Saturday, December 27, 2014

WWI #75 ... After Christmas

I'm falling into the stereotype of Christmas weight gain this year. 
It was a BAD week. 
With the munchkin's birthday, then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ...

I had been doing so well for a few months there. I'd dropped into the 140s and was staying there pretty comfortably. Then ... over 150 the entire week and another jump for weigh-in. Not good! I had some struggles with motivation as the holidays approached. I actually put my PACT on hold, not committing to exercise (although I still did get my Zumba in Mon, Tues and Wednesday). Christmas Day was pretty pitiful. I didn't even get 3000 steps! My little niece had noticed our whole family tracking steps and asked for a pedometer for Christmas. Her parents picked up a Misfit Shine for her. 

The eating hasn't been good either ... no deficit this week, in fact I was over 2540. Average intake was 2270, average burn just 2346. I am just feeling off. I've really been struggling to get extra activity in. Even just 40minutes (one show) on the elliptical has been difficult. I've been reading, but NOT riding. I've been dragging and finding myself reaching for food even when I know I'm not that hungry. Not sure if it's the "holiday blues" or what, but I've been feeling a bit down, and down on myself. I haven't shaken it yet, but I hope to soon! I know we all go through these phases. This weight gain is a little discouraging ... I just feel like I haven't moved much in well over a year. I mean I am close to goal and I'm happy to at least be "stuck" where am at rather than stuck at a higher weight ... gotta get back under 150 again though. That's for sure!

When I was growing up, we'd take a traditional picture of us kids lined up in the hallway, youngest to oldest. I have NOT been doing that in my own family, but I did line the boys up this year. With #1 preparing to leave on an LDS mission, I am taking note of these family moments that he'll be missing in for the next two years. :(

The boys and their spoils ... I'll admit Christmas can stress me out. I like to buy gifts as needed, or as deserved, or as I find them and want to give them. The obligatory gift giving at Christmas makes me a bit crazed and I always feel like a bit of a failure. I am glad it's over at this point! There is still another week off school (off schedule), and the New Years Eve/New Years Day celebrations ... then the return to routine, and hopefully to me having a bit better weigh-ins to report each week.


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  1. Your not the only one that has struggled with weight this holiday season! We can turn it around though!!!!


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