Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Family, Fun and FOOD

Fairly often, Hub grabs the boys, and then grabs some cousins, and they go grab something yummy. Family fun and food, they just seem to go together, don't they? Can you have one without the other? It's a little hard! And as I struggle to control calories, often it's easier for me just to skip these outings. I know I can go and not partake, but I don't know that I have the motivation if I'm there (and, I admit it, I'm a homebody). But I have missed out on some family fun. 

Family, Fun and Food.
They just go together, like movies and popcorn.  

I haven't been in a movie mood this summer. The thought of just sitting, combined with the consumption of calories. As Daddy has taken the boys to Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, Inside Out, Minions and Pixals ... I didn't go.

When Daddy drove the boys up to Utah County
 to catch Krispy Creme with the Hot Light on
  ... I didn't go. 
(They still brought me home donuts)

We had a family outing to Pretzel Maker.
I went, and I did partake.

I actually could have gone on this "Hot Dog on a Stick" outing ...
I don't do corndogs. I wouldn't have been tempted.
But then, it doesn't really make sense for me to make the trip.

When we get together for birthdays, there is cake and ice cream. There are big family dinners. As we met up with my brothers this weekend to finalize some legal documents, we turned it into a pizza party. Almost every time a group gets together, food is a major factor.

Even just at home, I find food is how I show love to my family. 
They love it when I bake.
 Nutritious dinners just don't get the same response.

It's hard. This association we have with food and fun and showing love.  Valentines and other holidays are all associated with candy gifts. Dates are so often dinners out, or movies with popcorn and treats.  A few years ago, Hubs and I really tried to get away from the traditional dates with some healthy alternatives. We went hiking a lot, or went for a walk, or  (my favorite) played racquetball. But we've slipped back into less healthful activities. There have been times these past few months when Hubs has suggested going out for a quick mini-date to grab a treat ... and I've said no, because I didn't have the calories in the budget. A true definition of "controlling calories" ... they control me at times.

Just Thinking Out Loud ...
Can you have family fun without food?
What do you do?

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  1. My family is the same way...we show love with food. It's a very difficult habit to break!!!!


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