Thursday, December 5, 2013

... it's that time of year

I don't how the weather is where you are, but here? It's turned COLD. We had our first big snow on Monday. It took me twice as long to get the middle kids to school. I wasn't sure I was going to make it home in time to get the little ones off. With the cold ... comes hot chocolate.  I love this little dispenser, keeping a fresh batch of cocoa ready at all times.  As the snow fell, I wasn't surprised  at all when the kids asked me when we were going to get the hot chocolate maker out. It's a tradition in our home.  

Other traditions ...
The stockings hung by the fireplace ...
A variety of holiday nesting dolls
our little elf slide toy

The Winter Wonderland Skating Pond ... this was given to us LONG ago and we've really enjoyed getting it out each year! It's on it's last legs, having been beaten up through the years. A fond memory with this was my little boy taking his dinosaurs and placing them in the scene, with one poor skater in the mouth of a T-rex, with the other skaters looking up in terror ... *Ü*

The kinetic pyramid ...
A funny memory not with THIS pyramid, but Maga's.
... it caught fire and went up in flame!
A Christmas memory those there will never forget!

... and then there is the Santa head filled with M&M candies. Christmas just is not complete until he is out and filled up (and then of course emptied out) ... the "clank" of the candy jar being opened and closed is a common sound throughout the holidays at our house.

I'll have to be careful of my consumption of hot chocolate and m&ms ... :)

We are lucky to have both families so close (hubby and I grew up within a 1/2 mile of each other, going to the same Jr. High and High School but not meeting until afterward). We always spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family. The annual slideshow and calendar capture the memories from the year. The "candy bar game" is tradition too. For hubby's side, we have a family party about a week before Christmas, then we go up again on Christmas Day.

What are YOUR Christmas traditions?
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  1. I had one of those pyramids when I was a kid!!

  2. Traditions: hot chocolate, carols on the stereo, and three generations decorating the Christmas tree. Every year, my son and I make cookies, decorate them all Christmassy, and then take batches to our family, friends, and neighbors. This year I ate two cookies instead of, well... I never kept track before, but it was a lot!

    I used to think I hated Christmas. My bipolar disorder tends to be seasonal, with the highs in summer and the lows in winter. Christmas used to be smack dab in the middle of my depression, with all the financial stress and time management stress making me feel hopeless and out of control. Now that I'm getting good treatment and taking care of myself -- for example, losing 43 pounds -- I can enjoy our Christmas traditions and look forward to the fun and beauty of the season. And I thank God for that.


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