Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Fun Friday Five and WWI#57

As summer started up, my oldest son asked if we could get a new chaise lounge. He went to the store to check out the available options. I enjoyed his attempt at picture persuasion to ok the purchase of the more expensive ones ($24 vs $150 ... um, still no). We didn't do much laying around this summer though, we stayed pretty active. Here are five of our summer fun outings ...

 The main activities this summer were BOUNCING and BOWLING. We bought a month pass (actually, two of them) to Jump N Bounce, a local place filled with bounce houses. The kids would always get in a ton of steps, and I'd walk around and get some too. We participated in the Kids Bowl Free program and hit the bowling alley multiple times over the summer months.  #2 discovered golf, and I took the younger ones miniature golfing. We went to the local splash pad ... and then of course the Seattle vacation (sans me) ... famous for "the tree" which the boys love to jump off and into the lake.

School starts Monday for #2, and Tuesday for #3, #4, #5 ... I think we had a fun summer though. Ready to get back to schedules. I'm hoping the return to earlier rising and routine will help me push through this plateau. I feel like I've been stuck for a while. Looking at the weigh-ins this past week, I had four days in a row of the exact same weight ...

... up from last week (average up too). Weight was up over the weekend, and although I was able to correct that pretty quick, I wasn't able to get the weight a little lower after the initial drop. It was a decent exercise week, got in my Zumba Mon-Fri, elliptical everyday. I did get on the bike one time, and did a mile jog. I didn't get to weights this week.  It was busy, trying to fit in the last of the summer fun (we hit Jump and bowling). I had a doctor's appointment (my annual physical), took #2 in to the DMV to get his learner's permit, #3 to back to school night. There was quite a bit going on. I've signed up the little one for soccer, and basketball starts up soon, so it will continue to be crazy, but I still think I prefer the school schedule and routine.

NUMBERS: Even with some really bad eating and exercise days, I managed a deficit for the week of 1167. Average intake was 2314. Average burn was 2846.

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  1. Our kiddos have one more week of summer--hope yours have a great first week!!

  2. Nice with the summer thing haha! We have 2 more weeks, and then hopefully school (Teachers strike)

  3. Routine, even busy crazy routine is what I need! Otherwise I just get sidetracked. :-)

  4. I think you're doing an amazing job balancing it all girl!!


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