Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Spotlight (#8)

I haven't been reading as much lately. Just busy I guess. During the week I do try to give a quick glance to all the updates in the blogs I follow, but I don't think I've picked up a magazine in the last week or two. Even with my huge stack of backlogged magazines, and my new subscriptions kicking in - I did pick up a few issues from my local library that I need to read and return. Does your local library carry magazines? It's a great resource! My library offers many digital options as well. If you haven't looked at your library, you should check it out.

Just a couple online articles to share this week ...

  • So You're Feeling Too Fat To Be Photographed (Huffington Post). This was an article I could definitely relate with. I really don't have many "before" photos. I was generally the photographer, behind the camera, not in front. On the rare times when I was required to be in the shot I'd position myself in the back, and I'd try to delete any pictures of me I didn't like (which was most of them). Even having lost weight and getting out of the "overweight" status, I still struggle with this (Picture Imperfect). 
  • How To Make Your Workout Routine More Effective (FitSugar) I thought these were some good tips (although nothing I haven't really heard before). I have been trying to incorporate these ideas into my workout routines lately.  I know I'm in a bit of a rut.
  • A Polar Review: You KNOW I'm a Fitbit fan and I'm not planning on switching to anything else anytime soon, but this review of the Polar Loop did impress me. I most ways it's really the same thing as the Fitbit, but I really liked the presentation of the daily activity (of lack thereof). This past summer, Fitbit changed up there dashboard. I did a post about it (Fitbit Fluctuations) and I still really miss the "pie" chart which showed the various activity (sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, very active). Reading this review has made me switch back to the old dashboard so I could see this chart again.
Yesterday I posted a music video for my song of the week ... I think maybe I'll move my song of the week to the Saturday Spotlight. It seems to fit in more here than on my weekly weigh-in (even if it is part of a Friday link up *Ü*)

Have you been keeping up on YOUR reading this week?
Any interesting articles worth sharing?

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