Friday, December 5, 2014

WWI#72 and Salted Caramels

Blah, blah ... another weekly weigh-in. Another week up again! I must admit, I really had high hopes for this week. I thought for SURE I was going to be able to reverse the rising trend of the past few weeks. But no. I'm a little bummed. I'm just barely under my "150" limit, and I bopped over it twice. Not good.

NUMBERS: Up 1.4 from last week. Average was up too ... 1.38. My intake was a little high, at 2107 but I was extra active! My average burn for the week was 3132 per day. I had several 30K days, getting in my hour of elliptical spread throughout each day, my hour of Zumba Mon-Fri, several sessions on the bike and treadmill and a weights workout. There were several basketball games (Sat/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri) too, where I walked around while I watched, usually getting in 6000+ steps during the hour. Crunching the numbers, I had a deficit of 5041! That should be a loss, not a gain. Of course ... the numbers are all estimates, I do realize that. It's hard to know for sure on calories in and calories out even when you are keeping a food diary and monitoring activity.

I was trying to think back on what could have changed these past few weeks. Why, after losing steadily for several weeks, have I started to gain some back? Oct and the first couple weeks of November were great ... then? There were birthdays, and Thanksgiving, but the other addition ...

Salted Caramels
Last Christmas Hubs gave me a box of salted caramels from Willam's Sonoma. They were wonderful! I never succumbed to the whole "pumpkin spice" temptation that others did during the fall (I like the smell of the candle, but the taste? I'll pass). Salted caramels seem to be a winter holiday trend, and they ARE a major temptation. Hubs bought me another box from William's Sonoma. It's gone. There were some for sale at Sam'sClub ... half the price, and I figured I needed to at least give them a try. They were really good too. Then hubs found some at Costco for an even better price. I joked that I probably should try all the  brands out there to compare. I really have trouble stopping at a single serving ... I wonder if the shift in the scale is reflecting my current salted caramel addiction?

I should try a WHOLE WEEK without eating any ... can I commit to that? I'm not sure ... not as long as there is an open container in the house (which there is). It's a good thing these things are seasonal!

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