Friday, May 8, 2015

WWI #94 - A Weird Week

This was an off week. Hubs was out of town, my Aria didn't register my weight one day, I just didn't get as much exercise in, and then ... my Fitbit died. Here's a day by day rundown -

  • Friday: Hubs didn't go into work, but prepped for his weekend bike trip. I had the usual car trips getting the kids to school, then hit Zumba. Early out at the elementary, rush to the store to get a basketball that #5 NEEDED. NOW. Dropped Hubs off at the freeway, meeting a friend, and he was off. #3 ended up never coming home from school, sleeping over with friends (his first sleepover). Two basketball games for #2. Without Hubs home, I stayed up quite late working on the computer (blogging, making basketball videos, etc.)
  • Saturday: I hadn't planned on Zumba in the morning ... I thought I'd sleep in after getting to bed so late and not sleeping well. But 7:00 ... awake. So I went to Zumba. #5 had a game at noon (an awesome game!) and #2 had a couple games later in the day. In between, I took #3 in for a haircut that he NEEDED. NOW. I sure have some impatient kids sometimes! 40min elliptical during the day. Another late night for me. 
  • Sunday: Pretty usual, family breakfast, church ... stormy weather had #4 on edge, especially as we had to leave the house (his safe zone) to go to a family party at my folks. The weather did clear up though, and it was nice to have the extended family together. 
  • Monday: Just NOT sleeping well. I am usually fine sleeping without Hubs around, not sure what is up (besides me!) this go-round. Zumba in the morning, stopped and bought flowers on the way home. The afternoon was spent mowing the lawn and getting the flowers planted. Got sprinkled on a bit, and #4 had to retreat to his "safe spot" when there was thunder. Not a good weather forecast this week! Hubs called for pickup. Good to have him home safe. With him home, I was ready for bed at 9:30! I did get in 40min elliptical today too.
  • Tuesday: Usually Tuesdays are great days for me. I get a lot done. Started the day with Zumba, got in some elliptical (40min), but spent quite a bit of time on the computer. A lot of basketball video footage to go through, blog posts to update ... more than the usual amount of sitting.Stormy weather. Window well watch and expecting a call from the school from #4 (but he survived).  #2 had a basketball game in the evening. Then we went out to my MIL's ... ate too much, but it was yummy!
  • Wednesday: Fitbit was giving me some issues ... made me late for Zumba. Just 40min elliptical in addition. #5 had scouts after school, and then basketball practice in the evening. More storms. Actually kept calories in check ...
  • Thursday: Fun Zumba morning, with an old instructor I hadn't seen in a while coming back. Did a little grocery shopping after. 40min elliptical. #2 had a basketball game, so I didn't get my evening Zumba in like I usually do. I did stop for Little Ceasar's crazy bread like I usually do. Ate too much. Fitbit giving me fits! Won't sync, won't hold a charge! Grrrrrr.
NUMBERS: Weight is up 1.7 ... high was Monday morning as usual, with a drop by Tuesday as usual, but then it just didn't change much after that, even after my low calorie day on Wednesday (often that does cause a small shift in the scale). Average was up (.15) just a smidgen (156.91). Average in was 2429. Average burn was 2720 ... that's lower than it's been in a while, but I didn't get as much activity as I usually do. I've been back at an hour of elliptical lately, but only 40 minutes most days this week. No bike. No treadmill. No weights.   Didn't have a deficit, was over by 1520.

 Picture Hubs took Thursday night.

... and MY post to Instagram on Tuesday.
Featuring the view from my bedroom window
(as I sit at my computer)

Between hubs being gone, the stress of the storms (with my little weather-phob), all the basketball and all the resulting video to go through (making highlight reels ... it's what I do), the Fitbit frustrations ... just an off feeling week!

I have talked to Fitbit customer service. I believe they are sending out a replacement. Until then, I suggested to the 9-year old that I pull out the Zip we have around for him to have, and I use his One. Just temporarily. He said no. He was quite emphatic about it. Luckily, Hubs volunteered up his One, so he has the Zip, and I have his One until I get things settled. I'm pretty much expert at setting up Fitbits at this point!

Late link-up with Weigh-In Wednesday ('cause my official day is Friday)

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