Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wayward Pines - Books vs Miniseries

Every month, I do a Tuesday post about what I'm watching, and another about what I'm reading. This past bit, I've read and watched the Wayward Pines series. So this Tuesday's post will be my thoughts on both.

Back in June, I was browsing through the Kindle Lending Library to choose my book for the month. I'd heard a bit about Wayward Pines, that it was going to be turned into a series for TV. I do generally like to read the book before seeing a "live" version, so "Pines" was my pick for the month.

Boy ... was it confusing and weird! I almost didn't make it through the book. Much of the confusion is intended. We,the reader, don't know anything more than poor Ethan Burke, the main character, who awakens in the small Wayward Pines town. Unable to really remember the accident, unable to contact anyone on the outside, and unable to leave the town. And that's not the end of the strange happenings. Time seems twisted, is there some time travel involved? There are strange creatures ... is this actually a vampire/zombie book? I did push through ... and everything WAS explained satisfactorily enough by the end that I was glad I had finished, and I was even eagerly anticipating the next book in the series. 

As soon as July hit, I borrowed "Wayward" ... having uncovered most of the mystery, this book was much more straight-forward than the first one. I finished it up and started watching the mini-series, planning on reading the final book as soon as August arrived (Kindle Lending Library limits you to one book per month).

The start of the mini-series was plenty confusing ... just like the book! If I hadn't already read the book and knew what was happening, I'm not sure if I would have made it through the first few episodes. I'm really not of fan of Juliette Lewis (but she is only in the first few episodes).  

As the book was brought to life, many things were as I had envisioned them in my imagination. It was pretty good that way. There were some distinct differences though (as is always the case as books are made into movies or TV). The main one, was Teresa and Ben (Burke's wife and son). In the book, Ben is just a young child at the start, and about 12 later on. In the miniseries, Ben is 14  the entire time. There were some major differences in the character of Pam (a nurse) as well. Although she is unlikeable in both, there is some redemption for her in the miniseries. In the book, she was a teen stray discovered by David Pilcher (the man behind Wayward Pines) ... in the miniseries, she is his sister.

There were main ideas in the books that were completely omitted from the miniseries ... and then there were things in the miniseries that were never mentioned in the book. Not that this is at all unusual in book to live action converts.

Watching the miniseries, I stopped at episode nine. That was basically where book two had ended, and I figured I should read the final book before continuing on. I don't know that I really needed to wait though. There was only one episode left in the mini-series ... and it was completely different from the third book. Seriously, absolutely nothing in common whatsoever (except the characters. Completely different storyline, different ending). 

So now ... I'm done with both. I don't know that I enthusiastically endorse either. They were both alright. I'm not sure which ending I prefer either, I really don't! Neither was particularly satisfying.

With the basic premise behind the town ... it was a little hard not to compare it to "The Walking Dead" a bit (especially as Hubs has recently been catching up on Season 5). There were some similarities. The perfect little town, the new addition being made constable, the monsters outside the walls. I couldn't help but wonder if the people of Wayward Pines COULD come together and make things work, although those in TWD were also still struggling.

Well ... there you have it. My thoughts on all things Wayward Pines.  Have YOU heard of this series? Read the book or seen the television production? Your thoughts?

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