Monday, August 18, 2014

Weight Up After The Weekend

Actually ... I say that every week! It's the truth! Weekends are difficult for me. Less exercise, more eating. I crave the return to the routine, although summer routine is different than school routine. This is our last week of "summer" as school starts up again next week. This past weekend ... NOT so good weight wise. Scale is UP this Monday morning. I've never understood why anyone would choose Monday as an "official" weigh-in day, as it's almost always my worst weight day of the week. I can usually get back into my routine and ready for weigh-in Friday morning ... right before I screw it all up again!

Fridays are a mix between the regular routine and the weekend. This past Friday, I was able to get in my hour of Zumba and 60 minutes on the elliptical.  I took the kids out for some fun (mini-golf was the choice that day and I was able to get some steps) and the evening was spent at a wedding reception.

Saturday, I got up and was about to head out to a Zumba class when my 10-year old begged me to play badminton with him. Sometimes you just gotta stop and play badminton. I then went and got in 20minutes on the elliptical ... and that was my only elliptical for the day. I did a little Zumba (just a couple songs, showing my 10-year old the steps. I've wondered if he might like to join me. Other moms bring young daughters ... but I could tell he was getting very flustered and would stress out too much). I mowed the lawn and got in a little ping-pong (#4 was purposely trying to be active and get some steps in). In the evening, the hubs and I went to a show at a local theater.

I love how the Fitbit activity graph displays my day! You can SEE the car ride to the theater (no steps) then the walk into the building, then no steps for a couple hours during the show, the walk back to the car, then the car ride home. You can see if something doesn't force me to stop and sit, I seldom do!. 

This graph doesn't show the eating, just the activity.  I record my food in MFP and it does transfer to Fitbit and is shown in other graphs there. The show we went to on Saturday is a dinner theater, and hubs and I ordered some of their cheesy bread. Mmmmm... cheesy bread.

Not low calorie  stuff. 
It was also a cookie weekend. I made cookie press cookies on Saturday (pictured here, although I didn't use my snowflake disk ... I should have! Snow in summer. Maybe I'll have to make some more, as they are all gone, much to the chagrin of the kids and even hubs. I "helped" them get gone more than I should have").  Yesterday, #1 son made gingersnaps ... well, he made the dough, packed up half of it and went to his friend's house. I turned the remaining dough into cookies for the family. They are another family classic (recipe here). They always get rave reviews.

Sunday I only got in 20minutes on the elliptical. I walked to/from church and played a little badminton with #4. I managed to squeak in my 10k (although I'd already fulfilled my Pact for the week, so I would have been ok even if I didn't).  I actually didn't get around to logging my dinner until Monday morning, so I got a notice that my food log for Sunday didn't count (as I didn't log three meals). Just another reason I do give myself the one day of leeway.

 My Pact money is slowly adding up!
I haven't had to pay out anything, I've only earned.

That was MY weekend (linking up with MIMM).

I guess it's no wonder weight is up this Monday morning. Time to get back at it. Squeeze in what fun we can this last week of summer. I also have my annual physical, and an appointment at the DMV to get #2's learner's permit. Then next week, schools and schedules start back up ... and I like that! I'll look forward to Mondays more than ever! Yea Monday! Hopefully I can shake things up and lose these last few pounds!

How does the summer schedule affect your exercise/eating?


  1. I have not done very hot this weekend myself. My problem is I can't seem to get back into a routine today. Hope you have a great week and enjoy the last week of summer.

  2. I find weekends so tough to stay on track with exercise (eating healthy isn't too much of a challenge thankfully). So I love Monday's and our Motivation Monday team - I get re-motivated knowing we have this link up keeping us accountable!


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