Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Return to Racquetball

Guess what my date with hubby was this past weekend? Racquetball! We hadn't played since about January, and even then it was pretty much a one time thing. I hope this is actually a return to playing with some regularity. My "skills" were definitely lacking! And have you heard the term "tennis elbow"? I have what I'm calling "Racquetball Arm" ... I could sure feel it in my right arm for a day or so after. As I'd pull a gallon of milk out of the fridge, I could barely hang onto it! I also really noticed some soreness in my ab area (afterward, when we were laughing or sneezing or something) ... from the twisting and reaching? I haven't done any other ab workouts to have worked those muscles.

I'm not sure if Hubs saw my Family, Fun and FOOD post from last week ... in which I bemoaned the fact that  family, fun (and dating) activities so often revolve around food. Back when I first lost the weight several years ago, we really made an effort to do non-food dates. We played a lot of racquetball. Unlike the movie theaters or restaurants,  the gym is NOT very busy on a Friday or Saturday evening.  After a while though, I can't remember if we just got busy (I think there was an injury involved too) we just didn't make it in as much. Over the past few years, we've only hit it here and there. So whether or not he saw my post and decided to try and get a non-food date in, or if it was just coincidental timing, I was thrilled when he suggested R-ball!

One downfall of racquetball is finding a place to play. Way back when, we'd invested in a gym pass, but that had long expired. Luckily Hub happened to find out that as an alum of a local college, he could still attend the gym there. My cost is only $2.50. A great deal for a really nice facility!

I got my Fitbit Charge back in February I think ... I knew we hadn't gone since I'd got my new gadget (although I get worn my Polar HRM a time or two). I was pleased I was finally going to get a chance to track this type of activity. 

 Now ... OUR racquetball is pretty low-key. Hubs takes it easy on me, and there is a lot of laughing (and even stealing a kiss or two). At times I'm admittedly a little lazy, just watching the ball instead of attempting to run for it "Great shot honey, I'm just watching that one go by ..." *Ü* Normally, I would have us try for a solid hour. On this day, we were running a little late and it closed at 5:00. But being our first time back in a while, forty minutes was fine. I was pretty pleased with my stats. An average heart rate of 121 ... if we make additional trips I can try and up my average and other stats. My Fitbit One came in with a pretty close calorie estimate of 258, just over 3000 steps.

I need to shake something up (although it's the eating I need to work on) ... but still, breaking up the activities with new and different workouts is great too!

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