Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Embracing the Black

What I'm Wearing Wednesday ...
I lack in color confidence. I've published a blog post about it (here). I do have a closet full of clothes, and many of those are different colors ... yet I always seem to find myself wearing black. Sometimes, especially in a Zumba class, I feel like I should be brighter. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue ... Zumba just seems to scream for bright colors. But not me ... I'm in black.

I'd picked up a couple outfits with some color ... some Zumba pants with a green stripe and logo. I got a matching tank. I got some bottoms with a hot pink stripe down them, with a matching pink top. I did wear them once in a while ... but recently, I'm back to black. All black, or black and gray.

I had some Fitstudio points expiring, so I looked on the Sears/Kmart website and grabbed the leopard print leggings in the picture above (free with my points! I get so many great deals with this program). Not totally black. But black shoes, jacket. I stopped at the store and picked up five black t-shirts today (yes, I just wear plain t-shirts, not special workout ones) as some of my older ones are dying, and Old Navy had t-shirts on sale for $5.

I think I'm just embracing the black. I mean ... it's even in my name (JenB ... Blackham). I need to color coordinate with my ChargeHR on my wrist, right? I'm sure I'll still wear some color from time to time. One of my pairs of Zumba Shoes are hot pink ...unfortunately.

Even my jammies are black ...


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