Tuesday, December 2, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

My TV time is exercise time. I only watch while I workout. 
What have I been working out to lately?

Last month I was getting into the shows starting their new seasons ... and I am still interested in them (caught up on several, behind on a few). But I'd heard a lot of good things about the show "Nashville" that I went ahead and requested a hold at my local library. With the library hold program, you are never quite sure when it is going to come in. I got it pretty quick, and it was the entire season. 24 episodes. And it was due back in one week!

I abandoned watching anything else (Grey's, Scandal ... even The Walking Dead!) and just watched Rayna James and Juliet Barnes sing and struggle with their social lives and careers while I elliptical-ed, walked on the treadmill, and even while I did my weight workouts. I do workout a lot... but I didn't quite get through all 24 episodes in the week. I kept the DVDs a few extra days, paid the fines, and finished it up. Season 1 done.

Back in my high school and college days, I was a singer myself. I never did envision or even want stardom. I was content to be the lead in the school musical, sing solos at church, and place in local talent competitions. I've enjoyed watching music shows like American Idol (years ago, not lately) and The Voice. I really enjoyed the singing series "Smash" ... catching up on it once it hit Amazon Prime. While I'm not big into country music, I have really been enjoying the show (and the music). There sure is a lot of sleeping around though!

At one time, DVDs were the preferred method of catching up on past programs. Before Netflix and Amazon Prime really hit the scene, and even after, when wifi was iffy. I LOVE closed captions! I just can't catch all the spoken words (especially on the treadmill, it is noisy!) and although Netflix and Amazon have come a long way in adding subtitles to their shows, DVDs have had captions for a while. One complaint I had on the captioning on Nashville is the song lyrics weren't subtitled. The music is such an integral part of the show, I really wish I'd been able to catch all the words (which I wasn't!). Some shows even caption the background music ... I just felt like I missed out on the meaning of much of the music.

So I'm almost done with Season 2 now ... and I've been recording the current Season 3 (using PlayOn/Playlater ... ABC does include captioning as they post their shows to the web). I'm not sure if I'll jump right to it when I finish Season 2 or take a break and watch something else ... hmmm.

While I watched Season 1 on a show streak, I've been interspersing a  few favorites while watching Season 2.  I couldn't help but laugh in a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy where one of the doctors has on a "wrist thingy" and is taking stairs and bouncing in place to get more steps! I'm a little behind in Scandal, but hearing that a prisoner was eating 2700 calories a day? I've been gaining at 2200 and that's when I'm very active. No fair guys! I don't think I've seen the characters on Nashville fitting in exercise (at least on the show) ... of course I rarely see them eat either (although there is plenty of drinking going on). How do they stay so trim (I guess those concerts can be calorie burners)...

Any other Nashville fans out there?

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