Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Realistic" Reads

Topic Tuesday - Five Recent "Realistic" Reads

I must admit, when it comes to reading, I like the supernatural stuff. Dystopian worlds, zombies, vampires, aliens, magic and more. Sometimes, I will move back to the more "realistic" reads. I DO put realistic in quotation marks, because while there are no paranormal persons in these stories, "realistic" usually does stretch the definition a bit.  I think I'm much more willing to suspend my disbelief in the books that are totally out there.

Anyway ... just a quick recap of some recent realistic reads:
  • Anna and the French Kiss: I'd heard a lot of great things about this book. When I first started it, I loved it. Very conversational, very easy to read. Quite a bit of humor and some romance. As it went on, I got a little frustrated with some of the characters, and didn't end up liking it as much as I thought I would.
  • His Frozen Heart: I was asked by the author to review this book. It was a quick read. I did get involved in the story and the characters. Like I mentioned above, I get a bit nit-picky with "believable" things. Would this really happen? It was a bit of a stretch, but still an exciting, romantic read. Aimed at a slightly older audience without the extremes (in language or sex) that most New Adult books seem to feel is necessary to include.
  • Watched: This is a free download from Amazon Kindle. They can be a little hit and miss. This one wasn't great. It seemed very "teen" and had me rolling my eyes quite a bit. Again, many circumstances that really stretch believability. It would be fine for teens though (without language or sex). I caught some church references sprinkled throughout the book and looked up the author to find she is LDS.
  • Gated: I grabbed this as a download from the library without really reading the blurb. I thought this was a dystopian tale, but it wasn't. Well ... it is pre-apocalypse, at least in many of the character's minds. A group of people in a gated community preparing for the end of the world. While it seems a little unbelievable, quotes at the beginning of the chapters from Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David Koresh remind the reader that such cults and communities do exist. It was a really interesting read that really kept me intrigued. I had no idea how it was going to end.
  • Every Soul A Star: I really liked this book. A simple tale following three teens as they come together in the desert to observe an eclipse. The three characters are very different but the reader really gets to know each one, and learn a little about astronomy too. It was definitely a feel good book, one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to teen readers.

With the exception of "Every Soul a Star" ... I believe the other four books are the first in a series. I don't know how much the "Anna" books even continue on with this storyline - I don't believe they do. There are just two more books with similar romances. "His Frozen Heart" definitely had an ending here, but also left some things open. There will be a sequel but it isn't out yet. "Watched" has two more books, but I don't think I'll be reading them. "Gated" has at least one sequel, and I am very interested in reading it. Of course my library doesn't have it yet ... am I interested enough to pay almost $10 for it? THAT is the question!

Do you like "realistic" reads, or actual non-fiction, or the supernatural stuff?
Have YOU read any of these titles?


  1. You've got a few that I haven't read yet, and it sounds like we have similar tastes so I am going to have to add these to my "to read list."
    I was one of those who loved Anna & the French Kiss. Yes their are 2 other books that follow, they are sort of a spin off of characters in the Anna book. But I have to be honest, I only thought so so of the 2nd Lola book. The 3rd book Isla I was quite disappointed in. Guess I was just hoping for so much more from that author!
    I have heard of Gated, I really need to read it.
    I think you live in Utah not sure where but, the sequel which I think is called Astray is actually out and if you live anywhere near any SLCounty Library they have it in both print and audio. (I only know that because I was reading your blog while I was at work at one of them and looked it up:) LOL
    Thanks for the book suggestions!

    1. I'm in West Jordan and I LOVE the SL County library ... I'm just not a print or audio gal, strictly digital at this point. I'll have to debate whether or not to make an exception for the sequel for the savings $$ Maybe the library will end up getting it in digital too, they are always adding to their collection. I'll keep watching. I did really enjoy Gated!


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