Saturday, August 15, 2015

WWI #107 - And Up Again

It started with the weekend ... high food intake days. Although I did quite well with exercise, it just can't combat the bad eating. After last week's weigh-in, weight jumped a couple pounds for the weekend and I never got it corrected. I didn't have any low calorie days ... I just keep eating. NUMBERS: Weight up .8 from last week, but more telling is the average, which jumped two pounds to 166.17. Average intake was 2621, average burn was 2902 ... overage for the week was 951.

Now the GOOD ... I added some new activities. Racquetball, and two hikes! I also did an hour of weights this week. This is in addition to my usual Zumba, elliptical and several bike sessions. The BAD ... staying up late and sleeping in (per usual for summer ... this should shift with the return of the school schedule), endless, uncontrolled snacking, and being super sore from said weight workout. The UGLY ... Sunday's food intake was ugly (3350) especially as that was also a low activity day.  Here's the weekly recap:

  • Friday (0807): Debbie in Daybreak has had to cancel classes the past little bit, but she was back, so I hit her class in the morning. Got in an hour on the elliptical, good for a Friday. Food intake was high though (those new Jif cookies are yummy, and I had Hubs make popcorn as we watched a show in the evening).
  • Saturday (0808): Hubs made pancakes for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast, it was a little heavy on the tummy. No basketball games today. Got in 10min on the elliptical, but then didn't make it back down to my gym. Not that I wasn't still active, after a nap anyway. Hubs and I went and played r-ball, and then we went on a hike with the three little boys. Both were a nice change! But ... food intake was high for the day, even though our stop at the cupcake shop after the hike had an abrupt end when Hubs didn't have his wallet with him.
  • Sunday (0809): We did our Sunday Circles in the morning. I got in 10min on the elliptical and walked to/from church. Lazy day. Hubs made mac&cheese and the boys played on the tramp while we had some duckie time. Food was BAD ... between some Krispie Creme donuts that appeared, some red gummy bears Hubs bought me yesterday, and me making homemade oreos. And of course the waffles/bacon and mac&cheese too ... sheesh!
  • Monday (0810): Double Zumba morning, 8:30 and 9:30 class, then got in some elliptical and bike during the day. Back to basketball practice in the evenings, but I just dropped the boys early at the gym and they stayed. Made fried chicken and yellow rice for an early dinner before. I only had a little, but still was over for calories for the day.
  • Tuesday (0811): Zumba morning, with a walk to/from the church. I was determined to get weights in today, and I did. An entire hour. Just 30min elliptical. In the evening we went for a hike up the canyon, one mile up/one mile down. Probably a bit harder than Saturday's incline, but with the entire family along (young kids and Maga) the pace was considerably more relaxed. Food ... too many treat splurges, plus Popeyes and then Crown Burger after the hike.
  • Wednesday (0812): Zumba, plus an hour of elliptical and bike. Not a good food day, nothing nutritious. Hubs wasn't home until late.
  • Thursday (0813): No key at Zumba this morning, so we danced in the parking lot. It was actually very nice, a shady spot with a breeze, but it was short (just 40minutes). I got in an hour of elliptical and 30min on the bike at home. Hit evening Zumba, taking a neighbor who hadn't been before. Actually kept calories somewhat in control (right at 2000). 
 Hike #1 (Saturday) ... heading up the hill.
Doesn't my son look thrilled?

 A suspension bridge was the destination.

Hike #2 (Tuesday), to Cecret Lake.
The whole gang!

...and a couple more fun pictures from that hike ...
 Hubs and my little nephew. 
Hubs carried him up most of the way!

We get pictures like this on our phones 
if we leave them unattended around my BIL

And of course ... the aforementioned red gummy bears
I only like the red ones. 
Hubby thought of me when he saw this.
I ate them all.


  1. Ok, I was reading your blog and thinking about things I wanted to say. Nice things like "you can fix the higher numbers on the scale, you know what needs to be done." and all sorts of things like that. But then you said "homemade oreos' and my mind has been stuck on that since then....the rest of your blog was read but I can't remember anything other than thinking about homemade oreos! ha ha ha...I'm such a food addict! ha ha ha

    1. I always have plenty of treats around ... I guess that's my problem. So easy to overeat and give into cravings. Homemade oreos are a favorite around here!


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