Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In #23

Still a "sick" week. Tuesday was the worst day (the stomach flu after the flu) but I've been feeling better the past two days and have been able to eat and drink almost normally. Still keeping calories pretty low. I even felt the urge to attempt a little exercise yesterday and it went fine.

Not sure how much I can trust any numbers at this point (because of all the sickness and the drastic losses lately) but here they are ...

Down 2.1 pounds from last week. My average dropped from 152.5 to 146.9 (that's 6 pounds down). My total deficit was -5440, and that was even with no exercise/activity. TDEE for the week was 1809. But my average intake for the week was only 817. I just couldn't eat ... SO unlike me!

It would be good to get back to the routine, have a normal week or two to stabilize and see where I really stand ... but alas, "normalcy" is not on the horizon. Today is baby boy's birthday (turning eight years old), SIX basketball games tomorrow (two of the boys have double games) and then of course, Christmas next week. Then the boys are out of school until after New Years ...

THEN we'll get a return to the routine!

Speaking of school and routine. Last year, I agonized over a decision to pull my two youngest from their elementary school to different one. The reason? To move from the year-round schedule to a traditional one (with summers off, rather than 3-week breaks all throughout the year). It's been SO wonderful to be on the traditional schedule and the kids have adapted wonderfully to the new school ... but alas, due to overcrowding, a budget bond that didn't pass, boundary changes, now this elementary school is going to switch to the year-round schedule too. I'm heartsick ...

Linking up with Fitness Friday and Talk Less Say More for Fitness Friday. I do plan on getting in a little exercise today. Not pushing my return to health too much, but I'm SO tired of just laying around, I do need to move!


  1. I am SO glad you are feeling better! :)

  2. Good to hear you're feeling better. Being sick sucks!


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