Saturday, May 23, 2015

WWI #96 - The Edge of Unacceptable

Oh dear. Up again. And I barely, BARELY slipped in under 160. I did edge over it during the week, and desperately didn't want to for an official weigh-in. I actually thought I did okay this week. Controlled calories a bit better, added a little additional exercise. But that's where this end of the weed accountability does come into play. As I sit down and input all the stats, crunch the numbers ... I really didn't do that well after all.

NUMBERS ... I'm up 1.3 from last week. Average is up too, from 158.7 to 159.69. Up .99. Not good. My average intake was 2343, I guess I really only had one good day (and one BAD day which cancelled it out). Average daily burn was 2764, not as high as I've hit in the past. I did have a small deficit for the week. Small. -603.

Here's the quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday: Zumba in the morning, and in the evening too! It was a fundraiser event. I had made dinner for the munchkins before going, and ate some myself. Big mistake. Dancing on a full stomach is not good! Also got in some elliptical during the day. Some Reisen chocolate covered caramels were a downfall today.
  • Saturday: Didn't do Zumba, didn't do a 5k that was happening right in our neighborhood. Fail. Did get in 40min elliptical. Also got in LOTS of calories. Way over today.
  • Sunday: It was a rest day for me, but by afternoon I was craving some movement, so I hit the elliptical for 20min. Hubs to the kids out to the inlaws, I stayed home and practiced some Zumba songs, getting in another 20min or so. Calories okay, a little over ...
  • Monday: Great day! Not only kept calories low today, but I hit my high for heart rate in Zumba. I ended up leading a majority of the class, and I guess that's what it takes to push me over the edge. Got in elliptical and bike, as well as stuff around the house. Productive day!
  • Tuesday: Not sure why my Tuesdays have been dragging lately, they used to be a best day for me. Zumba in the morning, an hour of elliptical during the day, and I did get in weights, but I really had to push myself to get started. Spent some time sitting in the afternoon, taking #3 to the dentist. Dinner was a little heavy, with yummy chicken alfredo and cheesy bread.
  • Wednesday: Zumba in the morning, an hour of elliptical throughout the day. I spent quite a bit of time on the front lawn, digging up weeds and then mowing. #5 has a diorama book report due on Friday, so I was breaking out the scrapbook supplies to help him along. Also an exciting day on the egg front ... Hubs is attempting to hatch ducklings in a little incubator and one of them hatched today!
  • Thursday: Long night. Worried going to bed, about the other egg, which had been struggling. I woke up at midnight and checked on it, but still no change. At 2:30 the fire alarm (just the battery beeping) woke us, but at least there was good news, in that the 2nd chick had managed to hatch. After dropping off the elementary kids, I stayed at the school as #4 was receiving a "Principal's Pride" award. I still went to Zumba after, but only got in 20minutes. I got 40min of elliptical, and 35min Treadmill during the day, then hit my evening Zumba class. Little Debbie's Nutty Bars have been irresistible lately!

 #5 and his book report box

 #4 and his school award

 Just hatched baby duckie!
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So ... struggling with the weight! It just keeps edging up. But I don't change my eating either ... I just have a hard time combating the cravings. I cave. Things in this world just taste SO yummy! At least I enjoy the exercise ...the 150s seem to be my body's "happy place" where I stay the majority of the time without too much trouble. But 160 is too high. That's unacceptable!

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  1. Good job with keeping your eating controlled! And you did finished the week UNDER...that's what counts!!!!


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