Sunday, May 17, 2015

WWI #95 - Up Again

Struggling with the weekly weigh-ins lately. Up again. And there it is ... the tip into the 160s. Twice. I was really hoping NEVER to do that again. I am keeping quite active, what would happen if I wasn't getting in my oodles of exercise? I know it's the eating, I just can't seem to get a handle on it. I just crave, and cave to those cravings.  Here's a quick look back at the week ...

  • Friday: Got in my usual exercise, 40minElliptical and Zumba. Quite a bit of chauffeur duty with the kids today, I felt like I was in the car a lot. Too many treats, ice cream indulgence. TOM too.
  • Saturday: Pouring rain in the morning. I hit a free class at a local rec center, it was packed. A bit of a down day, got some house cleaning in, but it never seems to be enough. Got in my elliptical also, but ate a lot as well. I'd had some sea-salt caramels I'd been hanging onto till mother's day, and it was close enough, so I indulged today. High calories.
  • Sunday: Mother's Day. The kids insisted I stay in bed for breakfast of waffles, bacon and hashbrowns. Got a record player! Had to hit church for a bit, then Hubs prepped a BBQ for extended family. We also got to talk to our missionary in Mexico. I didn't feel like I totally overate, but I was painfully full! High calories.
  • Monday: Back to the routine! Actually had a good day. Kept calories in check, and got in a little additional exercise (Zumba, 60minElliptical and 30min on the bike). 
  • Tuesday: Rather unproductive day, not sure why. Got in my 40minElliptical and Zumba, but nothing else. Went to watch #2 play in his basketball game at 6:00, and had to attend a parent meeting at 8:00 which triggered a bit of an emotional avalanche. Just worried about stuff ...
  • Wednesday: Still down and dragging. Did go to Zumba, although I really didn't feel like it. Only got in 20minutes of elliptical. Checked the kids out of school early and went to the airport to see my SIL arrive home from her mission (been gone 18 months) and then spent the rest of the day with family. The kids still managed to get a ton of steps running around all day! Cookies and cakes and such out ... I didn't resist. I mowed the lawn when we got back.
  • Thursday: Bit of a better day. Zumba in the morning, 50 minutes of elliptical during the day. Went to #2's basketball game in the evening, then hit half of Zumba anyway. Felt a bit more productive, but still ate too much. 

 Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Airport Welcome Wagon

NUMBERS: Up 1.3 from last week. Average came in at 158.70, which is 1.79 higher than last week. Not good. Average intake not good ... 2514. The calories just add up so quickly with bad food choices. Average daily burn was down a bit at 2737. Mostly just Zumba and elliptical. I got in the one bike session for the week, but no treadmill or weights. Crunching all the numbers, I didn't have a deficit, but was over by 1205 calories, in vs out, for the week. 

TOM was an annoyance this past week. I had Fitbit troubles over the weekend (but got my new ONE on Monday) ... glad to have that worked out, it affected my motivation! The constant overcast skies and rain made for some dreary days. There is some stressful stuff hanging over my head (minor compared to what so many are dealing with, yet still impacting my emotions). Basketball is wrapping up this week (for a few weeks anyway, until summer stuff starts up). 

Not a whole lot on deck this week ... I should be able to stay on track. Every time I even THINK about trying to improve my eating, I feel such an urge to just dive into a carton of ice cream. I need to try harder ...

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  1. Keep your chin up. I"m vowing by myself to change just one little thing for just one measly week......anyone can do something/deny themselves for a week! :-) I'll worry about next week when that comes!


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