Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Stats

Weekly Zumba Stats
I only got in FOUR classes this week ... GASP!

  • Monday with Southziders ... HRM 407, Fitbit 475 and 6752 steps. "In Zone" 44 of the 64 minutes. Average HR 123. A bit of a late start today, but it gave me a chance to chat. I do like the social interaction that these Zumba classes provide. Perhaps because it was late, we skipped the prayer today. Am I bad to say I prefer that? Didn't quite get as high numbers as I have the past few weeks, but the HRM was still giving me a bit of trouble. We had Nina and Sabik, and guest instructor Lydia (I recall seeing her at the MZL classes). Good start to the week. Wore my Zumba leggings and got compliments on them.
  • Tuesday with Marian ... HRM 343, Fitbit 451 and 7202 Steps. "In Zone" 33 of the 62 minutes. Average heart rate 113. The little boys were cooperative getting off to school a bit early, so I  made it on time today. My HRM was misbehaving though. I'm quite frustrated with it! My heart rate did finally go up when I lead my two numbers. Fitbit numbers were very good anyway. I'm just dragging a bit, felt a little off but pushed through. Enjoying the Christmas songs.
  • Wednesday with MZL ... HRM 431, Fitbit 495 and 7606 steps. "In Zone" 47 of the 64 minutes. Average HR 126. Had an issue with anxiety child at school drop-off (a sub) and I ended up taking him home and setting him up with some homeschool assignments. He is very good at following through without direct supervision. I still made it to Zumba, I was quite late (about 20 minutes after 9:00) but they hadn't started yet! Polar seemed to be working today, didn't really notice  reading zero much, but it did seem to get stuck on certain numbers (112, then the 220 high ... I really don't think that was my heart rate at any time, much less the several minutes it was reading that). Seemed HARD today. A friend said it seem easier to her.
  • Thursday with Claudia&Kristy ... HRM 353, Fitbit 457 and 6915 steps. "In Zone" 38 of the 59 minutes. Average HR 118. #4 had a tummy attack right before school. Although his anxiety can create physical symptoms, I didn't feel this was that. I was pretty sure it would pass (with a trip or two to the bathroom) but he didn't make it to school in the morning. My oldest was home to keep an eye on him, so I did make it to Zumba ... although I'm feeling SO run down that the thought of missing was actually a bit more appealing than distressing. But, I went. Again, not sure if the HRM readings are very close to correct, had some funky stuff going on. It always distracts me. I'm wondering if I should bag it, but I really do like the feedback when it's working correctly.
On Friday ... I had no excuses. I could have made Heather's Class. But the thought of driving across town just seemed too much. I wasn't sure I had enough energy to make the trip worth it. I debated hitting MZL's Friday class. After dropping off my middle-schooler, I'd only make half of it, but I figured that was all I had in me. I decided against even that, came home and climbed into bed. I don't think I'm SICK. I have had a nagging headache here and there for a while, but no runny nose or cough. I have felt I've had some hot/cold sessions, but no fever that I can tell. It felt good just to rest on Friday though. It was exactly one year ago that I did get sick and knocked out for over a week (losing 10 pounds in those seven days). I sure hope this isn't a precursor to anything like that!

I hope I'm up to my Zumba next week, it will be my last "normal" week before the kids get out of school for the holiday break and all the Christmas and New Years stuff throws things off schedule. I'm already looking forward to the return of the routine in January!

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