Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Walgreens Reward Redemption

It's Thrifty Thursday, and I got $50 of stuff free at Walgreens today!

It's been a while since I posted about my Walgreens Reward program. Not that I shop at Walgreens all that often myself. There are a couple close by, and as I examine their ad in the Sunday paper, there will be some deals that peak my interest. So while I have made a trip or two in, I had NOT attempted to redeem my rewards, until today. 
With the Walgreens reward program, as you earn more points, you can get a little more credit for said points if you collect them. I went ahead and let my points pile up, rather than spending them as soon as I had a $5 credit. 

I linked up my Fitbit and my Aria scale  quite a while ago, so I was getting points for my activity and daily weigh-in.  I also started to pay more attention to additional ways to add to my points. In every ad, Walgreens will have deals where you can earn points with purchases. Generally, points are only earned on specific featured products, which change weekly. However this summer there has been a perk you can add to your account to earn 10 points for every $1 spent. There are also frequent "Spend $25 and get 5000 points($5)" specials. I did participate in some of those, and at this point, had over 40,000 in points. I figured I'd go ahead and test the "spending" of them. 

I went into Walgreens today, even knowing that I could pick up $50 worth of products for free, I still looked for deals and things we needed as a family. I grabbed some tissue and TP at comparable sale prices. I grabbed some beauty stuff (makup remover, hairspray), found an O2CoolMist&Sip Water Bottle that Hubs had been requesting ... $10, about the same as on Amazon.  This and that ... and I was at just over $50. Checkout was absolutely painless ... I just input my Balance Rewards # and my credit came right off without any issues.

Now one thing to be aware of ... some of those deals? Where you get balance rewards points with a purchase? They do NOT work when you are redeeming points. You can only earn OR redeem in a transaction. So I didn't pick up any of those other deal items today. I did use some coupons, and they still worked just fine with the rewards redemption. 

Now - I had mentioned Walgreens, Fitstudio and Achievemint on a Facebook post and someone came back with a question about signing up ... saying that some Fitbit models (ie, Charge) weren't working with it. I had never gotten around to signing up my son for Walgreens Balance Rewards, so I went ahead and did that. It WAS a little tricky to figure it out at first. I hit the "join now" and filled out his info, and when it came to linking a device, only the Flex and Zip were showing (as they are sold by Walgreens). But ... if you just choose either, you will then be taken to a step to sync to your Fitbit account. There on your Fitbit account, it doesn't matter which device you are using, the data will come across to any of the partner sites (trust me, Hubs has gone from a Zip to a Flex to a One to a Surge and back to a Zip and none of the partner sites have blinked an eye). 
 So just in the past few days since we did the new sign up, my son earned points for connecting a device, and then all the other "walk or run" entries just happen automatically. So he will have a way to go before he earns anything substantial (as there are monthly limits on how much you can earn) but it does add up. Not long ago my mom called and asked me to check her rewards (as we'd gotten her signed up when she first got her Fitbit) and sure enough she had $20 waiting for her there. It's just a nice little program to set up, forget about ... then remember and redeem! Or ... as I'm sure Walgreens hopes you'll do, pay more attention to their ads and promotions and add a more points through purchases as well. I do appreciate any company that as willing to promote fitness rewards though!

 Why yes I did. Thank you!

I have mentioned the Walgreens Balance Rewards program before, and how you can earn points with your daily activity. Back in my original Reaping the Rewards post and then a more specific look  (Walking with Walgreens).  I just thought it was time for another update, when I'd actually redeemed them! Back to piling up my points ...

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