Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 2015 Zumba Stats

 Ah April ... lots of Zumba this month!
31 different classes!
Although I'm a little loath to stop dancing long enough to take a picture, I have been quickly grabbing  shots in some of my various classes. I need some illustrations for my blog post, right? And I'm an unofficial Zumba ambassador, trying to spread the word about these free Zumba classes (Free Zumba in Utah), so I'm also sharing them there. Above ... Dancing with Debbie in Daybreak!

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I'm a gadget girl. I have my Fitbit One, which counts steps(speed and impact) to calculate a calorie burn. Then I have a PolarFT4, which uses heart rate. It can be a little unreliable ... and uncomfortable (with it's chest strap), so when Fitbit came out with the ChargeHR, I picked it up too. I wear all three, and compare the different stats. My goals for class are a calorie burn of 400 or more, at least 6000 steps (but 7000 is really what I'm reaching for), and upping the average heart rate. At least in the 120s is the goal ... In the graph above, when two numbers are listed, they are the readings from the Polar/Charge respectively. If only one number is listed in the HRM columns ... it's the ChargeHR (my Polar must have been misbehaving!)

I hit a couple new classes, Nicole (I'd been before, but it was a long time ago) and then a class at USSD (a local karate studio)  ... I also threw in a jogging (track) workout, just to compare the numbers to a Zumba workout.  31 total Zumba classes for the month.

Looking back on the stats, the "winners" for the month are ...

  • Highest Heart Rate ... goes to Southziders on Monday, April 20, with an average HR from the Polar at 149, and 138 from the Charge. Both had calorie estimates over 500 for the class. Charge HR snag shown above. 18 minutes in peak (often I don't have any). What was different about that day. Actually ... I lead SEVEN songs as Nina was out with a sick child. Being up on the stage does make a difference I guess!
  • Highest Calorie Estimate Average: I take the three calorie estimates, then take the average. The day after my Heart Rate High, I went to support Marian as she subbed in Debbie's Daybreak class. I did help lead a few songs, and was "up front" even when I wasn't leading. This lead to an calorie burn average of 518! (The second class on April 21, in the evening). 
  • Highest Steps: The highest steps award for April goes to MZL, on Wednesday April 29, with 7887 steps. Class did go a little over (68 minutes) so that does affect it. But MZL also always has their songs back to back, no waiting at all in between ... so that often helps them win the high step award :)
Here's a few snapshots from the past 30 days ...

 Marian's Tuesday Class on Leslie Dr.

 Marian/Mountain View Zumba ... 9000 S and 2900 W

 SouthZiders in Draper ... 12100 S 700 W

 Debbie in Daybreak

Heather Jones in Sandy

 MZL in West Jordan ... on this day, a youth group was gathered at the church for a different activity, but seeing Zumba going on, they joined in for a few minutes, even though they were dressed in their Sunday best. It was so fun to see them participate!

Check back to see who the "winners" are for May, 
and if I can top the highs from April!

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