Monday, May 4, 2015

Biking, Basketball and a Box of Childhood

This past weekend just flew by. Busy with basketball. 
Watching. Videotaping. Cheering. That's what I was doing. 
Hubs was gone, busy with biking (a weekend camp/bike trip). 

He just barely got home (left on Friday).

My 16-year old had EIGHT games this week. In addition to the time spent going and watching him play, the basketball continues when I get home. I man the video camera during his games, and so I need to go through the clips, discarding those where nothing memorable happened. I then take the remaining highlights and make a Muvee ... again going through the clips to highlight the important parts, adding a title/credits, and music. It can take a lot of time where I am just sitting at the computer. I was pretty happy when #2 and one of his friends did the first "going through the clips" portion. Saved me several hours, and I was able to get straight to the muvee making. I also updated the Basketball Blog, where I showcase the YouTube links (and I've been getting into Instagram and Twitter more too, as that's what the teenagers are using most these days.)

Here's #2 in action ...

A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on

Saturday, I also went to watch my nine year old play. I often jog the track during his games, if one of my other boys will come man the video camera. As they weren't willing, I was the videographer this week. I was glad I was, because the munchkin had an AMAZING game! Normally I only get one or two usable clips from these games, but on Saturday I had enough to make a muvee of just that game!

Between all the basketball ... I DID hit Zumba on Saturday. With Hubs gone, I stayed up late on Friday night. I really thought I'd sleep in ... but I was awake around 7:00, so off to Zumba I went. On Sunday, the boys and I went to my folks for a monthly celebration (all the current birthdays), and my brother brought "a box of childhood" in the form of records that he had somehow ended up with. I'm not sure why, because some of these records were MINE. 

I've been searching online for any updated digital editions of the "Animals" and had never had any luck. I had located "Music Machine" but not the Chip and Dale "Little Red Caboose" ... that one definitely did belong to my brother. He's apparently not as sentimental about it as I am though, as I ended up coming home with the box of records. Now ... I need a record player!

That was my weekend, it was marvelous. Weight actually stayed about this same Sat/Sun, but did bop up this morning, as it is wont to do. 158.9 for Monday morning ... back to the schedule, return to the routine!

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