Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PSA - Squatty Potty

The focus of my blog is predominantly fitness related ...as I guess that's where I personally do best. I rarely talk about food (as I have NOT mastered that) or other health related things. But I thought today perhaps I'd share with you a product my brother-in-law raves about. Seriously, I've wondered if he'd invested in the company as he has been so happy to talk about such a crappy issue ... pooping!

He purchased the "Squatty Potty" ... a specialty bathroom stool which puts you in a better position for pooping (according to their medical research, which does seem fairly convincing). My BIL  has been very pleased with his purchase. So much so, that he talked my hubby into buying one for our family. So ... I've tried it. I didn't sense any magical difference as of yet. We're pretty lucky that we don't really have any regular pooping problems to start with. I find it a little bulky in the bathroom, even though the shape is more conducive to being tucked in than a standard stool would be.

Had you heard of this product before? 
It seems to have very good reviews on Amazon.
What do you think?

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  1. In India we have Toilets designed in a way that you have to squat to poop --so good for the joints and bowel movements too lol!


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