Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reading While Riding

I've never been one for riding bikes. The traffic, the helmet, weather conditions, dogs, bugs, flat tires. I don't have to deal with any of that on my handy dandy stationary bike. Plus it has another great advantage ... I can read while I ride!

I'm sure no one recommends reading while riding a regular bike!

Many people poo-poo the idea anyway, saying that if you are reading, you are probably not putting everything into your exercise. I don't dispute that. My "exercise" isn't on the bike, my bike riding is just a little extra activity I do. No, I don't get a big calorie burn, nothing close to a spin class or mountain bike ride, but it's more than I would have if I had been sitting or laying down.

I think I actually concentrate better on my book while riding the bike. I am more focused on my reading than if I'm completely comfy. I do read each night before I fall asleep, and sometimes my mind wanders, and I feel my eyes growing so heavy. On the nights the boys had a late basketball practice, I would go read on the stationary bike in order to stay awake!

A couple of my boys have even jumped on board. I encouraged my oldest to give it a try, and he did. For #4, when we were doing a couple trial run "homeschool" days (anxiety issues) I had him do some reading and riding as part of his routine. I'm not the only one who has thought of this ... I found this article online (Elementary School Replaces Desks With "Reading Bikes" and Test Scores Skyrocket). In the picture in the article, the kids are reading regular books. I LOVE digital books for reading on the bike, it's much easier to "turn" the pages and my ipad mini fits on the bike perfectly. 

It's a bit ironic ... I ADORE reading and always have, but my boys? It's not something they have ever enjoyed. At times they would get into a book or series, but they only read because it is required, not for their own enjoyment. These last few years however, my oldest HAS started getting into books. He's only into non-fiction, seeking knowledge, not entertainment. He even got a job at Barnes and Noble! He was pretty happy when he won the prize in a work contest ...

He was wearing the headphones while reading and riding, which was actually a good thing, as I wanted to hit the elliptical at the same time. That way I could still watch my show without disturbing him (I'm not really used to the family coming down to MY gym).

I've done quite a few "What I've Been Reading" posts ... book reviews and recommendations. I had totally planned one doing one on that topic this past Tuesday, but I didn't get around to it. I'll try to get it up this coming "Topic Tuesday" and do one once a month. I read enough that it should be easy to come up with something to say on the subject. I LOVE reading ... have I mentioned that?

Well ... time to hit the home gym again!

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