Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Look ... Leggings!

I follow several Zumba instructors on Facebook, and a few weeks ago I heard many of them talking about some great giveaways they had received to pass on to their favorite students. I didn't really pay it much heed. My Zumba classes are already "giveaways" (Free Zumba in Utah) and although I thought some of the Zumba Wear I'd seen was cute, it wasn't something I was planning on adding to my wardrobe anytime soon ...

Then I went to one of my classes, and my Tuesday Instructor (thanks Marian!) gave me this coupon. I am the skeptical sort, so I figured there were some strings or something ... and I wasn't sure if I could even pull off leggings (body wise or confidence wise). I went home and looked up the deal ...

Hmmm ... a little tight, a little bold, even if they were MY colors (black and gray). $50? I'd never spend that on an item like this (I'll spend that on gadgets like my Fitbit or Polar, but not clothes) but here it was FREE, although I did need to pay the shipping (a little over $5). 

I had tried a pair of leggings at a local store. Although I've been in a medium in most things for a while, I just wasn't comfortable with how tight and form fitting they were. I ended up buying an x-large. When I tried working out with them at home ... they started to slip. I just returned them, sure that leggings weren't for me. Here ... willing to risk the $5 shipping investment, I wasn't sure what size to order. I did get a giggle out of Zumba's sizing chart -

Based on the measurements ... I was probably "marvelous" but I just wasn't sure. I read the reviews and some said they ran small. I ordered a "lovely" (large). was super fast with the shipping. When they arrived I tried them on and really liked the feel. Silky smooth, and the form fitting feel was completely new to me. I still wasn't sure it was ME. I wore them to my Tuesday class (I'll often stop at a store or something on the way home from my other classes, but not on Tuesdays. Just wearing them to class was enough of a challenge, I wasn't going to wear them out in public.) My Tuesday teacher was the one who had given me the coupon too.

The elastic waist wasn't adjustable They DID fall down a bit ... I would have to pull them up.  I've heard this can be a common problem. I had been quite the seamstress in days past, so I figured I could handle a quick-fix. I felt a little sacrilegious cutting a small hole in the waistband ... but I did it. I then threaded a string (ok ... a shoelace) through and - I had an adjustable drawstring. No more falling down. 

While the leggings are super comfy ... I'm still not entirely comfortable in them. That's just me. I'm used to baggy. I'm used to plain, not patterns. I wore them to my Friday class and my Zumba instructor there had a pair on too ... she had on the blue ones. They would be way to bright for me! And ... while it seems to be the trendy thing to do, I tied my jacket around my waist. That helped bolster me a bit. It covers up the butt ... and then I have somewhere to clip on my Omron pedometer.

I don't know that I'll be shopping at again anytime soon. It's not really my style or price range ... but I am loving my leggings!  I have to admit ...I feel just a little different, and little more "Zumba-ish" when I'm wearing this outfit.  So thanks again Zumba. Once again you pushed me out of my comfort zone, for better or worse. *Ü*

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  1. Ummm, $50 for those leggings? I actually do like leggings to work out in, but I would not pay that much for any of them. But FREE? Sign me up! Nice leggings selfie! #wowlinkup

  2. OMG they are super cute and YOU are definitely not a large! I will "give" you medium umm erraaaa Marvelous but definitely not bigger. #wowlinkup

  3. Very cute, and you look great in them!
    I would love to buy and wear leggings, but I don't think they would see the light of day and turn into an in-house only item:)
    I have a feeling you definitely just needed a smaller size, but I applaud your creativity adding the drawstring!!!! That's actually a good idea I might steal for myself in the future!

  4. These are super cute. I love leggings when it comes to some of my lower impact workouts #wowlinkup

  5. I think they look great on you! And for $5, awesome. #wowlinkup


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