but then I went a bit astray. I lost my momentum and motivation. Seriously ... such a struggle! 

NUMBERS: Weigh-in today is up 1.1 from last week, although my average is actually down .77. Average intake was 2193, average burn 3068. I actually had a weekly deficit of -4716. I was a little surprised to see that, as I've been so bad these past couple days, but I was really quite good for the days before. But the scale seems to reflecting the naughty rather than the nice.

 Checking in with my weekly link-ups: Fitness Friday with Jill and Aubrey  and a late Weigh-In Wednesday. I will be recapping the month and updating my "Daily Doings" for July coming up shortly.

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