Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Little H2O

I've been tracking my food on MFP for a while now (I just peeked, and my "streak" is 727 days, so almost two years now). I've been tracking my weight and my workouts for much longer than that (I can probably give you stats for any day in the past eight or so years). But WATER? I've never really tracked that, even though plenty of people/places to (both MFP and Fitbit have water tracking as part of their program). I think I drink enough water.

When I first started going to Zumba a little over a year ago, I'd sometimes take a bottle of water. I'd seldom stop and drink from it though. I don't know if just starting out, I wasn't working hard enough to need a water break, or if I just wasn't used to hydrating during a workout. I felt fine without out.  At some point, I did start taking water to my Zumba classes, and now it would be a definite struggle to get through a class without it! I was just refilling one of the boy's old Gatorade bottles, but I recently switched to a hospital jug (you know, those ones they give you after having a baby or surgery ... I like them!), as I do prefer drinking from the straw to taking off the lid and trying to take a quick drink between songs at Zumba (yes, I've dribbled it down my chin and shirt a few times).

The one disadvantage to my jug, is it isn't quite as spillproof as the bottle with a twist on lid. In the picture above, I was actually showcasing my sad spillage ... much moisture in the car console after my drink tipped. It got in my gum ... my gum had to go. Gross gum.  At least it got me to clean out the car console!

Femme Fit Club is hosting a water challenge for May. And while I still haven't actually gotten to the point where I'm actually tracking my water intake,  I have been keeping my jug filled with ice water wherever I am around the house. I'll drink at my desk, or just when I walk by. I've been enjoying upping my water intake a bit. 

The boys like to take a bottle of water to school, as sometimes they can't get out of class to get a drink when they are thirsty. This is especially important as the weather warms up. So often the kids come in from recess, hot and thirsty, and there just isn't enough time/drinking fountain space, for everyone to get a drink. It's part of the morning routine ... the kids fill their water bottles and stick them in their backpacks. Often, my #5 says he refills his a couple of times at school too! 

Guess who also appreciates this? My houseplants! I'm pretty bad at remembering to water my poor plants! I have to have hardy plants, that can survive my irregular watering habits. Plants that can physically LOOK like they are dying (to remind me visually) yet come back once I water. As the boys have their water bottles around after school, I'll often empty out them out into my various plants. I'm not sure what we'll do during the summer ... I'll just have to remember on my own, without our school day water bottle fill-up. 

During the basketball season, the boys are taken care of my the team manager. He fills up water bottles for everyone, so they have them right ready during the games. Spring season is a little more off the books, no team manager. The boys are on their own ... and my boy NEVER remembers water! I haven't been that good at remembering for him either. I can see, when he has water, he drinks it! Occasionally if he's on the bench long enough and a drinking fountain is close enough, he can sneak in a drink ... but honestly, he's not often on the bench, and sometimes a drinking fountain isn't close by. I really appreciate that team manager during the season taking care of my son and the other players!

We have a drinking fountain in our house. It's one of those commercial ones. It was just one of those things we thought would be a fun and unique addition when we built. A drinking fountain! When the kids or their friends need a drink ... sure, we have a place for that.  Guess who LOVES the drinking fountain now? Kitty!

Almost every time we walk past the drinking fountain, Kitty will jump up on it expectantly. Usually, we will indulge him. We'll push until there is a small trickle, which he watches with fascination as it enters the drainage area. Sometimes we'll push a little harder, a full stream, into which he'll push his paw ... yes, we usually get splashed a bit too, and someone has damp paws for a bit.

 Once upon a time, we paid for a nice filtered water service. We had the big jug, the cooler. When the kids were young, it was pretty much a play thing for the kids and their friends though, and it was a little pricey (and damp) for that, so we gave it up. I do often keep some bottled water in the fridge, if there is a preference for WATER ... my guys like Dasani. I get after them if they just grab one and drink it in the house. I mean for it to be used on the go. Also in the fridge, I keep a big water dispenser filled with cold water, which is what I want everyone to use at home (unless they are drinking from the drinking fountain, that is good too, no glasses left out afterward). We do have one faucet with a filtration system ... I'm generally too lazy to sit and wait for it to fill, and if it's up to me, I'll generally just use tap water. I'm not picky. It's water. As long as it's cold, I'm good. 

My oldest son is currently in Mexico ... there, it's "don't drink the water".  Bottled stuff only!

We are a water drinking family (Liquid Calories). I do keep some soda in the fridge. Diet Coke for the hubs (I've never had it myself), rootbeer for the munchkins, an occasional Fresca for me, although I have a hard time with carbonation (gives me the hiccups). We have to refill our water jug a LOT. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when one of the kids just drains it dry and leaves it like that. FILL IT BACK UP! I like to put ice in it, so it's nice and cold. 

Yes ... we've had the occasional issue where it drips or drains... then I get to clean out the egg holder and some of the shelves. Once, when #4 had just refilled it, the entire side cracked, spraying water everywhere! That traumatized #4 for a while, he didn't refill the replacement for quite some time. 

We had such a mild winter here ... there are water worries for the summer. Will there be restrictions on watering lawns, playing in the sprinklers? Will the reservoirs have enough water for the wave runners? We are so lucky in today's day and age ... we need to remember how lucky we are to have water right at our finger tips!.

A bit of a ramble today ... Thinking Out Loud this Thursday ... about water!

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