Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who's #1?

On my Fitbit friends list, I've pretty much given up hope of ever hitting the #1 spot. That's okay. There are a couple of gals who are averaging about 40k a day. I did hit 45k in a day. Once. I really don't think I'm going to do that again anytime soon (I hit 30k fairly often, my goal is 22k.) But with friends and family ... I AM generally at the top of the list, there in the #1 spot. One time last summer, my #2 (then 15-years old) did overtake me, after an entire day in the gym playing basketball with his buddies. I was pretty surprised yesterday when I noticed that my #5 had not only appeared on my friends list (I have quite a few random Fitbit friends, so I rarely see anyone I actually know IRL stacked there), but he was BEATING me!

My #5 is nine years old. Yes ... my nine-year old has a Fitbit. At first, I was just curious as to how much my munchkins were moving. But it does appear to motivate them as well. We are often comparing steps during the day. I'm always amazed at how many steps he gets in without any official "exercise". And this is while he is in school too! He has recess and PE, but he's also sitting at a desk for much of the day.
The munchkin (and I) have limited his Fitbit friend's list to just family (even though a couple teachers at school have Fitbits too, sometimes they will compare steps.) I was happy and impressed to see that #4 (my 11-year old) had also moved up, making it on my list as well. I tend to sync and check my stats more often than the boys, so they weren't aware how close they were to me until I brought it up. #5 was pretty proud of himself!

I kind of felt bad beating my boy, and getting back on top. 
Kind of. But I did it. You can see I'm just barely hanging on though!

The number there represents the number of steps over the past seven days. Another view of the friends list (accessed from the profile page) shows the average as well. You can see the munchkin's average is still beating me. I didn't get in many steps this past weekend, whereas he kept moving Saturday and Sunday. I sure do ♥ my little Fitbitter! Linking up with Workout Wednesday ...


  1. You rock! Have you become an affiliate for FitBit yet? If not you should write them about being one or at least doing a giveaway. #wowlinkup

  2. Adorable that you have your whole family with FitBits and "compete" with each other.

  3. How on EARTH are you getting 40K steps a day????????????????? I am lucky to get in 5K these past few days. I just sit on con calls all day long and if I miss my run - forget about it! Your little one is on the move. And can you believe it - my Fitbit CHARGE is starting to act up. The band keeps snagging when I try and take it off. Please oh please don't tell me this band is wearing down. I don't wear it in the shower so I thought it would last longer. This was the replacement when the button popped off of it around January. #wowlinkup

    1. I'm not getting 40k a day (it's a couple of my "friends" on my list that are, and I don't know how they are!) To get my 22k average I get in an hour of Zumba and an hour of elliptical (usually broken up into several smaller sessions throughout the day) and then just staying moving, rarely sitting. I just picked up my two little guys from school, and they both had 10k (which actually has me beat at the moment).

      As for the Charge ...I DO really worry about the band. The Flex band is replaceable, and believe me, we've had to replace it a few times. So far so good on the Charge and ChargeHR we own, no problems yet. I am making sure I keep my receipt handy just in case!


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