Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekly Recap & Weigh-In (#73)

It's Friday (ok ... it's Saturday, I didn't get around to finishing up my post yesterday). Time for a look back at the week and the official "step on the scale" accountability.

This past week was not a good one. I'm not sure why. My energy has just been completely sapped! Starting with the weekend ... I usually still get in my hour of elliptical, even on Saturday and Sunday. But not last week. Mondays are almost always my most motivated days. Monday was good. Elliptical, Zumba, bike and treadmill ... and kept calories in check. I was happy when my weight dropped Tuesday morning after the jump after the weekend (not only over 150, but the high in quite a while). 

Then ... I just lost it. I didn't go overboard on eating (well, Wednesday was a 3000 intake day with a family activity in the evening ... hot chocolate and then some Popeyes). It was my activity ... I just didn't feel like my usual energetic self. I still hit Zumba Mon-Thursday but it was HARD every day. I did NOT do weights this week, nor any additional bike or treadmill. It was all I could do to get in my hour of elliptical each day.

So NUMBERS ... I'm surprised I didn't log a gain this week. Weight actually dropped a couple ounces (although the average went up by a few ounces). Other than the Monday morning jump, weight stayed quite steady. With uber-calorie days Sunday and Wednesday, intake averaged high at 2436. With my low energy, I only managed an activity average of 2820. So ... no deficit this week, my calories in were more than calories out (only by about 70, but not good when I'm aiming for a deficit of -3500 or more).

Tuesday ... realizing my energy was low and I wasn't getting much done, I agreed to take the kidlets to Airborne (a trampoline park). They got plenty of steps for a couple hours while I sat and read my book. I did get a little extra walking in at a basketball practice, but even though there were a couple of games, I didn't get in steps there (both because of lack of energy, and the locations weren't ideal. I video taped instead).   Wednesday we went down to Thanksgiving Point to drive through the light display ... In a limousine!


Missing #2 who couldn't miss basketball practice. The limo and lights part was fun (with the extended family too, cousins, Aunts, Uncle and Maga) but the drive there wasn't. My anxiety was in full force as we were late, hitting rush hour traffic, driving at night and all the headlights and brake lights. At least the weather was fine, snow and ice wouldn't have helped.

I had a couple struggles with #4 (Anxiety Child) this week too (he's the one making funny faces in the pictures above!). He's been doing better, going to school without crying or complaining (which is NOT to say he likes it, he's just trying). But Wednesday they had a substitute and he couldn't quite handle that. I home schooled him for a half-day and had him go in the afternoon (when they had their regular rotations). Thursday he was ready to go when he was hit with an extreme stomach ache. I actually didn't think this was school related, but we waited it out (had him go to the bathroom and he started feeling better). So he missed the morning that day too, but then went to school when the pain passed. I was lucky that #1 son was around, so I still made my Zumba classes those day, although with my lack of energy, I actually wouldn't have cared too much if I'd had to miss (which would usually be TRAGIC for me! Can't miss Zumba!)

So ... am I getting sick? Other than the extreme exhaustion, I don't really feel "sick" at all. No tickle in the throat, or coughing or runny nose. Yet anyway. I have had a lingering headache. It was exactly one year ago that I came down with the flu. I remember trying to push through it the first few days, before it knocked me down completely. Crossing my fingers there is not a repeat of that this year!

... and just following up on the topic of Salted Caramels from last week ...
I didn't eat ANY this week!

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