Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hiking Heart Rate

Last "Workout Wednesday" I mentioned resuming racquetball ... but that is not the only new activity we've reintroduced into our routine. Hiking is another "new" activity this summer. 

#2 son (16-years old) has gone on a couple a hikes this year with his girlfriend. I'm not sure if that inspired Hubs or what, but we've now gone on a couple hikes as well. It's been a while! I did a "Take a Hike" post back in 2013, and it was actually a throwback to 2008! That was a hiking summer, but I don't know that I had been back up since ... seven years!

Both hikes we've done this year have been pretty mild and easy. Just over a mile to our destination. Some elevation, but a trail all the way. Both times we took the kidlets ... hike #2 was the ENTIRE crew (aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandma ... pictures were posted on my WeeklyWeighIn #107). It was fun to have my Fitbit ChargeHR, and be able to watch my heart rate rise on the way up, and to catch the elevation changes in the "floors" reading.

 Here's a little screen capture of Hike #1
Hubs lead the way at a pretty quick clip, but I was still a bit surprised at how quickly and how high my heart rate went up. Sometimes I have a hard time getting into the 140s at Zumba. I was a bit out of breath. Then we took some pictures at the bridge, and went back down. Not nearly as challenging. Hike #2 was actually a bit more challenging in actual terrain, but with Grandma along, Hubs was at the back, helping her, so on my own (and corralling kids) we took the climb in a more leisurely fashion, and the heart rate never got quite as high. 

Here's a little screen capture of the "floors" for the month ...
The two hikes are easy to see compared to my daily average.
It was also fun to compare stats to the kids ... happily all of our "floor" readings were quite similar for both hikes. The kids often had quite a few more steps, due to their littler legs and smaller stride. In the picture at the top, there are four people ... and four different Fitbits (Zip, One, Flex and Charge). We are a Fitbit Family! I love to see all the stats (calories, steps, elevation, heart rate, etc.) and not having hiked since I got my ChargeHR, I was really excited to try it out! Hopefully, we'll get in a few more hikes before the cooler weather comes in!  And maybe I need to "practice" at home too, upping the incline on my treadmill and "hiking" away while I watch a show, just in case Hubs wants to go without the kids ... I need to be able to keep up!


  1. I love a good hike. I've only gone out a few times this year. Mainly due to lack of willing participants. Maybe I should just really start going by myself! :-). Great exercise!!!

    1. I've enjoyed the hiking more than I thought I would. Now I do want to go more. Be careful if you hike alone, it's good to have someone there just in case. My brother was trail running years ago and fell off a cliff, breaking his leg in several places (and of course he'd decided last minute to go on a different trail than the one he had SAID he was going on ...)


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