Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm Back ... Now I Need to be BACK

I'll be doing my official "December" look back post coming up shortly, but it's just interesting for me to reflect on these past three weeks. Monday, December 9th was my last "normal" day. I had weighed in that morning at 153.9 after the weekend.  No sign of sickness, I did my usual 100 minutes on the elliptical, plus some treadmill and bike AND Jillian's Ripped in 30. 

But that was the last "normal" day ... I thought it was a cold and I tried to workout through it for a day or so. My appetite disappeared, so did my energy, and then I was sick and completely down for a few days. I didn't do much more than lay around and read. And moan ... a little bit.

I really had a "drinking problem" ... I just wasn't able to get much down, even though I knew I needed to. I know much of the drastic 10 pound drop was water weight ... although I wasn't eating either.

My weight this morning was 152.6. About one pound down from where I was before my sickness (although I had been lower, at this point for previous weigh-ins).  My last "official" sick day was Tuesday, December 17 (almost one week ago). I've been easing my way back into exercise, back into eating (I managed a LOT of calories these past few days *Ü*) and getting my body back to a properly hydrated level.

It's "Motivational Monday" ... I'm not feeling super motivated. 
With my weight BACK ... I really need to get me BACK.
  • Exercise: Activity still seems a bit overwhelming. I look at my activity from just three weeks ago and get tired even thinking about it. I've managed to get in 60 minutes on the elliptical several days since I've been sick, but I'm not really getting it to a heart-pounding level. I'm keeping it easy. I have felt the desire to do weights ... slow and steady strengthening, but can't get up the desire to face Jillian yet.
  • Eating: After a week of eating next to nothing (about 600 calories a day was all I was managing) I'm definitely back to eating normally ... AND to indulging in holiday treats. For a few days after my sickness, I was still able to easily keep calories down to a decent level and I wondered if this might be a permanent change. Um ... no. Appetite (and cravings) are definitely back. 
  • Sedentary Time: Even when I'm not "exercising" I'm usually quite active all day, constantly on the move, rarely stopping to sit. During my week of inactivity I got a lot of reading in and I've really enjoyed getting back into books.  And naps. Even as I'm feeling better, I'm still feeling the desire to curl up and relax with a book in bed.
  • Blogging: I've gotten behind on my blogging. I don't think I'm alone here, as I've noticed many people slowing down over the holiday season. You know I participate in lots of link-ups, and many of them have been non-existent for a few weeks (I'll link up with Grab Your Kicks for their Motivational Monday link up which IS up and has a good motivational post today). I'm really hoping to get back to blogging ... not just here, but on my family blog as well (and I run a basketball blog for the boys too). I've been trying to get caught up so I can go into the new year fresh and chronologically correct!
  • House and Home: I made dinner last night ... it was a first since I've been sick. I did make soup and breadsticks for Christmas (but that was to take, not really dinner for MY family). I also made cookies last night (with the cute new snowflake disk and cookie press hubby got me for Christmas, see the picture below). There is still quite a bit of cleanup to do, and we are hosting a small gathering for New Years, and then a larger one on Saturday (baptism/belated birthday for #5). I do think I've caught up on the laundry though ...
Yummy ... Cookie Press Cookies!
Love my new snowflake disk *Ü*

So this week ... the kids are still out of school (the year-round schools start up again Thurs, but we don't go back until next Monday). So that still throws off the routine. Sleeping in, kids around all day ... but no carpools to take up time either! There is a bit of basketball. I ran #2 to practice this morning and he has a game Thursday evening. There is New Years Eve and New Years Day ... no huge celebrations for us, but exercise and eating will be affected.  The Saturday celebrations will stress me until they are over, at least there aren't basketball games that day to complicate things.

So while the NEW YEAR is officially starting on Wednesday ... my mind keeps jumping to next Monday (Jan6) as the true "NEW" start ... just a week away. It's time to wrap up 2013 and look toward 2014!


  1. Sometimes these flu bugs take a while to really kick. They can zap one's energy for weeks afterwards. I think you are handling it all as well as can possibly be expected. Hugs to you! Happy new year!

  2. Goodness, three blogs to keep up with? I would be behind too! Anyways, I'm glad you're feeling better! (And those cookies look awesome!) Thanks for linking up with us :-)

  3. So glad you're feeling better. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New year! So happy to hear that you are feeling better!

  5. Hi Jen, I think you'll be back on track in no time. I also think that not too many people read blogs during Christmas week. I sure didn't because--something had to give. On the bright side, several days of no computer! It was refreshing! Happy new year to you! :D


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