Friday, December 6, 2013

Weigh-In #21

It was a pretty good week. My daily weigh-ins have been steady (no big ups). While the "weight-loss" for the week appears to be 1.4 pounds down from last Friday, I've weighed in at 152.7 twice in November, so it isn't a huge change.
 ... although it was enough to officially drop my MFP ticker another number.  Down 28 ...

My weekly average was 153.0, which is the lowest the average has been thus far. My total deficit for the week was 4824. I did finally up my activity average above 3000 (TDEE for the week came in at 3248).  I got in a lot of elliptical, bike and treadmill and did three "Ripped in 30" workouts (you can get more detail in my Day to Day Doings if you desire).

I also kept my average intake under 2000 (just barely, at 1937). It seemed a bit easier this week to keep calories in check. I was doing ok yesterday until we had neighbor's drop by a Christmas treat delivery ... I did partake. Still "under" for the day, but weight was up this morning after a low yesterday. I'm sure there will be more treat temptations coming up this month. 

Check out how others are doing. Get a little fitness inspiration. 
Share your own with these Friday Fitness Link-ups.
Michelle at Mind, Body and Goal

For my song of the week ... I'm betting you've already heard about this great version of Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix (if you haven't, it really has been getting rave reviews). We've been fans of this accapella group for a while now. They've done some great re-mixes!

Are you listening to Christmas music?
What are your favorites?

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  1. Saw that youtube a couple of days ago; really good! Congrats on being down another (holiday) week!


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