Thursday, August 6, 2015

Conserving Cash at Kohls

It's Thrifty Thursday ;)

I hadn't heard of Kohl's before it moved into a shopping center right by our home. It's not a store I frequent, but I have found some deals and steals there. Have you?

If you live close by, and you take the local newspaper, you might be lucky enough to get some little coupons with the paper every once in a while. It's usually a $10 off a $30 purchase. What's great about Kohl's coupons, is unlike most other places that only allow one discount per purchase, generally I can stack this with another of their percent off specials (they regularly have 15/20/30% deals going on). Then of course, they often offer the Kohl's Cash with many purchases (good on your next purchase, during certain dates). Kohl's Cash can also be combined with coupons, percent off savings and sales. It pays to watch and wait with Kohl's. Never pay full price!

My boys love Nike socks. I almost always buy them at Kohl's. They often go on sale there, with a buy one get one half off offer. This is cheaper than the Nike Outlet (which is in the same shopping center). Up until recently, all coupons and additional percent off points were good on Nike merchandise ... but on my last visit, Nike had been added to the list of exclusions. Dang it! There went my super sock savings.

When my son needed socks, I checked online and saw that the Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off sale was going on. I ran over to the store and ... it wasn't on sale at the store. They wouldn't honor the online price either. So I went back home, ordered them online with free store pickup, then went back and picked them up. It took another trip, but did save me $8. 

That is something to watch. Often online prices are not the same as in the store. But often, you can purchase online and have the items held at the store for pickup, thus getting the sale price. Another thing to keep in mind is if you order something from home, you usually have to pay shipping - but if you order the exact same item from the kiosk in the store, they will ship it to your home for free. It's just good to be aware of the different policies and possibilities to save a little cash!

I got another little Kohl's moneysaver when I added the app to my iphone. I received $5 in credit on my next purchase, and will continue to get some credit with their store rewards program, even though I don't really shop here regularly.

I often find it humorous as I check out ... "Your original cost before all sales/promotions/credits was $100, your cost is $15. You saved $85"  Can you say "inflated original prices?" ... it seems almost everything is always about 40% off at Kohls ;) But with the sales, clearance, coupons, percent off savings, Kohls Cash and rewards, you really can get some steals and deals if you are willing to watch for them!

Do you shop at Kohls? Any great deals? Any other tips?

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