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April 2015

Ah April ... it was a pretty good month for exercise, but you can't out cardio your calories. Still struggling with the food (I think I always indulge in Easter eats!) and thus, not so good for the numbers on the scale.  Having some Fitbit troubles too. I couldn't log onto my profile page to get my 30-day graph. I had to make my own! I am enjoying the ChargeHR (did a review) though, and of course, still enjoying Zumba. Lots of Zumba in this month (April Zumba Stats) and got a new high on my heart rate! Basketball is back keeping us busy, lots of games (including the family going to a Jazz game) ... and the teenage boys invaded MY gym.  NUMBERS: Average weight for the month was UP ... 157.28. Not good. The high was 159.9, and the low was only 154.9. Hopefully I can improve in May. Maybe?

*** Jen's Journal ***

  • 0401 (Wednesday) Weight 155.2. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2782. Exercise Burn 857/1069 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. No April Fools around here. Zumba was fine, my HRM didn't get up too much, but still got good stats/steps on the One. Wednesdays have been wimpy, only getting in 40min elliptical the rest of the day. It was early out at the elementary, now the kids are off for Spring Break. Hubs had a derby in the evening.
  • 0402 (Thursday) Weight 156.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3179. Exercise Burn 1529/1458 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2500. Slept in with the kids not in school and barely made it to Zumba on time. Good class. Stopped at Kmart and grabbed some Easter candy. The kids have been filling eggs, and we needed more stuff. Got in some elliptical during the day. The kids just played around and enjoyed their day off. Hubs had another derby in the evening. I went to Zumba, very small class tonight. 
  • 0403 (Friday) Weight 155.5. Ok Day. Total Burn 2799. Exercise Burn 877/1084 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Another sleep in. I went to MZL Zumba, staying close and early when I don't have middle school late start. #2 brought his girlfriend over and I put them to work filling eggs. We were still a little short (we have a LOT of eggs to fill) so the two little boys and I went to Dollar Tree, they had been wanting to hit the dollar store again anyway. It was a lovely, sunshiney day and the munchkins ended up putting on swimsuits and playing outside in the water.
  • 0404 (Saturday) Weight 154.7. Bad Day. Total Burn 2383. Exercise Burn 420/672 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2650. Hubs went and picked up a Fitbit Surge! I actually was thrilled. I guess that is my Easter present to him? He tried it out jogging to my parents for the Easter party. It's about 10 miles, and we caught up to him around mile 6 and he said he was done and hitched a ride with us the rest of the way. It was a fun, family gathering. I was pretty pooped by evening though, and very ready for the kidlets to get to bed so the Easter Bunny could come ... and then go to bed! 
  • 0405 (Sunday) Weight 157.2. Bad Day. Total Burn 1756. Exercise Burn 0/31 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Easter Sunday! The boys are old enough that they aren't clamoring to get to their Easter baskets. Some years I go a little overboard, but it was pretty small this year. 
  • 0406 (Monday) Weight 159.1. Good Day. Total Burn 3373. Exercise Burn 1422/1648 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 1mileIncline, 8.3milesBike). Calories in 1850. Kids were still out of school, so some sleeping in. Hit Zumba. Got in additional exercise at home and kept calories in check. We also went ahead and dyed some eggs ... I had neglected to get it done before Easter but the little boys still wanted to do it. Got the rest of the Easter stuff put away. Good day! 
  • 0407 (Tuesday) Weight 157.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3175. Exercise Burn 1300/1453 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 1.5milesTreadmill, 40minWeights). Calories in 2500. Back to the routine, kids off to school, early Zumba today. Got in additional cardio and WEIGHTS! Had to get them in early, because teenage boys invaded after school. Dinner was a pot roast and some Brazilian cheese rolls. Started the day out eating good, keeping calories in check, but then caved toward the end of the day. Hubs had a derby, and the kids brought back cheese curds and shake for me to try. 
  • 0408 (Wednesday) Weight 156.7. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2825. Exercise Burn 859/1099 (40minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2500. I really should be able to get in a little more on Wednesdays ... not sure why I'm so wimpy. Boys in the gym in the afternoon again. Hubs and the older boys had mutual. #5 had scouts in the afternoon, and then basketball practice in the evening. I just dropped him off, then picked him up again, as I didn't want to leave #4 home alone. He has been stressed, as his school class is going downtown tomorrow for "Biz Town" and he now doesn't want to go. Stressful for me too, as I'm not sure what to do. 
  • 0409 (Thursday) Weight 157.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3311. Exercise Burn 1378/1588 (40minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2200. So, I tried to talk #4 into going without forcing him to, but there were tears and I caved and let him stay home. I dropped off #5, then brought #4 to Zumba with me and made him participate the whole time. We stopped at Smiths on the way home and I talked to him some about prices and money (that's what the field trip was) and we filled up with gas. We home schooled for the day, but I still got in some quick 10min sessions on the elliptical here and there. The teenagers came to my gym again in the afternoon. I had my second Zumba in the evening. I left before the Hubs got home, and he wasn't home when I got back either. He had come, taken the two little ones and gone to see cousins. I had stopped and picked up Crazy Bread at Little Caesars for the boys ... but luckily they like it leftover too.
  • 0410 (Friday) Weight 156.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3219. Exercise Burn 1250/1496 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60minWeights, 8.1milesBike). Calories in 3200. I had one of those days where I weigh in, it's up, I remind myself I need to eat better and then BAM ... I eat bad, bad, bad! Croissant for breakfast, cold cereal for lunch. Ice cream out of the container, kids Easter candy ... I did exercise quite a bit, but still. My usual Friday Zumbas were taking the day off, so I hit the one on Grizzly Way. I dropped #3 off and he walked to school, getting there early, while I was still a few minutes late. Amanda and Charmel joined me there. The teen boys came and hit our gym again. Hubs had taken the day off to go to his mom's, as she was getting a shed put in and he wanted it done right. Hubs ran some additional errands and prepped the garage for the derby workshop tomorrow. I mowed the front lawn and did some gardening, pulling out the old plants and leaves from the flowerbeds.
  • 0411 (Saturday) Weight 157.7 Hmmm Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1190/1253 (40minElliptical, Zumba, 4milesTrack). Calories in 3700. Hubs with busy with derby stuff in the morning. I decided to try a local Zumba. I'll probably go back, buy a pass and see how long it lasts me. I don't feel up to Zumba every Saturday. The house was crazy with kids and parents making cars when I got back. I was soon gone again, Colton had a game. This one was quite close, and Colton made a basket to tie it up near the end. He was pretty excited. Keaton got it on video, as I was jogging. I look at the calorie intake today ... how did I do that? I overindulged in ice cream, that's for sure. Hubs made his popcorn, and we ate it and watched the last episode of House of Cards. Had some of the Twix minis I got for Easter too. Calories add up!
  • 0412 (Sunday) Weight 159.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 1841. Exercise Burn 0/102 (no exercise). Calories in 3000. We actually went to church on time today. It was hard for me to sit through the whole meeting. I hate sitting. Back at home, we had our Sunday Circles. Hubs had been on duty for making the waffle mix from scratch. Got in a little nap, then we went out to Olive Garden for dinner... so of course I was over calories. 
  • 0413 (Monday) Weight 159.9. Hmmm ... Total Burn 3165. Exercise Burn 1300/1426 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 3200. Got the kids off to school and made a quick run to Sam'sClub to grab a few things. I was rushing to make it to Zumba, still putting my hair in a ponytail in my hat, turning on my phone, getting my HRM settled ... all as the warm up was going on. Stopped at Kmart on the way home, grabbed some new joggers for #5, ordered some new shoes from the store kiosk (thus getting free shipping). The sun was out and it was beautiful, so I enjoyed the outdoors for a bit. The weather forecast isn't good for the next couple days. Got in some additional exercise ... knowing the boys are invading after school does make me use my time wisely. In the evening we headed downtown for a Jazz game. My brother had seats in his suite, the boys hadn't ever had that experience before. I don't enjoy the drive downtown, but it was much better than regular seats (even great ones) as I could stand and walk around, and there was a bathroom right there. Pulled pork was served for dinner, and it was good. The dessert bar was decadent! Obviously over calories!
  • 0414 (Tuesday) Weight 159.0. Good Day. Total Burn 3305. Exercise Burn 1400/1570 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 40minWeights). Calories in 2050. #4 was stressing about school and wanted me to walk him in, but I made him go (I had just babied him last Thursday). I did send an email to the teacher asking about what he's stressing about (his SRI score improvement as a requirement for Free Time Friday). Went to Zumba, but I am struggling to get good numbers the past several classes. The weather then turned horrible! Windy, blowing up dust and turning the sky a strange color. I was almost expecting a call from the school from #4. Hopefully he wasn't too close to a window to be aware of what was going on. I ended up going early to pick the elementary kids up, so I'd be there waiting as soon as they got out (usually I come a little late, letting them play and allowing the traffic to clear out some). #4 really wasn't as stressed out by the weather as I expected ... at home he did retreat to the safety of the basement after a while. The teenagers didn't show up to use the gym today, of course #2 neglected to tell me that, so I had been holding off going and getting anything else done. I wasn't feeling great though. TOM, and really trying to keep calories in check. Hubs and #3 went and did a derby. I ended up hitting the Zumba in Daybreak. It doesn't start until 8:45 which is quite late. I was tired, but it was fun. Hubs was asleep when I got back though. I don't feel like I even saw him today. 
  • 0415 (Wednesday) Weight 157.8. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2979. Exercise Burn 1170/1251 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 2700. Woke to snow today. Not really a surprise. It was in the forecast and it was obvious something was blowing in yesterday. #2 isn't used to having to scrape off his truck, in fact we couldn't even locate a scraper! We were trying to clear it off with a snow shovel, rag, and kitchen scraper. #3 had me drive him to school as it was so cold he didn't want to walk from where #2 usually drops him. I didn't blame him either. It does make me miss out on my morning elliptical though. When I took the little boys to school a bit later, it was an absolute blizzard! We could hardly see at all. I still went to Zumba, as it is nice and close, but it was obvious the weather was affecting others, it was a small showing and got started even later than usual. Back at home, I did get my elliptical and bike in, which I don't always do on wimpy Wednesdays. I did pull out the hot chocolate maker and indulged in some chocolate treats. Hubs took #3 to the Apple Store at the mall and tried on the Apple watch. They are both fascinated by it. I can't believe neither one took a picture while they tried it on. They stopped at Cheesecake Factory and bought some slices to bring home, as Hubs had a gift certificate to use up. I took #5 to basketball practice in the evening. It finally stopped snowing. 
  • 0416 (Thursday) Weight 157.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3185. Exercise Burn 1404/1457 (50minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2500. Still snowy and cold, so I drove #3 to school again. #4 was stressing about a test in his school, so I walked him in and we talked to his teacher. It was a rough morning for him, I stayed a little later than I anticipated and missed the warmup at Zumba. It was a good class though, I finally felt like I was out of my funk. One of the other instructors came and brought a few of her followers, so it was a slightly larger group, which is great. Plenty of room there. The sun came out the the snow soon melted away. I still went early to pick up the kidlets from school, wanting to be there when #4 got out (I've done this the past few days, and it adds an extra 20 minutes of sitting, but what are you going to do?) We had a little friend of #5 over for the afternoon. I went to Zumba in the evening. Hubs came home and took the younger two to Macey's and got ice cream cones with friends ... they had let me know they were gone, so I didn't do my usual stop for Crazy Bread at Little Caesars. #4 was actually very disappointed I didn't still pick some up, but I was already over calories for the day. 
  • 0417 (Friday) Weight 157.8. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2781. Exercise Burn 805/1053 (40minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2400. Little bit of a sleep in on Fridays. #4 was anxious and upset as I dropped him off, I hoped he'd make it through the day. I dropped #3 off at middle school then headed across town to Heather's class. It's been several weeks since I'd been there. I think I finally remember the choreography for one of my favorite numbers (one I have the music for so I can do it at home). I'd picked up a Flex charger as I'd noticed Heather not wearing hers (she said she had misplaced the charger). I had found a cheap replacement ... good to know, as I'd had to buy a $20 replacement back when #1 misplaced ours originally. #3 has been wearing the Flex, which makes me happy. I ordered some additional bands for him, but they haven't come yet. Hubs decided the Surge wasn't exact enough for him, so he returned it. He HAD been using the Flex, but as #3 was wearing it now, I set him up with an extra One we had around. He's even wearing it in the case (he always just wore the small piece in his pocket before). I got in a little elliptical during the day ... I practiced the song from Zumba and think I do have it down. Maybe I'll do it in one of the classes next week. Early out at the elementary ... I ended up dropping #3 at a friend's, and they went to play basketball at Kearn's Rec (by the Olympic Oval). I then took the two little ones in for much needed haircuts. We picked up pizza and crazy bread, then I had to go pick up #3 and his friend. I really prefer dropping off, as it usually goes quicker. I ended up waiting for a while, and the whole trip took almost an hour. 
  • 0418 (Saturday) Weight 158.2. Ok Day. Total Burn 2785. Exercise Burn 800/1280 (60minElliptical, 30minBike) Calories in 2300. Didn't have Zumba on the schedule. #5 had his basketball game in the afternoon, but #3 was not coming to video, so I decided not to jog the track so I could man the video camera. I hadn't watched a game this season from the floor. I still did get elliptical in, and bike a little later on. #3 ended up having several friends over (pretty rare for him) and they stayed almost all afternoon. They started a movie, and #4 was distraught as he wanted to watch the NBA playoffs (and the boys were watching on the only TV that actually gets cable). I figured out that we could access the ESPN channel on our Roku, so luckily technology solved the problem today (not until after tears had been shed though). Hubs went out to his mom's house, and I had him pick up some pizza on the way home. I actually didn't do horrible on calories today. Not under 2000, but not too far over. A bit of a down evening ...
  • 0419 (Sunday) Weight 158.4. Bad Day. Total Burn 1721. Exercise Burn 0. Calories in 3000. Totally slept in this morning ... like still in bed at 9:00 when church starts sleeping in. Hubs had gone into work. I still had to hit the third hour to play the piano in primary. I made breakfast for the boys and then went. I should have walked, as the weather was absolutely gorgeous, but I was running a little late. After church I took a little nap. Love Sunday naps. Made toasted cheese for dinner and homemade oreos for dessert. We played some Scattergories and hubs and I watched the latest Game of Thrones. 
  • 0420 (Monday) Weight 159.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3449. Exercise Burn 1553/1711 (80minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike) Calories in 2550. Back to the routine. Nina wasn't able to make it to Southziders as she had a sick child, so the rest of us had to fill in the time. I ended up doing seven numbers and got my highest HRM stats yet! I stopped at Kmart on the way home, grabbing some cat food and TP with my points. It was a nice sunny day, so I spent a little time outside in it. Got in more elliptical and bike. The teenagers didn't end up coming after school, but I just never know. Made spaghetti for dinner. I had kept calories fairly in check, but then ended up over. 
  • 0421 (Tuesday) Weight 157.1. Good Day. Total Burn 3566. Exercise Burn 1800/1842 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, 30minBike). Calories in 2350. Big day for #5, he had his field trip at school and pinewood derby in the evening. He wanted to make sure he was on time (not that we're ever actually late) but that was good, it got me to my early Zumba on time. After Zumba I got in some elliptical and bike. I should have done weights, but Hubs said the window repair guy was coming, and that throws me off. I feel like I have to stay upstairs and wait. Our front window had broken a bit ago (kids!) and we had two others that were cracked. The window guy had come out to measure and stuff a a bit ago and they were ready to be put in. I am glad to get that front one taken care of! I don't feel like I can go hit the gym when someone is over working in the house, so I worked on the blog a bit (my missionary son's one). #2 had a basketball game at 6:00. It's been a while since I've seen him play. #3 came along to watch too. Hubs and the two little ones went over to the church to set up the pinewood derby. As soon as the basketball game was over, #3 and I headed over. Got there just as they were ready to start. #2 won his game, and #5 won the derby! I then went to Zumba. I might not have after such a busy day, but I had helped arrange for Marian to sub in Debbie's class. I like to go support Marian, and help out. Amanda was there too, so we both were pretty much up front. I got really good stats in that class too. Hubs was asleep when I got back ... it did take me a while to wind down. 
  • 0422 (Wednesday) Weight 155.8. Good Day. Total Burn 2920. Exercise Burn 1040/1203 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. When I got to Zumba I realized I'd forgotten the watch part of my Polar HRM. Duh! Oh well, at least I do have the ChargeHR to get a heart rate reading. I do like the Polar, as it's display is on and readable (I have to push a couple buttons to see the HR on the Charge). Class was pretty crowded today. Sometimes I'm not quite comfortable without enough personal space. After class I stopped off at Sears and picked up a couple items I had waiting for me there. I was dragging, so I did take a little nap. Kitty came and snuggled. It started to look a little stormy, and #4 called from school just wanting to make sure I was there right when school got out (sometimes I like to come five minutes later so some of the traffic has cleared). I left immediately to make sure I was there, I really didn't think I'd get a spot as I hadn't left as early as I usually do, but I had no trouble getting a spot. #2 and buddies ended up coming over to use the weight room, so I didn't get in any after school exercise. I worked on making a muvee of yesterday's basketball game during that time. Still need to make a derby video too. Then the teenagers went to scrimmage another team, Hubs and #3 went to mutual over at the church, and I took #5 to basketball. I came back home (finished up my 10minutes on my show) and then went back to pick him up. I tried to read a little before bed, but couldn't keep my eyes open! So tired. Did keep calories in check today though. 
  • 0423 (Thursday) Weight 156.1. Good Day. Total Burn 3359. Exercise Burn 1473/1640 (60minElliptical, Zumba X2). Calories in 1900. Zumba in the morning. Got in some elliptical at home. #2 had a game (but too far for me to attend), Hubs and #3 had a derby. I invited my mom to attend the evening Zumba with me and she said yes! She and my dad came out, Grandpa stayed and played games with the little boys. Another day keeping calories in check! 
  • 0424 (Friday) Weight 155.6. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2612. Exercise Burn 840/896 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Grey's Anatomy was on last night ... I was not able to avoid spoilers, so even though I hadn't seen the episode yet, I was very sad. It seriously affected my morning, getting the kids off, and Zumba. A little hard to get the heart rate up. When I got back home, I did watch the episode while on the elliptical. Yes ... I cried. I've been a Grey's follower for years. I tried to keep calories low, as Hubs and I were joining my folks and my brother and his wife for dinner. It was Chinese, which isn't as bad as some places for me. No rolls to overdose on, no dessert other than a fortune cookie. It was a nice evening out. 
  • 0425 (Saturday) Weight 156.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2325. Exercise Burn 450/604 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2850. Slow step day, only a couple sessions on the elliptical. I had #5's basketball game, but instead of jogging the track, I manned the video camera. In the evening, we went out to the cemetery ... it was the 23rd anniversary of Hub's dad's passing this past Thursday. We did the annual visit to the grave, picture ... then out to eat. Just to Crown Burger, basically fast food. I had fish and chips (fries) and a big shake (my fry sauce) then we stopped at Nelson's Frozen Custard for dessert ... but I was already full from my shake. It was a lot of sitting in the car (the cemetery is on the other side of town) ... I really should have hit the elliptical again when we got back home, but I was feeling lazy!
  • 0426 (Sunday) Weight 157.4. Bad Day. Total Burn 2177. Exercise Burn 400/451 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3100. I actually got in a little exercise, but also ate bad. Croissants in the morning, Sunday Circles after lunch ... snacks and popcorn in the evening. Gotta get back at it tomorrow!
  • 0427 (Monday) Weight 159.6. Good Day. Total Burn 3004. Exercise Burn 1200/1266 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 2200. Kids off to school and I hit Zumba. At one point, the music just stopped. Usually that means a child has gotten into the chapel and is playing with the speaker buttons, but today, it took some time to get things back up ... my heart rate drops with any break. So not the usual stats today. Back at home I got in elliptical and bike. Love reading and riding! Hubs had planned to help out a friend build a derby car, but they cancelled, so it was a quiet evening at home.
  • 0428 (Tuesday) Weight 157.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3694. Exercise Burn 1800/1968 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, 30minBike, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1700. I kind of had a crazy controlled day today. Oodles of exercise, and kept the calories low. Started with Zumba, and I had time to hit weights, bike and elliptical during the day and after picking up kids from school. Hubs and #3 went to do a derby. #2 had a game at 6:00 over at the high school ... then, even though I was almost at 30k, I went ahead and went to Zumba. My visiting teacher has been trying to get with me, and she finally just came to Zumba with me! I did "Chocolate" in Debbie's class ... and then forgot to pick up my phone after. Debbie looked on the phone and could tell which was a family member (as #2 has input his contact info as "Callahan Your Favorite Son") so that is who she called. She was actually heading out to the airport to pick up her hubs, and I was on the way, so I met her just off Bangerter to get it. So nice of her to do that though! My sweet hubs was out cold when I got back, he does get up so early that it's not surprising.
  • 0429 (Wednesday) Weight 155.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3149. Exercise Burn 1300/1432 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 1700. MZL Zumba in the morning, got really goo numbers. Got in elliptical and bike during the day. #2 had two games in the evening, at 6:00 and 8:00 (lost the first, won the second). Hubs and #3 were gone to a derby. Busy day ... but maybe that's why I was able to keep calories in check.
  • 0430 (Thursday) Weight 154.9. Good Day. Total Burn 3307. Exercise Burn 1430/1595 (50minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2400. Zumba in the morning ... Marian had to leave a little early, so I took over and did three high intensity songs in a row (because I've realized high intensity ones are really the only ones I have on my iphone). Silvia came back in and I turned the time over to her. Whew. Sweaty! Stopped at Kmart again, as I had some more points to spend. Got in some elliptical during the day, and then #2 had a game at 4:00. It wasn't on the original schedule, but luckily there were no conflicts for me being able to go watch. They won, but it was a close one! I went to Zumba in the evening, but I was feeling a bit off. Tummy cramps. Pushed through and still got decent numbers though. Had to take a back way to the church because of road construction my usual route. I stopped and grabbed some crazy bread, and Hubs, who'd been off doing a derby, stopped and grabbed some Popeyes. Even if I'm not that hungry, I can't seem to resist Popeye's chicken ... so I ended up over eating.

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